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The Book, "Safely Home" -by Randy Alcorn.

Tom's Journal.

This is the fine, great book that I have been raving about these past few years!  I have even purchased a few extra on my own and passed them out to special friends so they could enjoy the hard core, truthful message about the horrible persecution against Christians, that continues in countries like China, including the abomination of "harvesting organs" in China, from prisoners, and selling them illegally and immorally.  The authorities in China and the prison system immediately give a new prisoner a full physical to find out his/ her status, in case they want to "harvest [read:  steal] organs" to use and sell on the black market, etc.  What a low sink of humanity in the 21st Century, and true Christians over there are a hunted species.  That mood is seeping into our own American society, IMHO.  This is a horror story on steroids, friends. 

But in abstract poverty, want and sorrow, there are 'more faithful, REAL, biblical, born- again, Christians in [underground] China....  than both Europe and America combined! ! !  If ever a persecuted, faithful population needed the Rapture -- these people do!  In my humble opinion, this fantastic book by Randy Alcorn, is addictive, so that once you've started reading, it's hard to put it down.  If it at first seems a bit difficult to understand -- DON'T WORRY... it will all 'come together' at the end, and give you some new hope and respect for the Saints on earth who pray every single day for, "God's Kingdom to come" soon, on earth as it is in Heaven.   We, in America are so rich and free compared to the people in China and other 3rd world countries, as you will find out in the well documented book.  And you will get a bird's eye view into a closed society of Socialism/ and Communism, so that you will probably feel blessed big time being who and what you are .... Free!  But we are now in the process of LOOSING that precious Freedom, inch by inch, with so-called, 'Executive Orders' from the WH, in D.C. !!  Beware.

Terri let the hound dog out side a few hours ago and informed me in bed that the cold weather outside had a 'raw bite of moisture' in the air today.  Yes, it's going to be one of those really cold Winter weather years in the Upper Peninsula of MI in 2013.  I dread the ice and slippery roads and walks more than anything -- and surely don't need to slip and break something.  When we get older, our bodies don't heal from fractures so fast --compared to when we were young kids.  God protect us.
   Hello and Good Morning, to all my friends and readers today!    May the Lord Bless and Protect all the brothers and sisters in the Faith today, and please pray for Terri's new infirmity of a torn 'rotor cuff' injury that hurts her too often these days, please.  We hear that the surgery is nothing -- but total recovery and mending take a long time. 

I encourage you all to drop everything and order the book I mentioned, on-line, or through Randy Alcorn's web site, or where ever  you can find it.  After you have read it [and I know one pastor in Racine, WI., who RE-READ the book many times over], please consider loaning it to other people you care for, and bless them too!  Thanks!   You will be rewarded for your Faith and Humility, I am sure.

Warm Regards,

Safely Home the Musical Drama
Posted: 04 Jan 2013 12:00 AM PST
Safely Home drama
Last year I received a letter and DVD from Darcy DeLeon, who teaches at Temple Christian School in Lima, Ohio. Darcy and her team turned my novel Safely Home into a musical drama, which was performed by the school’s students last March. A lot of effort went into producing it, and I really appreciate it!
Safely HomeDarcy writes, “The whole process was a very large endeavor for a few amateurs that just wanted to please our Lord. I taught at this small Christian school (total high school is less than 80) that love musicals but I believed with all my heart that the Lord wanted them to use their talents to participate in a Christian production... My two daughters and I read your book and God brought it to mind as we were praying and asking God’s direction in this process.” She adds, “It was quite a challenge to turn a primarily Midwest Caucasian cast into Chinese people, but I had a Chinese woman helping me capture the look on stage. It truly was amazing.”
Below is a 2-minute clip from a scene where Ben Fielding visits his friend Li Quan in prison:

Darcy has graciously offered to make the script and materials available to others who might be interested in putting on a play based on Safely Home. (You can download them via the links at the top of this blog.) She writes, “I am hoping and praying that...the Gospel message is received and an awareness of the persecuted church becomes prevalent in the hearts of those who watch.”
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