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Visiting the New Jerusalem.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
Tis the season of icy, slippery roads U.P. here, even with 4 WD!  Yep, it's time to just slow down and be safe, but not the 25 MPH that most over medicated ladies do, as they are afraid of their own shadow. 

I have to say that I am already seeing a few items in the store that are NOT being RESTOCKED to fast, and that worries me a bit, as more smart folks are prob. stocking up for 'some trouble' coming in Amerika.....  go figure.  With all the 'go for broke' threats coming from the WH, and the general state of collapsing from the inside, or just imploding from greedy, corrupt, financial decay.  We 'reap what we sow.'  In keeping with this subject comes the fine article below:  'VISITING THE NEW JERUSALEM.'  God cannot and will not lie or change the game for anyone!!   If you point a loaded gun at something or some one, and pull the trigger --- EXPECT IT TO FIRE, and do damage !!!  Hey, guys, it's a simple concept...

As for learning the true Word of God, I think it varies from person to person, but the old adage still remains:  'You get out of something what you put into something.'  It's only logical, and with our wayward 'educational system,'  I would not bet the next months rent or mortgage on the reading skills of our younger generations.... sorry.  And, please go figure too, that if kids now days can barely read and understand English -- why would we think they could grasp Shakespearean King's English with the beautiful, poetic and PURE KJV Bible ???   I tell many folks that it's just like learning another language!!   But, if going to heaven meant that we had to learn that foreign language-- wouldn't it be WORTH IT ?  Shake  your head, Yes ! 
    Frankly, it took me a long time to learn the KJV, until I finally found that great tool:  The DEFINED KJV Bible.  See:    -- and they are not so expensive, as I bought a good number of them to give away, to the RIGHT kind of people who truly can't afford them.   People might say that they think other newer bibles that speak a more dumbed down version of English are better for them -- but the truth is that most of the other versions have seriously messed up, abridged, truncated, changed the real important parts that render them as NO GOOD!  And this can be proven easily enough --- and people just want to be famous and make more money by inventing more renditions.   I use the DEFINED KJV, but now also just use the regular KJV because I know it that well already.   The only other Bible I trust as a back up would be the NASB, but nothing compares to the KJV!   Period.

Boy!  Did I make a major goof up at church this morning....I didn't know the wife of a friend there so well, and got mixed up and referred to her first as the man's mother!   I know I hurt her feelings, and tried so hard to correct myself and apologize profusely!  I hope I never fall from grace that way again, and now I must invite them out for dinner sometime soon and m better.  Shame on me-- and my insane ignorance....shoooo!  How can I redeem myself besides memorizing their names?  Just when I think I am doing better -- I step into a cow pie again.....  grrrrrr.  Your prayers for my dead mind, please.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

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Visiting The New Jerusalem

Q. Realizing that there may be husbands or wives left behind that did not accept Christ before the Rapture, does that mean if one spouse accepts Christ and is raptured and the mate accepts Him in the Trib, that they will not be together in the Millennium because the mate cannot go to the New Jerusalem? If so, there are surely going to be big regrets in the Trib when they realize they missed it.

A. According to my understanding of Rev. 21:27, your conclusion is correct.
Nothing impure will ever enter it (the New Jerusalem) nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.
The spouse who goes in the rapture will receive a resurrection body and dwell in the New Jerusalem. The one who waits until after the rapture to accept the Lord and then survives the Great Tribulation will enter the Millennium in his or her natural state and will not be allowed to enter the New Jerusalem, since nothing impure can ever enter it.
Restrictions imposed upon a spouse who becomes a tribulation martyr and is resurrected at the 2nd Coming are less clear, although Rev. 21:27 also tells us only those who’s names are written in the Lamb’s book of life can enter. Many scholars believe only the names of those in the Church are written in that book. If so, even resurrected believers who are not in the Church would be barred from entering.
However, I haven’t found any indication in the Bible that Church age believers would be prevented from visiting Earth. Many of us have friends and family who will become Tribulation believers. I think our disappearance will most likely be the event that causes them to take that final step, and whether they survive or are martyred we will have the opportunity to see them again.
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