Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Standing in the Way.

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Folks,  I am excited, feel much better, am alive and kicking today -- but last night I stumbled on yet... another valuable text/ article that shook my timbers to the base, and I feel that I would be a royal ass, if I did not share it with ya'll. 

Truth be said,  I have started to believe this new mindset about 2 years ago-- and that is the reason why I backed off our inflated Nationalism/ Patriotism.... [that I before held in trust and honor, proud to bear that banner high], but never pushing my inner thoughts of this to others... yet.   With "PRIDE"  --- being one of the biggest ways to tick off our 'Father in Heaven' [as I mentioned before -- PRIDE...  yesterday.. [PS], ], this all fits together as the whole picture comes into better view, and timely, modern happenings making it more clear RIGHT NOW!    Just, please, bare me out and reason with me, my faithful, loyal friends, and company...

As I said many times before...  the gross sin of ABORTION in America, is enough for God the Father to zap us and end our culture of death, here and now!!  And that is just the start as obama has allowed 'Gays' into the Military now too!!  But then, throwing Israel under the bus, was probably the last straw that broke the camel's back, IMHO !!  Go figure: the FIRST book of the Bible, tells us about the Abrahamic Covenant, saying that God threw a special blanket of protection upon HIS favorite nation/ people, and the heathen,  obama did everything possible to insult, demean, slight,  that hallowed, yet stiff necked nation, ISRAEL,  -- and now it's time to pay the Piper! 

What this' new news' does for me is just accelerate the 'time clock' all that much more... but also tells me that 'our home country, America', must crumble, and soon, before the Rapture [that I talk about all the time can happen!].   Heaven is my home, even as I am a sinner man -- yet Saved!  Yes,  I AM SAVED !  I make many, too many mistakes every day, repent, am forgiven, and try to do better each morning that I draw breathe.  The Bible tells me so.   All the things I studied for the past 40 years are great, helpful, wonderful, enlightening -- but now [as I see it] my time has run out, Bless me O Lord, Jehovah, and my master and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Come, Holy Spirit. 

Folks, one way or another, America, I am afraid, will diminish, and collapse, any time now, and we will suffer and lost our 'Gold Star' as Number One, in the world.   And that's all she wrote.   So, friends, it's NOT a matter of prayer, or turning our sinful nation around with good works, or what ever.   Hey, we are not even mentioned in the Bible -- but Israel IS !!  THAT LITTLE NATION WILL BECOME THE SEAT, AND THRONE OF JESUS CHRIST, THE CENTER OF THE WORLD... but not before 'hell on earth' happens.  The 'Church' of true Believers will be 'caught up' -- Saved, and Raptured,  before God unleashes his 'cleansing' on earth, and woe to those 'Left Behind !'  I, personally, will do what ever is needed to 'get on that last jet out of town - earth' -- and that's a fact.  
    How many will answer my call and join me.... comments, please ?  If not, I will assume that you are too busy laying in the sun, drinking Margaritas, etc.  And I firmly believe that you-all DESERVE IT!!  But now is the time to put away all the party stuff, be sober and alert, dear friends!    The warning is out:  TAKE COVER, AND HUNKER DOWN, HOG!  Yet, for one reason or another, the Lord will catch many of us with our pants down... sorry.  We deserve a break and a 'cold one' but we must push on-- just as we did in Vietnam, lest we die...   sorry.  We don't want to  come home in a 'body bag.'

I am doing the best I know how -- to promote and share the Gospel, and my humble Blog.   If you THINK it has merit, please pass it on.   If not, please tell me why.

Tommy Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and retired Chrysler worker:  30.5 years.  Married to a beautiful lady named:  Terri M. [Fox] Schuckman.  ---This is me, Tom, when I was a 'Power Lifter' back in 1989, going back to college to study more welding, etc. >>>

Standing In The Way
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