Friday, March 23, 2012

Charging up my cell phone.

Tom's Journal.

Above is a great Christian Blog that I like a lot, and suggest that all my readers make it part of their own regular consideration.   Good stuff, for alert, serious Christian warriors.  Thanks.
I am having a devilish time finding my way around Iron Mountain, MI., by myself, and once I travel off the beaten cow path... lol, I get lost again, because we are dealing with the topography and lay out of the land -- mountains, valleys, rivers going thru it, etc.  

I have found several places to attend some church, and even met a lady in the grocery store today who had a 'fish' and love inside it tattooed on her arm, and she 'just happened to'  belong to a local Baptist church near here, and invited me to come!  But I must confess that many, if not most people have the intellect sufficient to give good directions.... sorry.  The people up here are very kind and helpful, many of them retired military people who come to get more 'bang for their buck' -- to buy a nice home, for little money up here in I.M.  But the speed limit is 25-30 MPH, and that makes for frustrating driving, when I need to get from point A to point B.  And today I spent a lot of time and precious gas trying to find the local YMCA that I was ready, willing and able to join TODAY!!   Ha!   The damp wet weather is playing a devilish game on my sore joints and muscles too.

I took Terri out for a very fine, expensive dinner last night, as she was worn out and hungry, to show her how much I care for her... and to spoil her.  I hate to see her so run down and tired coming home every single day, walking on concrete all the time at her place of employment-- very physical.  I could bare all her burdens/ bills right now-- but it would be tight... but IF my poor, humble house in U.G. sold, we could have Terri retired right then and there with no sweat and maintain our present lifestyle !  But with our downward, tailspin of the economic melt down-- we are apt to be cautious.... and look before we leap.  I am thinking about buying a cheap motorcycle, but it's only a thought-- or a dream, and we don't really need it, except that it would be so easy and good on gas mileage. 

I will talk to my most trusted "inner circle" of intimate friends and get their opinion...and of course Terri's input before I ever LEAP, as we agreed long ago.  "Who let the Dogs out?"

I am not so bored anymore, and recognize that the one who really does the physical labor in the house and work site is TERRI, and I will be much more supportive from now on, even if my body aches.  Just like at my own house in U.G., I work for a while, then rest for 10 minutes, and repeat, repeat.  I was doing good for a while when I joined the YMCA in Kenosha!  Come this Summer, it will have been 1 full year since my last and final knee replacement surgery at Kenosha Hospital, and also catching a life threatening 'bug' in the operating room by the 'UNWASHED' staff that threw the whole damage control team into a tail spin to hurry and kill that URSA virus before it killed me, and my best friend had the same thing happen to him at the SAME PLACE a few years before me!!!  So go figure....duh.  And I still believe that the Milwaukee VAMC botched up my Right knee BIG TIME, and now it is somehow 'shorter' and won't walk right, and also giving me a back ache.  Don't worry, folks, many other Veterans have told me worse horror stories about the VA's botched surgeries-- and this country deserves a failed, 3rd class ObamaCare, if they dare vote that monkey back for a 2nd term!  God may already have this in mind, to some extent, although Israel is His main Gig... and there is not too much we can do to change the future when God has already ordained what will come to pass, of course, yet most of the world toils in vain, thinking that MANKIND can and will rule HIMSELF...Ha!!  Talk about having illusions and crazy dreams and mindsets.    I will vote, but we may already be stuck too far down in the muck, mire,  corruption, and gross wickedness... but one thing is for sure, Bible prophecy MUST and WILL be fulfilled!  I will, of course vote for the lessor of all evils in November, but what will be, will be, and the best that we can do is get right with the Lord, and do His work to the best of our abilities.  This has pretty much been my 'mission statement' all the time, for the past 10 years-- and millions of other 'radical'.. extreme, 'crazy' fundamental Christians all over the world, and Jesus foretold that we Christian would face derision, harm, insults, threats, opposition, from time to time, and even death. 

Jesus said, in Matthew 10, verse 38 [but please read the whole chapter],  "and he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me."  texting fool crosses the center line and sends up home, or to hell. 

I felt that the following short articles were cool and interesting.  Please read them and share.. if you care, if you dare, if you are not scared, not paralyzed with fear of man's opinions or criticism.  Have a great day!  Now I have to unload the truck, and we might have lobster tails for supper!

Warm Wishes and Regards,
Tom Schuckman
    ... please add a few prayers for my dear grandson, and his broken lower leg.  Thanks.

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