Monday, March 5, 2012

White House Visit by Israel.

Tom's Journal.

Well, here we go again with Israel and Iran with very capable Armies and terrible weapons to really stir up the dust and sand over there, and now the USA has some 'skin in the game' too, finally, after much rhetoric.  What this all boils down to is perhaps the end of  Summer to get ready, one way or another.  I, personally think, that the 'Bible's Clock' is right on time and anything could happen by then--  but also surprised that a big, bloody, nuke war has not started already!!  Indeed, the Lord of the Bible is very patient, and the 'gate is still open' with/ for more to be SAVED -- for those with an honest, clean, humble, truth-loving heart.   Praise God Almighty in Heaven for being so mercyful and kind to ME too... although He knew well that He could use and harness the big mouth of Thomas G. Schuckman, who has changed enough {but still has a long way to go, and clean up yet...} to be permited the HOLY SPIRIT, and reach others with the 'fruit of the lips' -- and the 'written Word of God.'   I love to use fine Christian Bible tracts and small pocket bibles, where ever I go, and leave a big tip after dinning out, etc.    I have gotten over my so-called "fear of men" about 30 years ago, and used JP 4 and 5, gas turbine  engine jet fuel to propel my Gospel ministry, of sorts... even as many fearful hippocrites bad mouth me because I make them feel uncomfortable, not naming any names-- just generaly speaking-- with all due respect.  I am not here tonight to wound or hurt ANYONE!!     My Lord, Jesus Christ died for them too-- and all the un-believers, as I was many decades ago.    But they just LOVE to torment and make fun of me by digging up my wild and wolly past, with many mistakes of poor judgement, and too many relationships, while they would never apply the Bible standard to themselves.....Ha!  And how many times have I admitted this stuff-- to stop the wagging tongues of many scoffers and scorners, who don't even have a life of their own... read 1st and 2nd Peter, please... because it's a short read, but right on the same message as I am right now.

Actually, my humble Blog is tailored and geared for a select group of people-- although others read it for many reasons,  many honest interested Christians, but others looking to catch and destroy me, "expose me", stop me, shut me down, but only the Lord, and the Holy Spirit sustain me.. and I believe that is the prime reason why so many near death accidents in my past life have not killed me... yet.   Some one who loves me dearly is trying to wean me from drinking too much soda pop, and sugar, cookies and cakes-- because she wants me around to take care of her... forever.  So I am trying to get back on my super diet again to lose another 70 pounds before Spring!   My pretty, youngest daughter, Sarah, in CO, would have me on a carrot and apple juice diet, with perhaps some fresh celery or a light salad, and nothing more...LOL!   What a battle that will be!    Please pray for me, in that context.  Thanks.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
Comments welcome, if constructive and honest.

American and Israeli Leaders Need Mutual Trust (Plus 1 More)

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Posted: 05 Mar 2012 11:06 AM PST
By Bob Maginnis Today’s meeting between the American president and the Israeli prime minister at the White House could prove decisive in the atomic stand-off with Iran. The litmus is whether the men can reach a mutual level of trust; otherwise both nations could face serious consequences. This is the 10th meeting between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister

Posted: 05 Mar 2012 08:41 AM PST
By David Dolan Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting today with President Barrack Obama at the White House. Officials in Jerusalem said the talks would focus on Iran's threatening nuclear program and the possibility of major military action in the region. Many Middle East analysts say the Israeli leader will probably be strong armed by the Obama administration,