Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too Icy Roads in WI.

Tom's Journal.

It's been a very hectic, and dangerous week end for us.. in that we hit a super slippery, icy road going back to Union
Grove, WI. on Friday, and it took about 6 hours to drive a normal 4 hour trip, to pick up more personal items, furniture, etc, but the roads were good and dry on the way back, PTL.  We both prayed to and from our destinations, and I believe that the Lord saved us from going into the ditch and/ or into other cars on that combined trip, because I didn't think I was that good of a driver to spin all around next to a cop that already stopped to take care of another ditched and busted up driver on the highway...   The Lord blesses our union, and I don't know exactly why,  but I  intend  to purify myself to do the Lord's work, or as much as I can with a very pained, bruised up, ache body now days in the Winter time when Murphy's Law really kicks into to Over Time, when the weather stresses us and our machines to the limit...Ha!  Certain, discreet people, who love and respect us have also chipped in to help us carry the big stuff so that my Ram Dodge 4 by 4 can tote up to the U.P.   Thank you all !!  I am sure that  you all will be rewarded in many ways from now on, Patrick, Boyd, Amy, etc. 

But our last minute pinched in travel trip was a special maneuver that did accomplish much for us, but just too much rushing around, and a bit too much stress for me.   Terri met my Mom and they both got along very well from the beginning, and seem to have bonded instantly.  Terri bought Mom a cake and some flowers that were well received, for Mom's  up coming birthday in Feb.   Same with Terri meeting my personal, hard working friends.   

My hands and fingers are all cracked open and sensitive from all the [little] work I did, the dry air and Winter weather lately, and I know that I've go to drink more water and cream my hands more often.  We both feasted on some KFC chicken, etc.,  today as Terri came home for lunch for a short time.  

I don't find to much free time to blog these days with so much to put away and try to straighten out-- and Terri is younger than me and much more able, so I try to cut her some slack when she is tired from work.  I would just love  her to retire some day soon, if my house sold, etc.  

Enjoy the article about Damascus being destroyed-- and perhaps sooner than most folks think!  God bless Israel, an those who do honestly BLESS ISRAEL!!  Sorry, folks, that does NOT include our president who does just the opposite.  If I were young and able, I would love to serve in their Army and learn Hebrew....  but I  don't think that there are any open slots for a helicopter door gunner, over age 62, and weighing over 300 pounds....  and I will be age 63 on Feb. 20th !!  Woo Woo!  Send me no flowers, guys... lol.   

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman 

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 10:16 AM PST
By Bill Salus Once upon a long time ago, the Hebrew prophet Isaiah predicted that the Syrian capital city of Damascus would someday cease to exist. Isaiah, whose prophetic ministry spanned between 740–701 BC declared that it would be reduced to rubble. Some scholars believe this prophecy found fulfillment around 732 BC, shortly after Isaiah presaged it, when the