Thursday, February 7, 2013

Effect of the Rapture on America.

Tom's Journal.

It comes with the territory -- true Believers/ Bible loving Christians WILL BE HATED BY THE WORLD!  Obama and his minions have a hit list, and 'WE' are on it, but we trust in the Lord [Proverbs 3:5] and grow a thick skin, as death is merely a gateway to our everlasting life -- and Martyrs hold a high place in heaven!  Even though I am married to a pretty lady whom I love very much -- the Rapture is a real happening.. "Harpozo Event" that must come true according to the promises of the Bible!  Let the scoffers make fun and belittle us...  'it comes with the territory.' 

I am sharing with my 'special friends' new information as to how the USA will collapse economically in the near future, and how we can possibly prepare... call me "Dr. Prepper" --LOL!  But frankly, this isn't much guarantee that we won't lose EVERYTHING in this world, except perhaps the clothes on our back -- just that we have favor as Jesus' servants/ Believers/ Followers, who fervently study and understand the Scriptures daily, armed and enlightened with the Holy Spirit.  I am blessed that I am gainfully retired, after working my back into the ground, also Disabled, while my wife likes her work, so we survive. 

It is my personal understanding that our U.S. Constitution, hanging by a thread, is the only thing [along with God's merciful Will] that save us right now, from total economic, etc., collapse, with both political parties blowing smoke in our eyes, with other deceptive, purposeful distractions.   And IF we don't pay close attention to what the Bible predicts/ promises, we [church goers included] will be caught with our pants down and suffer, big time!!  It has all been planned for many years -- and a number of countries and entities are already 'carving us up' to the highest bidder, while licking their greedy lips!    Few people know, and they are threatened with bodily harm [their families and friends too].  And so the new prospect of killer drones in the USA is just one more thing to worry about -- a "veiled threat."  Ha!  I already know enough to get me killed.  I will stop for now, and bid you all a great day!d

Beware the monster snow storm [again] on the East [least] Coast!  I hear it's going to be a 'Doo-sey.'  We will just get a taste of it where I live.  PTL. [Praise the Lord] 

Please continue to pray for the safety of my good nephew serving in Afghanistan, my wife's sore rotor  cuff/ shoulder, and all persecuted Christians in the world.  Thanks.

Warm Regards,
...>>>  "We were young [age 19] -- We were Soldiers.  We hear and we follow orders:  'Ours is not to ponder why, Ours is but to do or die'." 

Men by Chance,
Soldiers by Choice,
Killers by Profession.

CuChi, RVN: early '68 >>>


Effects Of The Rapture On America

Q. What effect do you think the Rapture will have on American Jews as far as their return to Israel is concerned? If I understand correctly this prophecy will not be completely fulfilled until after Ezek. 38. However, do you think the Rapture will also influence their decision somewhat? Also, do you think this will be another reason why America’s global influence will be lessened, along with the Rapture?

A. I think the greatest emigration of Jews to Israel will follow the Battle of Ezekiel 38 because that’s when they’ll realize their relationship with God has been re-established (Ezekiel 39:22). In my opinion, the primary effect of the rapture on the left behind world will be a mass conversion to Christianity. I think this will be the end times revival the Charismatic Church has been looking forward to, not realizing they won’t be here to see it.
Obviously a portion of the post-rapture converts will be Jews. Some of them will become the 144,000 servants the Lord will raise up from among the tribes of Israel (Rev. 7:2-8).
The disappearance of several million born-again Christians combined with the emigration of Jews to Israel will no doubt have a serious effect on America. At 5.2 million, America has a large Jewish population, only slightly smaller than Israel’s 5.7 million. Between them America and Israel are currently home to over 80% of the world’s Jewish people. But after the church is gone America will quickly become a much less comfortable place for its Jewish residents.
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