Friday, February 24, 2012

We Got A Lot Done Today.

Tom's Journal.

It was another cloudy, but nice, fruitful day with good and bad news/ activities... so the good stuff first:  I had an eye doctor at the Iron Mountain, MI VA Hospital extract a 'timber' from my Right eye-- [please check out Matthew 7:4... "Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye;  and, behold, a 'BEAM' is in thine own eye?"]  --actually an ingrown eye lash that was damaging my vision badly, but the good news is that the damage is already being reversed- PTL, and will progress back to normal vision soon!!  Woo Woo!  The doctor was gruff, short tempered, and very, but, 'Ours is not to ponder why-- Ours is but to do or die.'  Christians are taught to read and understand the Bible-- which says, "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power  but of God:  the powers that be are ordained of God." [!!] ~~Romans 13:1.    BUT... IT'S ALSO WRITTEN THAT 'WE MUST OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MEN'... so there is a limit as to what we will do and obey on this earth, and God will judge all.  For sure, Romans is a powerful and mighty book written by Paul-- to the congregation in Rome.  And common sense tells this Old Soldier --Tom, NOT to mess with those who hand us our bread and butter, and why tick him off??  Over 30 years of going to-- and dealing with the VA has taught me when to open my mouth-- and when not to...LOL!   I offer my head knowledge, info, past studies, and knowledge of herbs, etc.,  and advice to all honorable, honest, combat Veterans from all services, free, of course, and I think I can tell by now who is sincere and who is too 'full of himself.'   My time, space and energy are important and precious to me.  I brought my dear Terri with me so she could observe how the 'VA operates', etc., and I think she got a good eyeful and earful today.

Then we took my 2007  Dodge Ram 4 by 4 to her mechanic to diagnose the problem in my 4 WD system, and a few hours later the phone call, saying that  he could repair/ replace the small motor that controls the 4 Wheel Drive unit, that burned out of me for a merer $550!  But I trust Terri's friend/  mechanic, and I need it repaired BEFORE the next cruel snow storm in WI and the U.P.  And I don't look at all of today's new and workings as bad, just eventful.  I heard that there were many accidents and fender benders in S.W. Wisconsin, my home State, a bit too liberal and too over taxed... lol... and how do you all like the GASOLINE???  Like I constantly beat my drum and sing my old song... "You ain't seen nothin' yet !"  And I am so tired of singing the Blues and or blaming people/ Administrations -- but just MAYBE the people in this nation will wake up sometime... although the Bible tells me that things WILL NOT be getting better in these 'End Times.'  And I don't much care if you all believe it or not, LOL, with all due respect, as long as I put out the truth as I see  and read it,  I feel that I am performing a good service to the people, and prob only helping out a fewAs I was telling Terri in our last Bible study in the book of Romans, we can and should be aware of the fact that things, people, places, things, commodities,  including gasoline,  food, etc., will be getting from bad  $$$  to worse in the world -- we true Christians can and should be able to lift our heads high as our Salvation gets closer to us !!   Any honest hearted, God-fearing person can know and enjoy this Paradise, State of Mind, if they will humble their hearts and bend knees to our Lord Jesus Christ and confess HIM as our PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR-- even RIGHT NOW!  It is not my "flimsy works", smarts, brains, IQ, accomplishments, good work record or military service that will help me!  But my love, worship, confidence, trust and belief in the ransom sanguinary, horrible, painful, sacrifice of Jesus, on the cross!  

We looked and took a tour of the local YMCA up here, and they will give me a good discount for being a Vet, etc., but there is so much walking just to get to the locker room and weight rooms that just the walk would give me plenty of exercise!  The deal is right and good, and I will prob. join soon, to help the pounds fall off my big body, and maybe make a few friends-- but so will hanging around the VA up here too.  God to find a good Bible teaching church to round things off and make a few good friends there too, where it counts.  Well, there are only so many hours in one day-- and lately my days have been swiftly flying like  a fat goose chased by a starving hawk or eagle.  Terri always feeds me great well rounded, nutritious meals, so balanced with many fresh veggies, and I love her for that!!   There is always plenty of fresh fruit around every single day too, here ... even in the cold, frozen Tundra.. and I might make fun of it up here, but the majority of people as very friendly, helpful and very respectful of combat Veterans-- and said to have the largest contingency of Veterans in the State, if I'm not mistaken!  
     Is it any wonder why I love to buy trinkets of gold, etc., for my beloved wife to be??  She is a queen, to me, and very good looking too.  

Friends,  I am also on FaceBook, and have many good friends on that Social Net work so as to share part of my life with them, and visa versa.
   My faithful dog, 'Deuce' is doing well up here, and has two nice, new playmates-- two female dogs, who love to tease, chase, love on, and frolic in the back yard,  when it's not Too Cold.  He has a pronounced limp, but we think that will disappear when the warmer weather come, we pray.   I would be beside myself and hurt if I had to 'put my buddy and friend down...'  Deuce kept me good company when Sharon passed away on last April 9th, 2011.  The Lord had to close 'one door' before He could 'open another door' for me, so as to provide another very fine companion!  Actually, I never, ever thought I could/ would find someone so full of life, kindness, love, joy, peace, goodness, etc., who could love me for whom and what I am -- but I came bringing much good things to 'the table.' 
   My smart friends tell me NOT TO WORRY about how many years or months I will have together with Terri-- before the 'Storm' comes, and the Rapture!!!  Just take one day at a time-- and make it a Masterpiece! 

Have a good day, dear friends.

Tom Schuckman