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The Hal Lindsey Report- 2013 -Feb.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks,
It feels so nice when we are surrounded by brothers of like Faith with reputed accurate prophecy track records!    And Hal Lindsey  is only following the Scriptures as the rest of us are.  Yes,  it sure feels good to hit the nail on the head and be correct in your older years, using History and the Bible as a guide.    Some of us had to learn the hard way, paying a steep $$$ price for our ignorance and foolishness when younger.  And an individual can start over a few times IF he/ she has the years available...  But right now we don't have much wriggle room and space to navigate as we are at the 'end of the race.'    Whose fault is it that we wasted our precious TIME, YOUTH, MONEY, AND ENERGY when we still had that POWER and STAMINA, and more teeth, hair, vision and hearing ! ??

Of course we cannot "earn" or work our way to heaven, but there is that certain "Bema Seat" in heaven as we all will have to give an account of our actions on earth from our past.  We have God's GRACE that allows us to be Saved.  Ephesians 2:8 says,  "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves:  it is the gift of God:  9.  Not of works, lest any man should boast."  KJV Bible  [of course....].  What a straight, blunt, forward, powerful statement !!  And that particular book, Ephesians, written by the Apostle Paul has only 6 chapters, and is very beneficial for relationships, between man and wife, etc.  

I am still so surprised and disheartened at how many people who call themselves 'Christians' [CINO'] are still deluded as they don't even know what the RAPTURE is!!  And they also don't get the cold, hard fact that our immoral country is near being  'toast' as we rush to get more in debt $$$.  I can only imagine how the evil countries who own us are licking their chops, waiting in the back ground -- in the wings, to carve us up like the giant beast that we are living in a modern day Sodom!  Voting and electing an alien who TOLD THE PUBLIC THAT HE OK's ABORTION AND THE GAY AGENDA, besides throwing Israel under the bus!!  And corruption in high places runs deep, both parties must realize what is happening behind the scenes, in the Socialist WH, but within the RINO party too!!   I can bet my last dollar that there will most likely be huge violent riots in the streets this Spring and Summer - 2013!    I for one, am NOT looking forward to that, and everyone will be hurting.  And what is an old, Disabled  Combat Veteran like me going to do, as I cannot even walk very far, and depend on some VA meds and power scooter to help me, etc.  The Bible is my meat and my bread, as I use it, study it every day that I breathe!  I am not afraid to suffer for Christ, or even lose my head and be martyred for the Lord, but the Rapture would be nice -- yet no one knows exactly when that will happen-- except soon.   My only fear is that I have the habit of being self reliant, working out problems and challenges for myself -- and God may not like that.  Again, 'Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not upon your own understanding...' Proverbs 3:5.  
     And if we don't yet have the right heart, to follow and obey Christ, we need to ask God for a 'new heart' that will follow God, instead of rushing ahead.  God will provide and protect.  Read the Psalms for encouragement.  And stock up on dog food...

Tom Schuckman

February 8th, 2013
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

For several years, at the beginning of the new year, it has been my custom to review the events of the past twelve months that have special prophetic significance. I call it "The Prophetic Year in Review."

Last New Year's Eve, I delivered my "Prophetic Year in Review: 2012" at Calvary Temple Church in Kerrville, Texas, in the heart of the Texas hill country. Pastor Del Way graciously welcomed me into his pulpit to share with an overflow crowd my thoughts about the past year's developments.

This week on "The Hal Lindsey Report," I want to share with you another portion of that presentation.

When I wrote The Late Great Planet Earth in 1969, I said, "The United States will cease being the leader of the West and will probably become, in some way, a part of the new European sphere of power."

It breaks my heart to think that our beloved country will fade from power and stop being the world's most dominant force for good. I believe, though, that it has to happen for the Bible's prophetic scenario to be fulfilled.

And when one begins to consider America's suffocating debt, our unbelievable and unexplainable determination to spend ourselves into bankruptcy, our leaders' complete incompetence at providing meaningful leadership in the world any more, and our nation's breathtaking plunge into moral destitution, it becomes clear that not only is America destined to become a second-rate power, but we are at the threshold of it even now.

I think Satan's Antichrist and his False Prophet are alive and well on planet Earth. And that can only mean that our Savior's anticipated call to "Come up here!" and join Him in heaven must be just around the corner.

If you've never accepted the free gift of pardon from sin that Jesus died to purchase for you, do it now. I believe our time in this world is growing very short. In fact, I quite possibly may have just delivered my last "Prophetic Year in Review" on this earth!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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