Saturday, August 25, 2012

Don't Enjoy Church?

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks,
The subject down below needs to be addressed for sure, because so many people say that they dislike going to any church, for a number of reasons -- and many of the reasons seem valid!
     People have said to me:   The churches are full of sinners and hypocrites, money grabbers and dishonest people, etc.  To some extent, I agree.  But there is a 'rule of the thumb' way to tell what the real make up of a church is, IMHO.  IF, the church does NOT encourage the common, regular use of the Bible [and I would HOPE, the KJV...] a RED flag should go up in your mind!  If the church DEMANDS at any time that you have to donate/ give a fixed amount of money to join or gain membership in that church -- run the other way!  If that church does NOT teach, share, preach personal study of the Bible, or is more a source of entertainment and music than good solid, fundamental, Bible discourse, reading, teaching, that is unbalanced, and if you want such stuff, go join a country club or entertainment place.   And there are a few other important things of note -- but you've got the main answers here.  
    I suspect that Jesus own words, in the book of Matthew, are sufficient to set things straight about whom He will welcome into the new Kingdom, after the world is cleansed, with New Heavens and New Earth.   I suspect that perhaps MOST of the churches today have 'dropped the ball' that Jesus Christ gave them, concerning sharing the pure Word of God, and the Gospel of Jesus, and for that, they will pay a big price...  sorry.  With leadership comes A LOT of responsibility and hard work!!  And the New Testament is full of poor, not rich, Christian followers and Believers, compared to our current "Mega-Churches" with so much wealth and creature comforts, huge salaries, and air conditioned dog houses, etc. 
    Personally,  my wife and I have found a good, wholesome, pure, honest, hard working Pastor and church in the U.P., and just happens to be Baptist, and we love it there and try to support it and the pastor and his fine wife, as much as we can.  PTL.  NO church is going to be perfect!  And I am sure that, for me, personally, that every church has a hussy [immoral person] in it, and a few individuals there to consume more than he needs and cause problems of discord and strife, etc.  If we can look above that/ those kind of people, and stick to what is good and holy -- we can and will gain a lot of good learning and brotherly love, and spiritual benefits!   If we cannot find a good CHRISTIAN church in our area, you could listen to the Radio or  PC-- InterNet to good, wholesome broadcasts, pray, meet with a few other Christians in the area at private home to read and study the Bible, pray and fellowship.   Remember the word "church" means "Congregation" -- and not just a building! 
   So, how can you discern if a church is good, bad, helpful, correct??   YOU, yes YOU must know the Bible well enough to measure that church by the yard stick of the Bible... and that means YOU have to study it by yourself, or with another Spirit filled friend/ Christian.  If someone EVER tries to charge you for this service -- you know that he is guilty of a big sin and greedy.... so run the other way! 
The name of a great  Christian Radio station in the Milwaukee, WI area [but you can always reach it via Computer/ InterNet] is:   WVCY  FM  [and Moody's, in Chicago,  IL].   I will get back with the call numbers.
     I would highly recommend thoughtful, sincere prayer in asking the Lord to steer you toward a right Christian church, like I did.  Years ago, I was looking for a good church in my area, and found a Bible tract in the men's room at Chrysler, where I worked for over 30 years, and it turned out to be a great place where I still have friends for life.

VCY America Radio Network

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The VCY America radio network features solid Bible teaching programs, live call-in programs on issues of concern to the Christian community, news and commentary, programs reaching children with the Gospel, and conservative, uplifting Christian music. There are currently 20 full-power VCY-owned stations across the Midwest, plus 7 low power "translator" stations. Other stations carry VCY programming for a number of hours each day.
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Have a great and restful night and next day, if you don't live in Florida.

Christian Love and Hugs,
Tommy S
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