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Hal Lindsey Report.

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Hi Guys, Gals, Friends et al,

The main reason that I am posting Hal Lindsey's Report, which is always good and stirring, is because I want my readers to know and understand that there are MANY PEOPLE JUST LIKE ME -- who have the same deep, combat-like, gut love for the Lord Jesus Christ!!  The Holy Spirit is inside of us and our love and appreciation for the BIBLE is forever -- and Heaven is our Home!  Things MUST get worse according to the Bible --  but we know that the Rapture will come when God is good and ready!!  As for now, there are more people on earth to Save and join our camp of true blue Christians, and if this is a test of our loyalty  --- BRING IT ON!!  I guess that Terri and I won't be eating so many steaks from now on, but the Bible says that we won't starve either!  Just read Psalms 37:25,   "I HAVE BEEN YOUNG, AND NOW AM OLD; YET HAVE I NOT SEEN THE RIGHTEOUS FORSAKEN, NOR HIS SEED BEGGING BREAD."  I have been wood carving more these days and like to MAKE things pretty and show them to others -- but I will never be rich... lol.  I am just sick of watching TV and love the Bible so much that it is almost super entertainment for me!  PTL.  I am still hitting the Psalms a lot lately, as they give me that strength that I need these days.

I suspect that the Lefty Loosey Liberals/ Dims's victory will be short lived after America is broke, or worse.
  As for us, we will be fine.

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November 9th, 2012
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

On Tuesday, more than 119 million Americans filed into polling places across the nation and cast their ballots. Though the voters faced myriad initiatives, referenda, proposals, and a dizzying array of candidates ranging from councilmen to constables to Congressmen, the one race that fixated the entire nation was the race for the White House.

The challenger, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, had been campaigning for more than two years. Some would argue that the incumbent, President Barack Obama, had been campaigning for four years. But few can argue with the notion that this campaign was perhaps the most divisive in the history of American presidential politics. It was also the most expensive. When all is said and done, upwards of three billion dollars has been spent by both sides in the race for the Presidency.

Pundits across the political spectrum thought that Governor Romney might actually unseat President Obama. No president has ever won re-election with an unemployment rate this high. No president has ever won re-election with an approval rating this low.

Yet, once again, Americans shrugged off conventional wisdom. They expressed their preference for four more years of the policies that have brought the United States to the precipice of the fiscal cliff. In the end, President Obama won re-election by convincing just over 50% of the voters that the policies and plans that didn't work in his first term would somehow work in his second.

But the question on the minds of many of this program's viewers must be, "Where do we go from here?" The past four years have seen a marked increase in the erosion of many of our basic rights, values, and traditions. This administration has expressed almost unprecedented hostility toward Israel, traditional marriage, gun owners, small business owners and entrepreneurs, corporations, the energy industry, pro-lifers, and Christian institutions. And now that the President doesn't have to worry about facing another election, who knows how that hostility will be expressed.

I have long said that there is no nation resembling America described by the Bible prophets in these last days. That means that the US must decline from its current preeminence and be crippled or destroyed by a catastrophic economic collapse or some sort of debilitating attack. I fear that now we are on the fast track to that disaster.

But even if Governor Romney had been elected, I don't believe it would have stopped America's slide -- perhaps just slowed it a bit. The bottom line is that America is failing because its people are turning their backs on God and are consumed with satisfying their own wants and desires. The concerted efforts of the Left to push God out of our public consciousness are succeeding and, sadly, gaining momentum.

I believe the only real hope that remains for America's future is if God's people - and there are millions of us - will do as He asked. In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God says that if we will humble ourselves before Him, seek His face, and turn from our sinful ways, then He will forgive our sin and heal our land. Notice, He didn't say if the "leaders of my people will humble themselves" He said, "If my people." That's you and me.

So let's not lose hope and be discouraged. There is a way out and, more importantly, a way up. It's called "the blessed hope." Paul said that if we have hope in this life only, we'll be of all men most miserable. But our hope is in Christ's soon return to catch us all away to be with Him for eternity. And that will be better than any election night victory party!

Oh, yes, this week I'll also be discussing Superstorm Sandy and how it highlights America's glaring vulnerability; the growing threat that Iran poses to the United States itself; and what both of these situations may indicate about America's future.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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