Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot Sunday.

Tom's Journal.

Hi, my roasted, toasted Friends and Readers!

I know that I MUST be losing a few pounds when I sweat in the sun every day in our nice, back yard, on the new deck, as I read, study or just listen to the local radio station in Iron Mountain, MI., and life is good, and much better than the poor folks getting hit with super hot air temps., and wicked storms-- with perhaps five million out of power and water... Wow! 

Please don't read me wrong or lump me in with some of those crazy people-- "that God punishes people on earth with bad weather" for "their bad sins."  But in years and months past I DID offer up an exciting book called:  "AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL."  And that book documented every thing the WH did something very displeasing to God's protected, favored country, ISRAEL,  bad things happen in the USA... [See:  Genesis 12:3.]  'But as for me and my household-- we shall serve the Lord.' ~book of Joshua.  I am smart enough never to do or say something so MAJOR and stupid so as to displease the Lord, to really profane His holy Name, or hurt or curse His favored people, Israel.   "Do you feel lucky today, punk" -- is a real thing, guys!  A dumb punk may just try to see if he can 'dare' God, by saying something stupid, like:  'There is no God.'   There are some things you just never do in real life, or say, or suggest.

Call me superstitutious, but I will not do, or entertain certain things I know are wrong or condemned by God -- for fear... and yes, the Bible tells me so.   "Do not be deceived;  God is not mocked:  for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." ~Paul to the Galatians, Chapter 6, verse 7.   It's just a vicious, spiraling, slow burn, like an airplance going down in a crash-- with no 'recovery.'  That is our new, hopey- changy, liberal system, where anything goes, everything is OK, if it feels good-- do your thing-- that started in the 1960's and got much worse in the 80's-- and just look at the Army and  Navy  NOW WITH LEGAL HOMOSEXUALITY!!!  When the primary element in society is broken -- the FAMILY UNIT, the rest of the Society goes down with it, until that so-called "World Power" becomes a 2nd or 3rd rate power, and then it's almost impossible to recover that precious FREEDOM that so many brave, true patriots bled and died for.  It's GONE-- it's OVER!   Many combat Veterans have seen the hopeless poverty and break down in a 3rd world country, where basic necessities are hard to be had.  Israel was punished severely in ancient times by her enemies-- because they broke the holy convenant [Contract with God], time and again....  but they still had that Abrahamic Covenant, as a chosen, favored people, in the end.    Amerika, DOES NOT HAVE A 'GET OUT OF JAIL, FREE CARD'... nor are we a 'favored nation' with the Lord of Heaven !!!   We  WERE  [PAST TENSE]  mightily blessed, and big time, for the 1st hundred years of our history BECAUSE we protected and blessed the Hebrew/ Jewish people, from the time of the American Revolution, onward.  But the last 50 years have seen so mean spirited, low down, tricks played against the children of Israel, even forcing them to sell, or give away their Sacred, God-given home land -- that they as a collective people swore to their Lord and God, Jehovah,  thousands of years ago, in Moses' time!!
     Friends, you've  got to know your basic bible history-- lest you be condemned and misled by the Liberal Left, that wants to Socialize you, and rule you, from cradle to grave!  There will eventually be a ONE WORLD GOV'T, and a ONE WORLD RELIGION, shortly after the Rapture.  Everything is going in that direction, and supported buy BOTH political parties in the USA, and also in most other countries.  We won't be able to change that -- but we can, on an individual basis help others to know the Lord-- and get Saved-- and that should be our most important, primary mission RIGHT NOW on earth.  Not the constant party animal mentality of:  'Live for today, and party hardy."   I hope I am not repeating myself too much, friends.

The Jewish people were forced/ required to know, study and remember their past history, so they would not miss the big event of the Messiah's coming thru a certain, specific blood line.  

Well, the Messiah is coming again, but in a different capacity, with much more power and Lordship this time, with a sword in His hand.   After the Rapture, He will judge the nations-- those "Left Behind" - and won't that be fun....
Having had a 'blue chip' education in Finance and Investments, I some times use financial analogies to express myself.  When people start to get into credit card debt, one thing leads to another.  Some folks gamble, even with the family mortgage money, their family food money, etc., and destroy the family unit -- and how the children suffer!  Other people 'drink up their rent money' and the children go without food!   I have personally seen that stuff happen when I worked for American Motors/ and Chrysler-- Auto Plant, in Kenosha, WI., where we made a good, living wage, but some folks still could not/ or would not manage their money wisely.  Personally, I know how to get into deep debt -- and I know how to GET OUT of debt too-- there is a formula, but you need to stick with it and never give in to temptation, or cheat! 

Even some of my close family members 'stepped around me' even with my Securities license, experience and knowledge-- only to lose their shirts.  Now... I am not gloating over their misfortune, but I know that I could have helped them [and for free] if they had just swallowed their pride and ASKED ME !!  In the past, I have helped many people, and I earned a few bucks commision from PFS Investments, and it gave me a good feeling inside my gut.  In this case, "Knowledge is Power." 
    But in other cases:  "Action is Power!"  You can have knowledge while sitting on a train track-- that a fast train is coming -- but if you don't take ACTION to get  your anatomy  off the track, guess what might happen???  Duh...  But in the case of Bible prophesy-- it's what WILL happen, and millions of people with the same mind set as I have, see that train coming down the track now!  Personally,  I am not that sort of guy that waits for the very last minute to show how "cool" I am...  I like to give myself a good lead and lots of time, with a packed lunch and a cold drink, punching into work at least 20 minutes early, on the Chrysler assembly line,  etc. 

I know that in a war/ or battle, you are going to have sustained, expected casualties that special intelligence officers can calculate on paper with a degree of accuracy.. and that is just the way war is!  So that there is the "Right way, the Wrong way, and the Army way, of doing things.  The Army wants highly trained men and women to perform their individual jobs  [MOS] like/ AS  experts, so that few fall in battle, fewer die, and cost is limited in men and material.  Don't we, as Christian Soldiers want to be well trained and ready for battle too??  Well, we have the best TM [Technical Manual] - the Bible, but few on earth want to MAKE/ TAKE the time to read and study!  Sorry, maybe most are just too darn lazy, or they don't give a hoot.   A bad or lazy soldier not only hurts himself -- but also his 'family' of friends.   A father hurts his kids and family by not doing what he is supposed to do, provide, love, protect and teach his family the most important things in life-- but he has to READ THE BOOK!

Have a beautiful, warm day, and I am going to pray for those poor souls without power and water, from the past storm, and hope I never have to experience that stuff either.  Make sure that your animals have enough clean, cool, water, too.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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