Thursday, March 21, 2013

Learning to Trust the Bible.

Tom's Journal.

2:59Brownsville Station-Smokin in the Boys roomby UnitedStatesRocker66

Hi Folks,
Does anyone remember back to the 1960's -70's great Songs..."Smokin' in the Boys' Room ?"  ... And it starts out, 'Did you ever have one of those days when everyone in the world was ragging on you from your teacher to your friend?'  Ha!  I'll see if I can dig that song up, but in the mean time, I need to say THANK YOU all for all of your prayers for my dear, younger nephew, Joe Erwin, who just got back Stateside from the combat in Afghanistan, in one piece!!  Woo Woo!!  And now for any PTSD that may have set in his mind, and I continue to pray for that.  'You can take a man out of the jungle [or Combat] but you can never take the Combat out of that man.'  Or shall we say, very few soldiers adjust all the way back so that they never remember a thing...  The American Indians, and the ancient Israeli Soldiers had a way to deal with past combat, stress and PTSD, and it would be WISE for the so-called military shrinks,. the VA, to check it out.  Too, the BIBLE --God's own Word, will help very much also, brothers in arms!  For your own good, welfare, and your family's, please put that GREAT BOOK to use !!  Questions:  Just as me or my good pastor, Kevin Sullivan, and I will be glad to give you my and pastor's number if you want it.  Don't suffer for the next 40 years like I did, hurt people you love, drink too much, smoke, or make mischief, etc,  PLEASE.  Besides, this old, Satanic system of things will NOT last much longer, and our eyes and heart should be inclined to the Lord, who has promised to come back SOON, in the Rapture!
     We older Veterans had to learn and invent things that could help us, the "hard way" -- and most of that was/ is lost now, because the 'younger guys' for some reason are too proud to ask for help!  Just too many suicides,. brothers!  Why help the selfish, greedy Gov't and VA by letting them keep all the money allocated for YOU, and then give it to our enemies in the Middle East, like the Egyptians, etc, illegal aliens, and welfare bums who have never "paid their just dues" but live under the protective umbrella that you good soldiers provided-- and then 'eat your lunch?'  I woke  up after the first 17 years and started to get some help, and you younger soldiers need to do the same thing, one way or another.... and YOU took the same OATH that I did, to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution!    Someone who "said" he was your friend, tricked you, and is now trying to ignore and hurt you.... Mr. B.O. Obama.  Hold his feet to the fire until he gives us all only what we deserve.  God gave us Freedom, and now obama wants to strip you of your fire arms, and other freedoms.  So what are you going to do??
    Let me apologize for this nation that has slipped to the far Left, and let you down, guys and gals.  We older generation of the Vietnam era were so weary that we finally got home, started raising our families and licking our own wounds, hoping that things would just stay the same and go on, with us having our little place in the sun...  but it didn't work that way.  While we were sleeping, resting, some one stole our Country, so that now we already live in a Lefty Socialist Amerika....  sorry.  And like I have beat my drum so many times... 'You ain't seen nothin' yet !'  Things, according to the Bible, WILL GET MUCH WORSE, and there is no way that humans can put our world back together again. 
     First the whole corrupt world of mankind and the poisoned Earth need to be cleaned, and then the harmful "vermin" of diseased rats need to be 'removed.'  Let face it people,  some folks will NEVER change, and they don't want to.  They already have their paradise here on Earth, with human slavery, bondage, drugs, filth, porn, selling of young girls, abortion, the Gay agenda and kicking Jesus to the curb, etc.  God is focused on saving His favored country and nation of Israel, and He will do just that!  The USA isn't even in the picture, so where doesn't  that leave us?  Hey, we are already bankrupt, and toast, yet MOST of  Amerika thinks that they have their 'Saviour' -- obama!   What will people do when they learn for a fact that obama is an illegal alien, not fit to sleep in the WH?  My take on this is:  that many people won't even care as they continue to suck at the public, Socialist tit...  sorry.  I am too blunt, albeit correct and truthful...
      Friends, I am no better than any of you, and have a huge monkey on my back too, super stressed out, and many times fail to take my own advice.  I have fears, phobias, stresses, and snakes that bit me even when I am trying to study, and rest!  I ask others to help me and pray for me all the time.  Even today, the pastor came over to visit with my wife and I, sharing some important scriptures.  I beg him to show me when I mess up... SO I CAN FIX THINGS AND GET BETTER!!  My own intellect and knowledge won't help me, and too many times I forget that I already have GRACE, and the Holy Spirit inside me.    Yet, I do know one thing... the power of prayer, and I don't leave home without it !    I should remember, that what ever happens to me, God has already Saved me, and I ought to know where I am going..  to heaven.  NOT because I am a good man -- because I know I am a sinner!  But I know the Bible well enough to know what God has promised to everyone who has and will accept the Lord Jesus Christ into his/ her heart, and try to do His will.
    So, if any man or woman is humble enough to stand up and ask for help, through me, my humble blog or any real, live knowledgeable Christian, let them do it now, today, please.  The day will come, and soon, when that feat is not possible anymore, when Satan lives in the Anti-Christ and the world is in shambles, big time!

I lost half of the email addresses in my PC again, so maybe you can all chime in and give me your correct email address, please.
Have a good day.

2:59Brownsville Station-Smokin in the Boys roomby UnitedStatesRocker66

Tom Schuckman

Learning To Trust The Bible

Q. I have realized that I have trusted too much in my feelings and my thoughts instead of the word of God, however learning to rely solely on God’s word is difficult, what advice can you give regarding that? How can I learn to trust in what is written in the bible and not what I feel or what thoughts pop up in my mind?

A. Relying on our own thoughts and feelings is easier for us because it’s what we’ve always done. But it’s only a habit we’ve acquired. Trusting God’s word is a matter of forming a new habit to replace the old one.
In 2 Cor. 5:7 Paul said we walk by faith not by sight. In Romans 10:17 he said faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.
Trusting what is written in the Bible is the same as walking by faith. It comes from studying what the Bible says and applying it in faith and with prayer in our daily lives. As we do this, walking by faith will start to be a little easier. Over time, with continued practice, we’ll discover it has become our new habit.
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