Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home at last, after a short vacation.

Tom's Journal.

There are so many human beings that DON'T know, don't realize just who goes to heaven, when, how, what time, what criteria, etc.... including ME [in different circumstances], so I take the bold path of just posting this interesting things, in hopes of helping others to get knowledgeable, edified, encouraged, satisfied with the Truth about Salvation--- shaking off false religion/ teachings, ignorance.  I hope and pray that I have touched some one's life so that they, in turn, can touch others ... BEFORE it's too late to do any good. 

Why??  Because the Lord loved me so much that He put a few good bible teachers in my life to guild me to the Lord too-- and then SHARE my knowledge with others-- bringing praise to the Lord who is the Greatest Teacher that ever lived and walked on earth!  It does us good to bend knee to the greatest name in the universe-- Jesus Christ, our true Lord and Saviour, and God loves the humble ones.   Let GOD reward me if He wants!  But honestly, I just want to get to heaven. 

Well, Terri and I just got home a few hours ago from our short incursion down South to see, visit, with some good friends and relatives back in the Union Grove, WI., area, out to eat some fine dinners, shopping, and relaxing.  And now Terri, my lawfully wedded wife, have a few more days before she has to return to work up here @ Iron Mtn, MI  49801, and then we shall play it from there --whether we can allow Terri to retire early, or not.  Actually, we just talked about that this afternoon, and we have a good plan, Sam. 

So here I am, writing in my own Blog -- but getting hungry again, and still have some left over Prime Rib left from lunch at Sturtevant, WI., at the 'Drift Wood Lounge' close to Racine, WI.  Our old trusty 2007  Dodge Ram 4 by 4 pick up truck serves us well, as Terri is using it to buy and transport more 4 by 4's for finishing her pet project in the back yard-- building a great deck for  us, 99% all by  her self!!   And hauling our two dogs back home after being borded for a few days while we have fun after getting married on Monday, June 11th,  2012....  PTL.    I will be sunning myself there every sunny day, studying my bible, or grilling a few steaks... etc.    Like I said before:  'Terri is ten times the carpenter I WISH I WAS !!  It's so nice, and cool, that Terri brought so much to the table after we met !!    We like to pool all our tools and knowledge,and make out well in the long run.

Warm Regards,
Tom and Terri Schuckman

How Did People Get Into Heaven Before Jesus?

Q. How did people get into heaven before Christ came and died for us? I understand salvation thru Jesus, but what about the time before Jesus?

A. No one could enter Heaven before Jesus went to the cross. But the promise of His coming can be seen throughout the Old Testament. People in those times who died in faith of this coming redeemer went to a place called Paradise to wait in comfort for Jesus to come and pay for their sins (Luke 23:43). Once Jesus had sprinkled his blood on the altar in Heaven, the way was opened, and when He ascended into Heaven He took them with Him. Since then the spirits of believers go directly to be with Him when they die.
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