Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunny Saturday.

Tom's Journal.

I just sent my new snail mail address to some personal, very close friends that I hope I can trust with my very life on earth, a while ago, and thanked a very close, dear friend and her family for doing so much hard, physical and artistic work, cleaning up my old house that will be showed in the near future--FOR SALE.  It is set in a Main St. commercial area, but also slated for residential-- as I lived there for the past 9 years.  I always marvel what a whole man's self worth and accumulation of "stuff".. POSSESSIONS, JUNK, A FEW TREASURES AMOUNT TO.  It's kind of sobering to wonder when we approach death, what was our life all about, and what did we get accomplished, what our goals were, and where we think we are going.  Sober things to ponder-- for sure!  We also wonder how some folks spend most of their waking hours cussing at their bed partner, going through life complaining non-stop, negatively, with their wine glass half full or half empty, when they've never been outside of their own small town or village... lol.  "Ignorance can be cured-- but stupidity is forever!"  Since I don't believe in 'LUCK' -- I do believe that I am truly blessed, although some things sure don't come easy or just all into my lap!!  God makes me work hard for everything I have and hold!!  It's not that I deserve it--  it's just that God loves me big time, and He loves others who are also blessed by my humble efforts of making them happy and fulfilled, IMHO.   Putting, or allowing some fine, smart, kind,  
God/ Bible loving people in our paths, at the right time in our lives, is such a beautiful blessing, that makes up give personal and public BIG THANKS to the heavenly FATHER, and further produces much praise, joy and happiness that over flows into the lives of all we touch!!  I feel that my joy is reflected toward all others I meet in every day life, so that they react positively in a most demonstrative manner-- even at the North Chicago VAMC [Veterans Administration Medical Center], etc.  And it becomes a 'chain of praise,' for everyone concerned, that is quite contagious.  I hope YOU ALL catch it!

And, yes, we are sick to heart when a young person dies, especially someone in their prime who has their whole life  of opportujity ahead of them as a productive citizen, much loved -- unexpectedly, without any valid reason, carelessness, stupidity, ignorance, or just plan accident, and/ or  being in the wrong place and the wrong time! 

For people like me, who always asked many questions and got little real answers, or worse, lies, when I was young, from religious leaders, priests, etc., who could not produce, EXPLAIN, or quote Scripture ONE...!!  I was like a sponge, always learning, studying, striving to get to the real bottom of things-- the 'TRUTH that would set me free!'   That TRUTH can only be found in the Bible, and THAT IS WHAT FULFILLS, ENERGIZES, SATISFIES MY ACHING HEART AND SOUL, dear friends and readers.   So... look for that instant tell tail red flag go up when/ if you go into a new, or different church, and there are not any Bibles in or near the seats, or you seldome see any of the church goers carrying in their own copy of the bible -- BEWARE!!  If that is what you see in that church, run from it, because they are most likely a plastic, 'feel good' church, without any substance, or involved teaching of God's Word, too Liberal, and full of the teachings of men, corrupt, teaching the people to be lazy and not encourging them to OPEN and READ the Bible for themselves!!!  You just MAY BE BETTER OFF reading/ studying the Bible in the comfort of your own private home, instead of getting the words of mere mortal men who also demand your money.  Too, listening to a good, Bible teaching, Christian radio station, like WVCY 107.7 FM -- Milwaukee,WI., which you can also pick up on your computer, is a great idea, and they will also lead you to a local place of worship with people of like faith, who also love, respect and USE the Bible daily.    
      Where to start?  I always recommend first:  the book of John, and then Romans.  Then re-start at Genesis and read the would 66 books.  Yes, some of it may seem 'dry' and cumbersome, but just imagine if a student doctor in med school only studied his favorite subjects, and years latter lamented that he only knows how to do a "one trick pony show" type of procedure....duh.  So.. get the whole, well rounded back ground, and remember that the Bible is written on a 5th grade educational level, please.  JUST DO IT!  It's kind of like Basic Training [boot camp] in the military,  you are proud and glad you did it-- but you really don't want to repeat it. However,  true Christians find much joy, love, peace and cheer while reading God's Word!  And since we all need the Holy Spirit to HELP us understand the scriptures, that inner peace and joy is with us when ever we crack open that precious Book!  

"Happiness is a BI-PRODUCE of serving God."  While finding a good, Bible teaching church might be a daunting task now days-- with all the bad, wicked New Age and satanic infiltration of Liberal thoughts now days...  just sitting down by yourself or with you soul mate, and/ or family, you can get so much from just reading the Bible together, out load, take turns reading for participation, and if you are all sincere and ask the Holy Spirit to guild you-- you will learn!  You should and will gain more "fruits of the Spirit" listed at Galatians 5:22, 'Love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, self control, etc...'
Just the other day at that nasty place of business I had to pray so hard to keep myself from saying something bitter or threatening to the staff there who lied and verbally abused me-- and the Spirit DID help me get through that very traumatic episode.   grrrrrrrr!  LET GOD TAKE CARE OF THINGS!  LET GOD FIGHT AND VINDICATE YOU!!  LET THE LORD OF HEAVEN DEAL WITH AND PUNISH THE 2 DOGS WHO CAUSED ME SUCH 'GREAT LOSS' THIS PAST MAY 10TH, OF SOMEONE SO DEAR AND CLOSE TO ME, only one month after I lost my mate.   Just how do you think such well trained combat Veterans get through such traumas and episodes in life and deal with these nightmarish times??  We lean on the Lord.  But it's always so good to have a loved one, a soul mate, to have and to hold, to care for and help you over the rough spots in life.

So much to do, but it's  Saturday, and time to lay low, rest and get ready for the next work day of problem solving.  In the mean time, it's nothing short of miraculous how things are developing for me.

I am sorry if I seem somewhat cryptic or puzzling lately, but it's for security reasons that I am not more finite in describing things, and I want to protect and honor my loved ones, etc., and we love and protect our privacy, etc.

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