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Economic Collapse.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks/ Friends,
Sometimes  you KNOW that you read it somewhere [in the Bible] but you just can't remember it!  That is where a Concordance comes in handy and I guess I should buy one for all my KJV's Bibles, finally.  Well, in talking to my wife, Terri, a few minutes ago-- this is precisely what I am referring to/ about-- but where to find that 'proof text.'  REVELATION 6: 5-6....  is the Answer!  And this kind of answer is the kind that I LIKE!!  Because this dreaded event will come AFTER the Rapture!  PTL....  Praise the Lord.  Thank you, Jesus!  So now, instead of telling Terri about this event -- she can just read it from my humble Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.  And I can now memorize it too to share with others.

I am so blessed to have a good handful of other Saved friends from all over the earth who are also well read, studied Servants of the Lord, who share their own articles and thoughts too, and so there is POWER in a multitude of Councilors -- especially when they have the Holy Spirit backing them up!   We are strong -- on FaceBook, where we have a few great groups of prayer warriors, etc.

I don't know why I woke up with such a messed up lower back this morning, but just walking around is a strain for me.  Perhaps [maybe] in another 2 weeks or so, if her doctor releases her,  [Terri], and she goes back to work -- I will fend for myself, with only our prized hound dog to take care of -- and why does that poor boy have the worst bad breath in the world ???  Any comments/ suggestions on how to make a dog's breath a little better?  Comments?  Because poor Deuce's mouth odor could knock a 'buzzard off a manure wagon'!  Nasty boy....

But Folks,  I am not going to try to calculate in my mind [again] exactly when the Big 'Economic Collapse' is going to come -- even here in the USA this time -- I've learned my lesson.  However, most of us Americans with an I.Q. over 70 KNOW that we are tottering on the precipice of a tall cliff, as we continue to borrow millions of dollars each day from not only China [who wants to rule us!] but Japan and other countries too!  Actually, even the Republicans know that there is NO WAY THAT AMERICA CAN EVER GET OUT OF THE DEBT THAT WE ARE IN RIGHT NOW!!  My own personal debt grinds away at my happiness, even U.P. here in our cozy, warm, insulated home in Northern Michigan!!  BUT...  I know that I can and will pay it all down IF my income stays the same.  That is the real question though -- will our collective income stay the same now that Obama has come back with a 'vengence' after being re-elected, signing THOUSANDS of Executive Directives ALREADY!!!    Stay informed and knowledgeable, people!  It's what you don't know-- that will kill you, and your grand kids! 

The Bible gives us that special 'Spirit- bourne' knowledge of sinful human nature, of how history is only repeated again-- and for OUR benefit, do that we can be prepared and live our lives accordingly, dear friends.    If you want specific verses in the Bible, just email me.   Revelation 6: 5-6, tells us what will/ must happen on earth soon enough ... but in this case, after the Rapture!  Wow, at least we Christians can rest a little bit.  Although America is starting to feel the pinch of higher gas and food right now, and 3rd world countries are starving right now.  Yes, obama is in place, re-elected for Divine Purpose -- part of God's Plan.  We are not even mentioned in the Bible because we will cease to exist in any real important manner that affects other nations.  That could be because we were already collapsed economically, or took a direct hit from a EMP bomb -- taking out our entire electrical grid-- that would put us back into the early 1900's era of 'horse and buggy' [Ha!  I had to correct my previous mistake of "Horse and BUDDY"]  times.  The technology is already here and we have plenty of enemies who would love to cripple us like that!!  China and Iran, for 2 suggestions, and perhaps Russia too.  I lived under primitive conditions, so to speak,  over in a 3rd world country of Vietnam for 2 long years, so I know what to expect [and it's still a 3rd world country -- from what I've heard...].  You absolutely NEED fresh, clean drinking water to live!  Food, Shelter and Clothing too.  The Army taught us how to survive over there -- but it wasn't exactly a picnic...  lol.   Even going on R and R in Japan, we walked into a bare room to eliminate but there was NO TOILET -- as 'we think of' --LOL!  Good Luck!  Good Grief!  Sorry, folks, to be so graphic... and blunt.

If anyone has a problem 'seeing' the meaning of my words,  just watch the poor folks dealing with the aftermath of 'Super Storm Sandy' on the East Coast.  So just where is the almighty FEMA and the Gov't now when the weather is turning cold, with out water, heat, and power, Mr. obama ??  Frankly, I learned many years ago never to trust or rely on the Government.. or even SS ! 

Warm Regards,

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Economic Collapse?

Q. have heard there is a prophecy about a great economic collapse. I searched your site but could not find any. Would you please let me know about it? Will it happen before or after rapture? Or is it what is going on now?

A. Rev. 6:5-6 says,
When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”
Many scholars see this as a description of economic hard times where inflation has gotten so out of hand that it takes all of a days pay just to buy enough food for the day. Since the Rapture will take place before the seal judgments, we won’t be here when it gets that bad, but I think we may be entering a period of time that will eventually culminate in the fulfillment of this prophecy.
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