Monday, July 2, 2012

Time to start eating some RED MEAT.

Tom's Journal.

I pity some of the folks who remain on the bottle of milk all their lives, never intending to move forward and learn the heavy things of the Bible.  Or am I just so hungry for red meat and satisfying my craving for the truth -- should some false preacher come along like the Piped Piper, to led away many weak Christians...?    It happened to me back in 1971 afgter I got home from Vietnam when I was emotionally weak with PTSD, etc., looking for the truth -- but I was not raised with the Bible, as my family was steeped in Catholicism ritual, instead of practical bible knowledge.     

A good example is the JW's [Jehovah's Witnesses] cult, who had to invent their own copy of the Bible [the New World "Translation"] that I personally studied for 22 years  --because the KJV that they were using  had too much truth in it.   They truncated, twisted and perverted the Greek term: "Parousia", as the writter makes abundantly clear how it should be used and understand.   An old bible slogan that goes something like this:  'If something makes sense to you the first time --seek not any other kind of sense.'  

The following article may be meaty for some, but it's important to push yourself a little farther and learn the proper meaning of things scriptural-- so we don't get misled by so many fakes and false prophets, preachers, churches now days.   Even old, well studied geezers like me need to be careful, and check things out before we swallow them.  Enjoy.

Answers and Clarifications for Gary DeMar
Posted: 02 Jul 2012 10:25 AM PDT
By Dr. Thomas Ice Pre-Trib Research Center Gary DeMar is a longtime protagonist against dispensational theology, especially in the area of eschatology or end-time theology. DeMar is an advocate of the following viewpoints: a Reconstructionist, kingdom now, postmillennialist, partial preterist, Israel has no national future, replacement theologian. In other words, someone who is the polar