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The "Alinsky Method."

Tom's Journal.

Attention:  Conservatives, Patriots and Tea Party Members. 

How the bad guys,  the Lefty Libs do their damage, and how to fight back-- fire with fire... Legally.

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What The Heck Is The Alinsky Method? Being Used To Destroy Our Freedoms

The education establishment in this country, at all levels, continually decries the absence of parental involvement in the everyday process of educating the young people of this country. We are asked to volunteer time to ease the burdens on the teachers. We are NOT expected to assume that we will have any input into decisions effecting what they will be taught or how the teaching process is to be done.
In the book, "Educating For The New World Order,"the author, Bev Eakman points out repeatedly the necessity of the educationists to preserve the ILLUSION that there is: "Lay, or community, participation in the decision making process, while in fact lay citizens are being squeezed out."
It is interesting, and EXTREMELY important to Americans, both as parents and as citizens, to clearly understand just HOW the "squeezing out" process takes place. It is a well defined, if not well perceived, process known as the "Alinsky Method" (which was derived from a procedure named as "The Delphi Technique.") This method of manipulating people is based on the fact that people in groups tend to share a common knowledge base and display certain identifiable characteristics known as "group dynamics."
In this process, one or more people known as "Change Agents" or"Facilitators" appear to be acting as organizers, "allowing" each person in the group to express their concerns about some program or policy under consideration. While this process is going on, people are urged to make lists or form into task forces. The Facilitator carefully notes which members of the group are leaders, which are "loud mouths" and which may be easily swayed to different viewpoints.
At a certain point, the previously friendly Change Agent begins to act as "devil’s advocate," becoming an agitator. The process involves playing one part of the group against another, the"divide and conquer" technique. Anyone who is not clearly in accord with the Facilitator’s agenda is made to appear ridiculous, inarticulate, ignorant or dogmatic. The idea is to make these members of the group angry thus escalating tensions. The end object being to shut opposition voices out of the group.
The "targets" of such manipulation rarely, if ever, realize how they are being manipulated. If they do suspect, they generally have no idea how to defeat the process.
This method is being used at all levels of government to force meetings toward PRESET conclusions. There are three steps to defeating this process. They are simple to learn, if not always easy to put into practice since the Facilitators are well trained in agitation techniques.
The first rule is: Always be charming, pleasant and courteous.SMILE! Speak in a normal voice to avoid seeming to be belligerent or aggressive.
Rule No. 2 is to STAY FOCUSED! Write your question or statement down in advance to help you stay on track. These Change Agents are trained to twist the conversation around to make the questioner appear foolish or belligerent or aggressive. The idea being to put the questioner on the defensive. Be careful! As mentioned in Rule 1, always be charming, pleasant and courteous (if it kills you to do so!) Often an attempt will be made to change the subject, digress or distort your intent. Always bring them back to the question you asked! If they distort your question into what amounts to an accusation of them, simply state clearly and precisely: "That is NOT what I stated. What I asked was..."(here repeat your original question.) Do not be distracted or angered by their efforts to make you look bad.
Rule No. 3: BE PERSISTENT! When the Facilitator realizes that putting you on the defensive is not going to work, quite often he, or she, will go into some long drawn out discussion of some unrelated or only vaguely related subject. Such a discussion may drag on for a number of minutes. The intent being to have the crowd become bored and forget what the original question was. Let them run on, then very calmly, quietly but with determination drag them back to the subject by saying: "But you didn’t answer my question! My question was..."(again repeat your question.)
Never, NEVER allow yourself to become angry. Anger directed toward the Change Agent makes him or her the victim. Their object is to become liked by the crowd, to be seen as a friend by a majority of those present to convince that majority the ideas of the Facilitator are correct and acceptable.
With the increasing demand for education reform, increasing agitation among the public and more and more grassroots research exposing the defects in our current government indoctrination centers, also known as public schools, more and more people are being exposed to this Alinsky method of maneuvering public meetings toward preset goals. Somehow, people walk out of public meetings wondering just what happened - how were their ideas and objections so neatly derailed. This consistent pattern of manipulation of public meetings is causing concern about the corruption of the very process of government established by our Founding Fathers.
That was so helpful to me, and with your kind permission I will re-post this message on my humble Blog: TOM'S JOURNAL. -- which has a high readership of Conservatives and Christians. Thanks!
--Tom S. email:
We have had 6 years of a community organizer at the helm.
This is what he does best. Alinsky: distract,

The Day After Christmas.

Tom's Journal.

Hey Guys, etc.,
Terri and I had a very good, warm, loving, happy Christmas and she saw all her kids and grandchildren with all the gifts.
   So Terri had to go back to work today but at least she got two WHOLE DAYS OFF, and that's a small miracle in itself.  We also missed/ dodged the 'bullet' -- the big snow storm that went thru Mid- America, and now the cold...  brrrrrr Winter cometh.  Ha! I eve saw a dude in shorts today at Wal-Mart, while  a dear friend of mine, Sam D bought 2 small items for me, for $14/ea!  Sam is a shorter man, a Christian, but built like an Angus Bull, and has a few weeks off from work, so I asked him to come over and do a few minor chores for me, as my back and knees are aching some what.  He is a good man, IMHO.  Today he took the opportunity to ask me a bunch of Bible questions, although I am sure that he must have known the answers....  but in my small PC room/ Study, I have a mountain of books that tell me what ever I want to know, and many Bibles and Bible aids too.  I took him out for Chinese lunch and around the block and he showed me the best way to find his new house in the town of Iron Mountain.  Nice to have strong friends!! 

Seems like every time I try to pass on/ share some TRUTHFUL documents about the Clintons or obama -- the 'powers that be'/ InterNet jumbles them up!!  The Tea Party seems to be one of the very few true Patriots left in the USA who are man [and woman] enough to STAND UP TO THE LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES, and the Big Bad Wolf--obama-- Satan's own right hand man.   I know and understand that the Bible says that we ought to 'pray for the king' that he might be favorably inclined to allow us to lead our simple, orderly, godly lives in our native land, with all the Freedoms we enjoy -- but also fought for....  but it is so hard for me to obey that commandment.... sorry.   

FLASH!  I just got a package from my youngest daughter, Sarah, in CO, and she sent me some pretty, good smelling soap, and many beautiful pictures of my 3 grand kids!!!  So maybe she is hinting that I used them in the shower.... hummmm.  I miss my grand kids so much.  I also miss my oldest daughter, Barbara, too.  Well, we shall see what happens after the snow and ice melt away and Spring is here.  In the mean time, I can and will write letters and emails.

I got a few important things done today with Sam's help, so now I can plan for tomorrow.  Terri gave me a big, long kiss just a few minutes ago when she got home -- earlier than I expected.... Woo Woo!  She sure sets my heart on fire... PTL [Praise the Lord].

I am trying to "cast my bread upon the water" in hopes that it will 'return to me.'

Warm Regards,


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