Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Cross We Bear.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks,
This fine gentleman I found on the Tea Party web site where I also met and made friends with a good handful of Bible loving Christians, many combat Veterans and other Conservative, hard working Americans, who are NOT afraid to speak their thoughts and share ideas.  I kind of feel at home here where there is usually a nice, flowing, America Patriot theme or conversation going on, and I love to contribute a few of my own 'pearls of wisdom.'   At the tender age of 63, I can usually 'hold my own' but I find some very good conversations here that I can sharpen my iron...  See:  Proverbs 27:17,  "Iron sharpens Iron..."  But beware, this web site is slightly addictive, with many Christian themes floating around, where folks don't have any fear of a sharp tongue, or reproof, and I like that!! 

But sometimes it pains me to see that even "GOOD PEOPLE" often fall short of the mark/ target, with their 'human wisdom/ thinking' -- and God NEVER falls or fails -- so when you finally get down stubbing your toes, walking in the dark for so many years -- please considers reading/ studying the KJV Bible...  because, Titus 1:2 says that,  "God cannot lie."   Now,  there is a slight emergency as a time line [and you would say:  "of course"] -- but I must tell the truth too.  We are in the 'End Times' NOW!  Let's just say for the sake of argument that I am correct now.  God PROMISES that His Son, Jesus will soon collect, Rapture all His Christian 'Believers' - Followers... so that BEFORE the 'Great Tribulation' [Matt. 24., says:  Greater than the Flood of Noah's time, greater than both World Wars, etc, etc].   -- that few of His Saints will suffer too much as a whole.  Well, that makes sense!    It surely won't hurt you all to put/ set some time aside for a daily Bible study to find out what you need to get right with the Lord, and then if you like, share this 'Good News' with people you live, love and respect, so they won't suffer too.  Just a simple thought in passing, dear friends.

Hey, we got cold slushy snow tonight and SLIPPERY!!   i don't mind a ton of snow, but ice don't make me nice!!  And that's why using my sturdy cane helps me keep my balance on slippery surfaces --ICE!    And I don't want to live with out my 4 by 4 Drive in the old Dodge Ram. 

Have a good night and Sunday too.

Warm Regards, and thank the Tea Party for fighting so hard to support the 2nd Amendment Freedoms.

'When I was young and foolish.'  But I sure did learn a lot when I got out of the Army @ age 21 !!  Wow!  Here is a picture of me in Vietnam, a place called, Cu Chi, RVN, at age 19, when I weighed only 165, soaking wet... LOL.  God Loved Me So, So Much, and still does !!!

The unspeakable acts committed in Newtown, Connecticut are just that; cold-blooded murders perpetrated by a very disturbed man. Yet, in the same breath, it’s extremely disturbing that so many have tried to politicize the deaths of these children solely for the exploits of a political agenda. I could try to blame an inanimate object, completely disregard the culpability of the offender, but that would be both myopic and irresponsible. The truth is, “we as a society” bear much of the blame. For decades our values and morals have systematically eroded under the banner of “modernity” and “tolerance”. Violence is rampant and through every facet of our lives – television, movies, video games, sports, everyday lifestyle – and yet Hollywood, the pinnacle of political hypocrisy, points the finger at gun loving, uncultured rednecks. Sure, some may be, yet by the same token, countless children, some as young as elementary school, have seen every kind of porn on the internet – even “sexting” and sending nude pictures to friends – before that fabled first date or first kiss. If that’s not disturbing, I don’t know what is. Then again, countless adults, those whom kids rely on for guidance and strength, are now busted watching it at work. And yes, that includes our so-called elected leaders who lack the competence and due diligence to even balance the national checkbook. So much for strength in numbers, or should I say, moral authority?

Speaking of the American family, it has now officially become a victim of relativism and the epitome of dysfunction; an epitaph chiseled by broken homes, absent or abusive parenting, and alcohol induced mentoring. Unfortunately, whenever critics try to point out these glaring deficits – especially in the realm of sex, drugs and violence – they’re labeled antiquated prudes, religious extremists. The fact God, faith, is incessantly being eroded by radical, fringe elements within this country is case-in-point. I find it disturbing some will fight tooth and nail to protect abortion – which in its most glorified state is still the death of a human being – yet they turn a blind eye to the cultural divide that is engulfing our youth, if not our very souls, in the process. Regardless of whether you’re a Christian, a Jew, or an Atheist, morality/ethics doesn’t change according to place or era; no matter how hard political hacks try to use entertainment and/or pop culture polls to condition the masses and sway your opinions. Sadly, the heartbreak in Newtown is but a microcosm of our own failure: in what we teach, value, and what we protect. If one value is breached, what is to keep the next one from suffering the same fate? Is it nothing more than an election-day referendum? Then again, as long as we get our favorite TV show, that new cell phone, those bedazzled shoes, our porn fix, our favorite food delivered to our recliner, do we even care anymore?

That antiquated common thread of decency, common sense, is quickly unraveling as we incessantly squabble over political talking points in a desperate an insatiable attempt to shove our respective agendas down each other’s throat. We can argue gun control until we’re blue in the face, yet that will not change the real problem: America. Drugs are supposedly illegal, yet they prevalent in our schools, our neighborhoods. Therefore, these senseless acts will not subside until we as a nation look in the mirror and realize we all have a cross to bear. I, for one, am disgusted by what I see. What parent ever dreams of their child becoming a heroin addict, a prostitute, the executioner of childhood innocence? If “change” does not begin at home, in our everyday lives, it is nothing more than a trending twitter hashtag, a blank check for disaster. And frankly, I don’t think I can bear the cost much more. May God be with the victims and their families, and may he give us the strength to do what is right: to become accountable!