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Insight into the Tea Party Patriots, and the 2nd Amendment.

Tom's Journal.

Here is my good, Christian, dear friend, Carolyn's new Web Site, which I suggest you all check out--- about our U.S. Constitution, etc.  >>>  right below >>>   Thank you!
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OK, Let's put the 'meat back on the bone' friends.  Here is a good taste of our hallowed TPP  [ Tea  Party Patriots] org., mentality, and simple yet elegant common sense and LOGIC.  We have so many bright, educated, true Patriots in the Org, and it's a pleasure to read all of them and agree!  In  the short time I've belonged to their membership, they have treated me with respect, kindness and honor...  thank you very much, guys!  They don't show aggression or disrespect for Christians either, because most of them seem to be just that, and unashamed to bring it out. 
    I have already learn so much, and shared some of their cool opinions and info with my readers -- also on F/B.  I urge you all to jump in and test the water!

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Tommy Schuckman  

Men by Chance,
Soldiers by Choice,
Killers by Profession  >>> 

I loved to fly every day because I could 'fight while sitting down' -- and there are no poisonous snakes or centipedes up in the sky... LOL !   The only draw back was that we were a large target for the VC [Viet Cong]. and NVA when we flew into an LZ [LANDING ZONE] to insert or extract the Infantry [assualt troops] -- those gallant heros that did the hard, dangerous work.  What goes up -- must come down.   Don't you just love those simple laws of nature ?!   My 2nd tour of duty  in Vietnam, was with the fine, kick  butt outfit,  the 240th AHC [Assault Helicopter Company] out at Camp BearCat, RVN: '69--'70.  And then I came home and out of the Army for good --- or did I  -- with a good dose of PTSD, etc ??  Our base camp was also inside the area called the "Iron Triangle" where the bulk of Agent Orange was dumped  according to my personal research -- which made many of OUR people sick to death, later in life --- and the VA tried to screw us by saying it was all in our minds, or they were not liable, etc,...Ha!  But the Gov't had plenty of money for illegal aliens and welfare folks who never worked in their lives -- even though they were able bodied and healthy....a-hem.  I am one of the few Vietnam Vets still alive, who hasn't been croaked by our own Gov't... as we are dying at an alarming rate, in our 50's and 60's!!!   I figure that I am living on borrowed time too, but hope to leave something behind to those I love and cherish.   My Lord and Master only keeps me breathing [even with COPD] because He can yet somehow 'use' me to spread the Good News of God's Salvation through Jesus Christ!  I should have been dead many times over, with all the horrible accidents, crashes in helicopters, motorcycles, trucks, etc.   God Bless all true Believers in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.   I believe that He has changed [even] me in the last few years and blessed me BIG TIME!  PTL.
   I love my pretty wife, Terri M. Schuckman.

The 2nd. Amendment is the cornerstone upon which all of our other freedoms and liberties are protected and reinforced. Without it, the rest are just hollow words with no way of enforcing them except trough legal action which is and will always be violated by those that do not prescribe to the law.
There are only 2 methods to get anyone to take action, reason and force and if you cannot force me to act then you must reason me with your argument. The progressive socialists have been manipulating a segment of the population in this Nation for well over 100 years through their arguments that create an emotional response that forces a controlled reaction that obscures intellectual action. They use the heated moment of emotional response to get their myopic misanthropes to jump and then propagate the discord with a continual barrage of Pavlovian response words that they have ingrained into the modern populace through the media and educational systems they control.
They also understand that they have a very narrow window to motivate this group because after about 3 weeks even the average double digit modern American who redefines the term low information citizen, starts to lose the emotional motivation and moves back towards complacency, more concerned with their daily doldrums and escaping their pitiful existence than staying engaged in their masters rage.
So once you remove the rhetoric that is always flamed by emotion, the progressive socialists hatred of the 2nd. Amendment becomes what is in the first paragraph, the teeth that bite back when you infringe on all of the Bill of Rights.
How can you have freedom of speech, religion or gathering or to redress grievances with government if they do not respect those rights as is evidenced by the attacks of the progressive socialists against all of those freedoms for far too many decades? (yes I know I left out freedom of the press they no longer deserve that freedom because they are complicit in their guilt to deny us ours) How can you keep your property rights and to be free from illegal search and seizure if there is no fear of a force reprisal? How can there be enumerated powers liming the power of government both state and federal and placing that power with their bosses WE THE PEOPLE if they do not fear the reciprocity of that decision or action?
The left wants us unarmed because Conservative America does not respond to their dogma, does not accept their agenda for America, does not jump to their emotional argument. Conservative’s function through fact based logic and reasoning based on that. We read, we watch, we learn, we observe, we gather information from multiple sources and then create our own conclusions based on empirical methodology that leads us to a definitive fact based summation. We do not accept the emotional argument without facts, we do not accept because talking heads say so, we do not blindly agree because media personalities decry, we do not aimlessly accept because entertainers tell us to.
We are very much of the Midwest mindset so eloquently associated with the residents of Missouri SHOW ME!
So if the progressive socialist ruling class in the District of Corruption can’t reason with us which they know they cannot because our core DNA is kryptonite to their rhetoric; then they must force us. And they fear the truth of that action will present the one picture that will perfectly and permanently identify who and what they are and what they really are trying to accomplish with their agenda. The total subjugation of the United States and the end of all ENUMERATED POWERS in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
Now I know that 90% of those that will read this understand the implications and I am proud to say that more than 100 million Americans are now armed. But remember our freedoms and liberties that have already been lost have been removed more by slow erosion than outright ban. The DC socialist progressives know that the last time this was done the Dems paid dearly and lost the house and senate in 1994 midterm elections forcing Clinton to have to paly nice with others and find other activities to occupy his time in office.
We have to constantly remind all elected officials at all level’s of government that not only do elections have consequences but so does defense of our rights and their fidelity to defending those rights as defined by our Founding documents.
I do not hold much faith in the 2 party political system that we now suffer at the hands of as many of you know. Their track record is undeniable and it is anything but pro-liberty or pro-freedom and I will continue to espouse my mantra that IT IS TIME TO END THE TWO PARTY POLITICAL REIGN OF TERROR IN AMERICA!
Again back to the original idea of this writing is the only way you can force action is by reason or force and for 158 years we have reasoned with the 2 party ruling class elites that we have elected; WELL AMERICA HOW’S THAT WORKING FOR YOU?
One of my life long hero’s said that “ insanity is doing the same thing the same way each and every time and expecting different results” Albert Einstein
And you don’t have to be a Quantum Physicist or Rocket Scientist to figure that one out!
ps. (it doesn’t hurt either)
In Freedom,
Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.
Vice Chmn./Pres. Conservative Party-FL.
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