Saturday, June 23, 2012

I am done with the 'lame stream media.'

Tom's Journal.


As of today I will post in Face Book, my blog, etc., that all REAL Christians share this story far and wide -- to bring some publicity to the on going attacks from Israel's neighbors-- but the most important thing is that the LAME STREAM MEDIA won't say a thing about this stuff!!  Shame on them... and shame on us, if we don't do what we level best can!   It will take a lot more than my puny, humble Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL, to let the world know. 

But hey-- the world will SURELY KNOW when Israel is forced to stand up and protect itself-- and soon.   The Bible tells me so...

But right now, with my wife gone to work, I must start doing some constructive things now, and get more sun for my skin outside in the back yard, with the beautiful deck that Terri built all by herself.  That is where I can read, study, meditate and also carve wood, scriptures, etc... so the wind can blow away the tiny saw dust that gets into my nose, eyes and lungs, and yes, I should wear a  dust mask. 

We have a radio station with "Oldies" called:  THE MOUNTAIN 106 FM.  And I like it for news and weather too, but still need to find a good Christian station.
    I spit shinned my dress shoes for church tomorrow, but maybe I should shine my boots too, etc.  While down in Kenosha and Racine C0unty, Terri bought 3 dresses, suitable for church, parties, weddings, etc., and I have a reputation for being generous-- as God has blessed me.  Although we all know that the economy WILL get worse as the Gov't wants to keep printing money, and spending it so liberally-- that America can never pay off her debts, ever!  Still, at this point, I am happy and content.
Warm Regards,

I sure do miss my big old motorcycle !  1800 cc's, 800 pounds of good horse flesh... lol.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

More than 120 Missiles on Southern Israel This Week

Ryan JonesBy Ryan Jones Israel Today

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This week's round of terrorist aggression emanating from the Gaza Strip saw more than 120 mortar shells, short-range rockets and medium-range missiles slam into southern Israel.
The attacks began late Monday, following a similar missile attack from the Egyptian Sinai. Israeli commentators believe Hamas and other allied terror groups in Gaza have been encouraged by Muslim Brotherhood claims of victory in Egypt's presidential election.
Rocket attack

Ignored by Mainstream Media

Some one million Israelis live within missile range of Gaza, so every attack, especially those against larger towns like Ashkelon and Beersheva, send large numbers of men, women and children scrambling for bomb shelters. The severe negative psychological effect on Israeli children living in the area has been documented, but largely ignored by the media.
Miraculously, all those rockets and missiles have resulted in only 11 injuries, all of them coming from a direct strike on a building near Ashkelon where Israeli border policemen were gathered.
Israel's ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, lamented the weak response to the rocket fire by the international community, which is always quick to issue strident condemnations of Israel when its actions endanger Palestinian lives.
The unfortunate reality is that the world, and especially the mainstream media, simply is not interested in the bombardment of Jewish population centers until either a large number of Israelis are hurt or killed, or Israeli reprisals result in large Palestinian casualty figures.

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