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Fundamentalism Vs. New Evangelicalism.

Tom's Journal.

I hope the Link comes thru on this good article, as Pastor D.A. Waite is a great teacher who deals with an UN-popular subject.  Fundamentalists have always got a raw deal and a bad reputation BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH, no matter what people think.  I keep pounding my drum that Jesus said that his followers would suffer just as He suffered, for his name sake!!  In fact... IF we are getting along with everyone, every place, we ought to suspect that we are not doing our JOBS! 

My dear wife has a beautiful personality and a fine reputation for getting along with almost every one, not making waves, always being kind and positive.... and every quality a man would want in a woman!  She is also very good looking and well endowed...PTL.  I still don't understand how she picked ME to be her soul mate and spouse....  duh, but I wear my "bull ring" with pride!  What I am really trying to say is:  Every Christian might do things commanded of him/ or her in a different manner/ or way, and still accomplish what the Lord wants them to do.  And, I was only using my wife and I as an example because I am most familiar with her and me.  I also learned a lot last night at the "Reformers Unanimous"  meeting, on Sat. night.  What I took away from there was that, 'no body can make another Christian, or person grow in the Lord!!'  Only God can do that.  What I can do is to continue learning and progressing myself!  So, if people see a change in me [long or short term observation] for the better, for the positive --than THEY might be persuaded to ask me questions or help, counsel regarding the Bible -- God's Word.  We were talking about the
different kinds of soil and sowing the seed, in Matthew chapter 13.  And then, perhaps I was looking for "NUMBERS" of people that I could lead to Salvation, thereby 'storing up my treasures in heaven.'  I love to help and teach, lead people to God and Salvation, but I will prob never know who will 'make it to heaven or who will not.'  I JUST want the Lord to "USE ME" one way or another, because I feel the "urgency of the times."  I still don't know if that is wrong or right, so I will pray over it.  I think it would feel so grand to be a trained "seed planter" and wish I could have gone to a good Conservative Bible College, like some of my old friends....  but that was not to be, so I will have to be content to 'use the tools I have' and post a lowly, humble Blog, in what time we have left of Earth, before the Harpazo Event [Rapture].  I do feel special and beloved by the Lord, because He has always answered my prayers one way or another in the past.  What new doors has He opened up for me?

I was also dismayed [personally] to notice that we have such a fine, educated, intelligent pastor at our small, humble, FAMILY BAPTIST CHURCH in Iron Mountain, MI....  and people have been coming to hear him for many years, yet have not progressed too far, IMHO.  Perhaps I need some more "adjustment" in that area too.  But I always liked to see something for my effort in spending time and treasure for a number or years!  Please don't get me wrong, folks,  I am very thankful for everything I have and try hard to support our church in every manner I know, and have made some good, close friends there already in just one year that I have been attending.  Maybe I am used to rubbing elbows with more scholarly types, but please don't think I am disappointed or complaining. 
      If anything, I am upset with myself because of my crippled, infirmity, that I need a cane and a power scooter to get around -- and you all know that story about the Milwaukee VA butchers messing up my knee replacement surgery 3 years ago.  My wife, Terri, did most of the hard work in getting me moved U.P. here into her house, and I shudder to think if I were all on my own and single.   Yipes! 

Well,  aside from obama and the Dims [and RINO's] trying hard to slip though more illegal gun take aways and bad, unconstitutional Bills in the Congress, we are at a lull right now, IMHO, waiting 'for the other shoes to drop'  --the next new disaster, riot, natural  storm,  "Space Rock", or man-made butt-kicker thing to explode, or war.  Don't worry, friends, the price of gas will continue to go UP, and your American Green Backs/ dollars will diminish in value... lol.  The price of food WILL GO UP, and your money will buy less.   That's what the majority of Americans voted for, right?

Let me suggest reading from James 4:14,  "Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.  For what is your life?  Is is even a vapour that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."   And then, Chapter 5:8,  "Be ye also patient;  stablish your hearts:  for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh [near]."   ~KJV.  We [including me] want to be somewhat prepared --even like a "Prepper" of sorts, perhaps...  but all the silver and gold will not Save  us when the Lord comes unless we are [already] SAVED by the blood of Jesus Christ, and confess Him as our Personal Savior!  We buy auto and house insurance in case there is fire or theft, but how can we possibly insure ourselves against what the Bible tells us is soon to come?   WHO WILL TELL OUR GROWN UP CHILDREN who have not had the gift of Bible study when they were young???  I would say that the parents are primarily responsible for the teaching of their children... and I believe that is how God sees it too.  Do you feel like gambling with the lives and futures of your beloved children and grand children??  I don't want any "BLOOD GUILT" on my hands, and I am pro-active in doing something about that, no matter what they or others THINK about me!!  Better to be HATED NOW-- THAN be blood guilty later.  Can the Love, Grace, Wisdom, Truth, and  preparation of the Bible hurt our children?  NOT!  Don't be a Coward, or put it off one more day!

The Bible tells us to pray for the king ... yet many of us know that Mr. Obama is purposely trying to tear down and destroy America, because he is really into a ONE WORLD GOV'T!  The "NEW WORLD ORDER" where all the nations' great debts will be leveled off, forgiven and we all start with a new 'clean slate' -- or so he says.... Ha!  What they really want is to subjugate all of human kind into two classes, the super elite, and those who work, toil and serve their masters...  or should we 'candy coat it for the PC [politcially correct people]?'  So if "our great leader"  continues to print more money and over spend, it's no big deal to him and his cronies/ Liberals... duh.  Go figure:  'Half of Americans work hard and pay taxes -- so the other half that WILL NOT WORK can just lay around, make more babies and live off other's hard work!  But that will not last forever either, and something has got to give...  soon! 
   Be of good cheer, friends!  I would love to have more folks as friends on my humble column here.

The God of the Bible says that THIS IS MURDER!!  Shame is upon the selfish Liberal mindset and thinking -- pushed by Satan and Planned Parenthood.   Our collective sins of abortion in Amerika have ascended high into heaven, like smoke,  as an ungodly, stink, that alone warrants total destruction by the Giver of Life.  This horrible sin, plus the 'Gay agenda' and throwing Israel under the bus, will trigger the Most High God to send His glorious Son, Jesus, to take up His Bride class in the Rapture -- and then 'turn His attention to the world of lost mankind below on Earth' --- and I would NOT want to be "Left Behind..."  Beware, breathren-- fellow combat Soldiers/ Warriors, still waiting... sitting on the fence!  Get your buns on that "Last Freedom Bird" back to the 'world' before the "2nd Fall of Saigon", except this time they are playing, "for keeps."

Pray,  and Study the Bible !

This is baby Choice, a precious 4 & 1/2 month old little girl, burned by the saline solution used to abort her. There are 4000 babies aborted each day in America, one every 20 seconds. Abortion is legal through to the ninth month of pregnancy. People have been lead to believe that having an abortion is removing a mass of tissue. This little girl is a perfectly formed human being, more than a mass of tissue!
This is baby Choice, a precious 4 & 1/2 month old little girl, burned by the saline solution used to abort her. There are 4000 babies aborted each day in Americ...a, one every 20 seconds. Abortion is legal through to the ninth month of pregnancy. People have been lead to believe that having an abortion is removing a mass of tissue. This little girl is a perfectly formed human being, more than a mass of tissue!See More

Fundamentalism Vs. New Evangelicalism

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