Monday, November 19, 2012

Holy Spirit.

Tom's Journal.

I was always very interested in learning more about the Holy Spirit, so here is some more great stuff. 

I have been just a bit anxious lately because my wife, Terri, might be going back to work soon, and that will change me life a bit.  I will try to cook more and make things easier on her, if I can.  I just started taking another medication to help my arthritis and it works but makes me drowsy, so I must be on guard if I drive.  I just may cut the dosage, but this new facet came to me at the right time, PTL.  Thank  you, Lord.  And I am going to have some physical therapy at the VA soon to see if they can straighten my right knee that the Milwaukee VA totally messed up in their 'operation' 2 years ago.  What a bunch of losers who also abused me!  Ask me for details if you need to know more, and beware!  I feel that it's my JOB to help and warn other Vets about dangers at the VA...  and just wait until obama-care comes to America... lol.  Then you all will understand exactly what I mean by these words. 

For some reason I am just not ready to the cold Winter U.P. here, and I am chilly too often, and just wonder how else I should dress to keep warm, even in the house.  Terri loves it ice cold all the time, but she is sympathetic and kind to me.  I love her dearly. 
     I am also feeling the pinch of a really poor economy where my income doesn't buy as much as it used to -- although I know that I am truly blessed compared to most other folks on planet earth.   I know that I am spending less and don't NEED much more of anything to be happy.  Yet I want to be a good steward and manager of my [our] money and resources.  I like to help folks -- but I feel I ought to be teaching them how to manage money better so I don't need to help them so much.  Just learn to live on less, and start with 10% less.... and that I learned from working with Finance at PFS Investments 20 years ago.   Don't worry -- things will get worse, and Murphy's Law is still very much alive.  But know this:  NO HUMAN OR COMPANY COULD RUN LIKE OUR GOV'T DOES AND NOT FAIL !!!  Sorry that I don't feel sorry for anyone who has troubles -- but voted for obama.  First of all, how could anyone who 'calls themselves Christian vote for someone who champions ABORTION and the Gay Agenda ??  Just believing that God exists is not going to save you! 

I have noticed that most folks U.P. here in the far North of MI seem to be more kind, respectful and reverent, and at least open to listening to Bible oriented news and opinions.

I urge you to check out Chick publications, to get some great witnessing tools in the form of 'comic books' that teach the Bible.  Small booklets and tracts that you may purchase and then give away to people who need to hear the truth of the Bible and Salvation!

Warm Regards,

The Holy Spirit, In Us And Upon Us

Q. Recently, our pastor gave a message on the Holy Spirit regarding the Greek words ‘en’ and ‘epi’ (the Holy Spirit being ‘in’ a Christian and ‘upon’ a Christian) and said there was a difference. He explained that ‘en’ happened at the time of salvation, which I already knew, of course, but the ‘epi’ , I had not heard of before happened when a Christian had a deeper relationship with Christ and then would receive miracles and blessings. I know blessings happen when we are in fellowship with Christ. I didn’t know about the Holy Spirit being upon us as different from being in us. I would like your thoughts on this and did I understand him correctly?

A. Three Greek words are used to define the role of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life. Para means “with” and applies to everyone before the Resurrection. Eperchomai (a compound form of epi and erchomai) means to “come upon” and describes events in Acts 2, Acts 10:44, and Acts 19:6, resulting there in the manifestation of tongues. En means “in” and refers to the result of having heard and believed the Gospel, as in Ephesians 1:13-14.
Taken together, these passages agree that the Lord sealed the Holy Spirit within you at the moment of belief, determined what gift(s) you would need to make your unique contribution to the body, and invested you accordingly. From time to time, for His own purposes, He might also cause the Holy Spirit to “come upon” you to perform a special assignment.
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