Monday, July 23, 2012

The Blood of Battle, in RVN.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends, Fellow Warriors, Soldiers and Christians!

The above video is very graphic -- but very true, concerning our American wounded over in Vietnam.  Thank you, brother Bob Gibson, an Aussie Army buddy, from the land of Oz.... who was a rifleman over there, who shared this with me today.   It's not easy to watch -- but so many Liberal jellyfish toads back in the USA need to know about the truth of war, like we 19 year olds who went over there, fighting for what ever fiction "Noble Cause" our leaders in Congress and the WH feel we ought to spill our blood and treasure.....ha!  

And now, about 40 years latter, having lived good or poor lives after that WAR, we learned new skills, trades and professions ... but we are still in Saigon [as the song goes..], and still waking up from nightmares, all sweaty, etc.... and our wives ought to get a few medals for just living with us.... LOL. 

I had to work  up courage to go to the local Iron Mountain, MI 49801 VA hospital U.P. here where I now live, by myself [as my wife was too busy to come with me], and get my Left eye attended too-- and 'lucky' that a REAL, civilian Doctor was in-house today!  He could not find anything in my eye, so he gave me some eye drops, and told me to come back quickly if I felt the need.  The good, respectful Dr. Jarrett.  But, IMHO, he is one of the few staff/ borrowed skilled practitioners who really care-- not caught up in the "System" of Gov't slack jawed, numb, lazy people who are just there for a PAYCHECK!   It's called "Tri-Care" - the Military type health insurance - Gov't style, and certainly not the best, but we'll take it because many of my noble brethren have only that for health care.  And I am sure that the VA has helped and saved MANY lives and made their lives more comfortable... don't get me wrong.  But I know as Gospel  that the VA "doctors"  botched up my knee replacement in Milwaukee 2 years ago, and I doubt there is much I can do now.  My right knee/ leg is shorter than my Left leg, and that sure do effect my walking so that it also runs the pain up my back now too.  

Every time I go to any VA system, I like to meet new-- older Veterans, who are happy to voice their own stories of what happened to them and get their personal side of the story --- and then I get a chance to witness to them about the Word.. the Bible, and Salvation.  Yes, I do take a big chance that I might otherwise 'blow' a budding new friendship [that I could use U.P. here] but don't you all think that heaven or hell --held in the balance is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE UNDER THE SUN, IN THE SHORT TIME THAT WE ALL HAVE LEFT ON EARTH ??? 
      I was having a short talk with my pretty wife, Terri, today, about the meaning of "POWER" and different methods of sharing/ preaching and teaching the Gospel of Salvation, here and now to all we come in contact with.  Yes, the Holy Spirit guilds us, puts the correct words in our mouths, and gives us strength, etc....  but we must put the knowledge in our brains to start with!!  We cannot take money out of the bank unless we first put money there [unless we live in the WH, or Congress... lol].  When a normal, common man makes such a "mistake" -- we pay thru the nose, or go to jail !  The Army teaches soldiers NOT to make mistakes because they cost real lives in battle.  We cannot afford the luxury of an "Oops." 
Satan the Devil is an expert of illusions, master of the Lie, deceptions, actually, "Misleading the majority of the earth !"  Few will manage to make it thru the cramped and narrow way to ever lasting life in heaven -- compared with the much larger multitude treading the wide and spacious way unto everlasting DESTRUCTION, and hell.  Sorry folks,  I am just the 'messenger' bearing the true tidings of the Bible -- Book of Matthew, and Jesus' own words or warning for us all.  I just happen to also be a History Buff, and love reading, especially the Bible, watching true prophecy unfold RIGHT NOW before my eyes in the year 2012 !!  Just like the 'Batman killings in CO -- the 'Lame Stream Media' gets locked down with NOTHING else to report world wide, when a 'small tragedy occurs' -- even though it be horrible in nature.  When the whole world will get shaken to it's base if and when Syria starts launching rockets at Israel !   That just could be the trigger needed to start the BIGGER war prophesied that could precede the Rapture we Christians are waiting for.   And yes, the "Church" is specially Blessed by God, to go to that special place in heaven reserved only for us!!  It's not too complicated, but just getting there, will be so fine for this old, tired, wounded, hurting,  Soldier, Tommy Schuckman !  And I cannot remember in MY life time when the whole Summer was so hot and dry ----  except for the two years "In-Country" -- Vietnam: 1968-70.... blessed to be in helicopter aviation, instead of being a 'grunt' -Infantry-  in my humble opinion.  With all due respect, guys.

I have studied the Bible for the past 40 some years-- yet stumbled many times and skinned my knees and behind, made too many mistakes, and was surprised to learn that the Lord Father and Son, still wanted and loved me!!!  Wow!    We can bring praise, honor and glory to the Father in heaven by setting a good example, blessing His name, and spreading/ sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to most all we meet, at opportune times.   If that takes study and a little practice -- DO IT!   I may be able to help you, if you like.  Just email me:

PLEASE,  pray for my nephew Joe, in Afghanistan, and my other nephew, Steve Schuckman, over in SA [Saudi Arabia] doing some civilian work over there.  Pray for my spouse, Terri, who is going in for foot surgery soon, too.  Pray for the rains to come soon to save the farmers' crops, IF IT BE YOUR WILL, OH LORD.

...But this article will surely knock your socks off !!!  It did mine.....  Wow!  So much for the "God bless America"  silly stuff that so many un-studied people here say..... and I never believed that ignorant baloney for a minute.... Ha!  Read on and find out exactily what I mean.  Tom S.
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Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman