Monday, July 9, 2012

Let Your Will be Done.

Tom's Journal.

What gets me is the fact that so many CINO's, church goers, and nominal 'Christians' pray the prayer cited by Jesus @ Matthew 6:9, and don't really understand that they are praying for their OWN destruction!!    'Let your Kingdom come, let  your will be done...'  God's Will is to wipe out all evil doers, including all humanistic governments on earth and starting all over again on earth!!  Those who cling to what ever human Gov't will be sorely disappointed, probably 'Left Behind' -- and just imagine Lot's wife who 'turned around' ignoring God's command NOT TO TURN AROUND.  People just don't care about God's Will, and 'walk down the broad and spacious road to destruction' tempted by that Piped Piper- Satan the Devil bum. 
    All human leaders are imperfect and sinful, but those who don't even pass the simple litmus test... "Are they Pro-Life, Pro- 1st and 2nd Amendment, Pro- Marriage with one man and one woman, Pro-Christian??" ought not be elected into office!   It is very apparent that most folks in the USA are not in that right, godly, camp -- and God knows it.  Are we Pro- Israel?  -- just read Genesis 12:3, and see what we are up against if we don't love, support and protect the State of Israel.   Many bible-loving Christians believe that there is a connection between the present WH administration's bungling and throwing Israel under the bus, and the secret stuff in the so-called 'obama-care bill' [that doesn't even pertain to HEALTH CARE] --AND OUR DEADLY Heat wave now, in the USA, that will result in super high food prices later in the stores, etc., and too many heat related deaths in the USA.  
   I am blessed to be retired, albeit disabled, and have time to read the current news and other Christians web sites, that explain things -- and bible related, timely things that I want to know... so I can share them in my humble blog.  

It looks like we might get some rain in the U.P. [Upper Peninsula, Michigan], today, maybe, so I must get the dogs inside, and then do some chores in town before my dear, beautiful wife gets home from work.

We are also very  blessed to have a fine, smart, educated Pastor, Kevin Sullivan, who also has a great sense of humor when delivering great sermons on Sunday.   I tithe there and hope to become a member soon, as the Lord directs me to set down deep roots and help others there.  PTL.   Pastor Sullivan has made me feel so welcome at the Baptist church, in Iron Mtn, MI, just when I needed a place to mingle, worship, join in fellowship -- where they respect and honor combat Veterans, like me.   I intend to continue to help that fine congregation in any way I can. 
All they teach and preach is pure Bible-- KJV Bible!  I am happy to attend, and get to know the various fine people there!

Now days, if my arthritis don't bother me too much, I like to do wood carving of Scriptures into wood with a router, and also carve wood from cherry wood, shaped into a "Clinging Cross' that I also use in witnessing and handing out bible tracts U.P. here.  There seems to be lots of retired Armed Service Veterans, who have worked hard all their lives -- and their pensions and retirement dollars go farther U.P. here in the frozen tundra, where there is low crime and friendly country folks and woodsmen.  Still this year has been a HOT year up here too.

Thy Will Or My Will Be Done
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