Monday, March 26, 2012

A new outlook.

Tom's Journal.

I always listen to my mate, my closest friend, to direct me, help me, and guard my tongue.  So now, I will try even harder to be more sociable, kind, forgiving and nicer...  but I cannot stop sharing the Gospel and the truth of the Bible--God's own Word...sorry. 

Terri helped me to unload my pick up truck--a welder, air compressor, and a tool box with drawers, from the back truck bed, and they were not too heavy between the both of us, and I would NEVER ask her to lift too much weight, but in fact that is what she does at work all the time.  We must get other stronger, younger people over here to do that lifting!  I will gladly pay them out of my own pocket. 

I will be teaching the "Rule of 72" again soon, to show people the most fundamental truth of the 'magic' of  "Compound Interest" and how to make money  your 'slave' -- not your master!  Paul told Timothy that the "LOVE OF MONEY was the root of all sorts of  injurious things!!  Not money alone--because we all need some money to pay our bills and live.  This is very important, because so many 'unlearned', ignorant, uninformed people get this principle wrong!  I truly want my humble blog to BENEFIT and edify my readers.  So... IF, the Rapture could come at anytime, and no human being knows exactly when it will come, would it not be prudent to conduct our daily lives to prepare and reflect this knowledge??  Would it behove us to go out of our way and built a multi-million dollar house and buy a 2nd Yacht/ pleasure boat?  I am not your judge, and I have to look at myself in the mirror every morning too.  I was thinking about buying another motorcycle, but Terri reasoned with me that we really didn't "NEED" to make such a purchase-- and I always listen to her, no matter what the final outcome will be.  And we are using the Bible to direct all of our ways, and doing the right thing, as soon as is viable.  My Chrysler benefits are good, so why would I not want to share them with someone who has been so kind and selfless to me, who loves me for whom and what I AM--after we can legally solidify our union?  In the final analysis, we will have to trust another person with our life, when we cannot.  Right now, my best friend, Bill Tippett, is my POA [power of attorney], who also served with me in my old Army combat helicopter outfit- the 240th AHC, as  you see one of our 'gunships' on the flight line/ POL dump [fuel] in Vietnam...'a thousand years ago.'   I served there 'in-country' from 68-70, being a door gunner on my 2nd tour of duty.  I am still wondering how 2 short years of my life could have so much bearing on the rest of my life.... But the POA will naturally change/ transfer to the woman I marry, especially with her clear, educated mind and heart and spirit. 

I just met another Vietnam Vet at church yesterday, [and his name is Rick],  Sunday, and it seemed like an 'instant bonding' of two brothers, in more ways than one.  I only hope and pray that we can become close friends in the future. 

It doesn't matter 'WHEN' we come to know the Lord,  heaven is stil our home, and our reward will be great!  But me think that I wasted half of my adult life chasing after the pure Truth of the Bible, and got misled by a 'church of the poisoned mind' -- so now I hope and desire to make up for lost time, and really pour out myself in the Bible tract ministry.  Now, how can a simple Christian man know who to talk to-- and who should I approach with the Word of God-- the Gospel of Salvation???  I believe that the Holy Spirit most times leads me and puts the correct words in my mouth-- but I just look at someone, and work up the nerve to 'talk to a stranger !'  That in itself is a bit "abnormal' in our society, and I am never asking for any compensation/ money, although I could ask for a small offering -- but I am NOT out to get some 'filthy lucar' -money.  The LORD provides for me!!  The LORD blesses me with everything a man could want and need!!  I am happy and CONTENT with what I have, but now God has blessed me with a true Christian companion that I hope to legally bind us together as soon as it is feasible.  PTL. 

From now on, I will try harder to be kind, considerate, more sociable, and respect all people, if possible.  Terri knows that she can go anywhere and do anything, and doesn't need my 'permission' because we have that mutual trust and deep concern for each other.  For my part, I am forgiving any past 'small wars', disagreements, or skirmishes, and be more open minded.

So, my friends and readers, I ask you to please, meet me half way, with mutual respect, because I intend to be more open minded, more kind, and courteous.  I know how to say, "I'm sorry."  I've got bigger fish to fry as I am learning my way around Iron Mtn, MI., and have lots of good wholesome things to do.  I would love to set up a small woodworking niche some where, as I love to carve wood with a router, and other power tools.  I have many good hobbies, skills and trades, but my sudden arthritis and botched up knee replacements have shut down too many of my activities....  sorry.

Have a great day!

Warm Regards,