Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When will Satan be expelled?

Tom's Journal.

'When will Satan be expelled from heaven??'  You know what?  I had to pretty much "re-learn" the Bible after I 'exited' the" JW cult -- the church of the poisoned mind", about 20 years ago, and have learned so much more, with the help of the Holy Spirit,and hard work/ reading/ study.  And we still don't know or understand all of the Bible, but we will some day, when we are in heaven.  But suffice it to say that we MUST know, understand the basics truths, dogma, central teachings of the Gospel and Salvation to GET TO HEAVEN!!  1.  We are ALL sinners.  2.  As sinners, We owe a debt for sin.  3.  Christ paid the 'Sin Debt' we owe.  4.  You MUST RECEIVE CHRIST AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOUR!  So pray now, to ask Jesus into your heart, confess all your known sins, and thank Him for Saving you.  Amen. 

I am so happy today, even as my right knee and back are still aching and sore from the Winter and extra activity...and laid some money down yesterday on an engagement ring for my closest friend on earth, Terri.  I am a weak sinner, praying every day that God gives me on this run away train, called earth... lol.  And I want to do things right and legal to please mainly my Lord in Heaven.  I don't much give a hoot about the yapping tongues around me, as they will always find something wrong with me [mostly for telling the truth as I see it], but I need to do things right and TRY to set a good example.  I had to endure some very tough things last year without any real help for others-- even from the local church where I live, so I am striking out on my own with all the resources that I can muster, with some REAL, new and old friends, to build a new life for myself-- and another beautiful person who loves the Lord and the Bible, and marry her soon, maybe in 3 months or less.  So..  BE HAPPY FOR US, please, and continue to pray for us!   I have already started passing out Bible Tracts in my new neck of the woods--frozen Tundra, North of Green Bay, WI., and feel good about that.  And looking for a good Bible teaching church too.  I know that the Lord will lead me and use me if I keep myself clean.

My dearest son, Andy, and I, had a solemn deal/ agreement,that he could/ would have/ hold/ u se and keep, all my many tools, welding equipment, carpentry stuff, IF I died before him... and visa versa.  But a strange twist of fate, and horrible circumstance, Andy died before me, on that fateful night of May 10th, last year, only one month after my wife passed away.  So with the help of a very few trusted friends, we cut the lock of one of Andy's tool boxes just to see what was in it, and he had some prize, fine combo wrenches in there, that one friend needed very bad, so I gave Patrick a few wrench sets, but will be transporting the rest up to the Tundra so I can use them and incorporate them into my own impressive tool inventory, my stock and trade as a good college trained, experienced, OJT, combination welder.  It was more than just another 'feather in my hat' -- it was my trade and skill with which I survived being homeless, and pulling myself up by my boot straps--  with all praise and glory going to my Lord and Saviour.  As I have said before, I believe that God allowed me to go thru all that hell and misery in the early 90's to 'break my stupid, prideful, arrogant life style, and mind set' and find the Lord-- and get Saved,which I did, PTL.  Yet, I continued to pick so goofy, selfish, greedy women who were NOT real Christians, who only used me for my material wealth and Chrysler health benefits, before they dumped me.  I used poor judgment then...  but finally found the right lady now!    I know that it's not good to brag about my recent boon, blessing,  but for the life of me-- I cannot find ANY fault in Terri, the lady that I will soon marry, if God wills it.  I also don't know what she sees in ME that endears her to me so much!  But it's easy to be nice and loving to someone who is so giving, pleasant, cheerful, someone who prays often and studies the Bible on her own and loves the Lord, BIG TIME,  and me too!   Well folks, I broke my own code again, by making public some of my personal news and feelings toward another fine human being,  someone I really care for -- and I am taking a chance, for others who read my private, personal thoughts-- to work evil into something so beautiful as  a pure, loving romance, in a corrupt,dirty world, that idolizes anyone and everything, except Jesus Christ...

And I am sinning now, I suppose, by selfishly wishing that God hold back the Rapture, so I can at least have a few years with my lovely Terri.  In my guts, I really feel that war is eminent between Iran and Israel-- as that could very well be the 'lynch pin' before the Rapture..  but only God knows that,IMHO  [in my humble opinion].  

Well, there is much to do in another snowy, dreary, Winter day, organizing and putting stuff in order.  I hope your collective day is good,warm and cozy like mine is, dear friends and readers.  I also post on FaceBook, here and there.

One more important thing, please -- a special, very timely, important blessing for the State of Israel:  "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee:  and in thee shall all the families of earth be blessed"  ~~Genesis 12:3... God's promse to Abraham.    America and other countries bare a 'community responsibility [and curse] for electing a goofy man, who so brazenly 'throws Israel under the bus!!'  We will all suffer a relative curse, IMO,  for electing/ supporting such evil men and women, in power, who disregard this blessing and curse--saith the Lord God!  They either don't know the Bible-- or don't care!  Pray for Israel-- for now is that time when things could really break loose with dire consequences and wrath, please.
  Thanks for taking the time to read my humble Blog:  TOM'S  JOURNAL,  and kindly, please pass it on to your friends, who you think would appreciate it.  Thank you, again.  I think my whole life is changed for the better, and I am 'walking on sunshine !'

Warm Regards to all my dear Friends,

Tom Schuckman

When Will Satan Be Expelled From Heaven?

Q. I just love your web site. I visit it daily and am always blessed by the wealth of information. Keep up the good work you are truly gifted by God with knowledge of scripture. My question is when Satan is thrown out of heaven will that be before the rapture or following and will believers still be here on earth? If we are will we know it?

A. By my calculations the Rapture of the Church takes place in Rev. 4. Satan is expelled from Heaven in Rev. 12:9 just before the beginning of the Great Tribulation. The Church will be long gone from Earth but we’ll know when it happens because we’ll see it from our hiding place in Heaven.
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