Sunday, April 7, 2013

Biden -- "New World Order" slip.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends and Readers,

VP Biden is well known for his "Freudian Slip" and just plain 'letting the cat out of the bag' too soon, and then his 'handler' obama has to clean up after him....  LOL!   Well, friends,  here we go again. 
     Just reading the Bible generally, and looking at the great book of Proverbs -- you've got to know that everything will "come out of the wood work sometime...  sooner or later."  Especially with all the electronic devices, microphones, secret videos and cams these days.   God is even more advanced, or course, and He doesn't miss a beat ! 
    It seems to me and man other smart, wise Patriots/ true Americans, that we 'have enough of obama' now to hang him, but he is always about 5 chess steps ahead of everyone, with his smart henchmen covering all the bases --trying to out-think us all.  He is breaking so many laws RIGHT NOW and all the cowards in Congress are either complicit or so scared to lose their so-called 'power', jobs, money, lime light, so they just sit on their hands and remain cowardly mute.  My last few blog posts proved that obama is honestly trying to KILL THE USA DOLLAR !!   And when the USD "petro-dollar"  $$$  is kaput, that will seal our fate, and sink our ship/ country!   The
Bible also speaks the truth about a "NEW WORLD ORDER!"  

I hate to suggest that it just may be God's Plan to 'allow' our once great, blessed country to fall this way... as we are so corrupt now, so immoral, greedy, selfish, dirty, filthy and COWARDLY, with gross sins rising up all the way to the heavens....  with abortion, the Gay agenda, and massive greed, and turning away from the ONE, TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE !!  It is too late for 'correction at the wood shed' friends,  and sorry to say that WE ARE TOAST!   Israel will soon be the main focal point, as the Bible points out, and Amerika will prob be some 3rd world nation, completely left out of the Bible picture.  Yes, WE through Israel under the bus so many times, especially that illegal in the WH... B.H. obama! 
     So what can individuals do now??  Save YOUR SELVES by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, LEARN ABOUT HIM, thru intense Bible study every day... and then share that same hope with your relatives and friends, witness about Salvation thru Grace, by the redemption of blood at the cross -- know the Gospel, and share it !  Friends,  I am sorry if I sound like a broken record/ recording so much, but it is truly a very SIMPLE formula to gain God's favor and get Saved  -- yet so hard for many people, because of their greatest sin --PRIDE, and lack of humility... truth be told....   I, personally, had to cross so many 'mountains' and get bruised because of MY stupid pride, and could have saved myself a lot of shame and misery, if it were not for PRIDE.
   And  you will also learn that the many 'important issues' in front of us now/ today, are but a demonic smoke screen that prevents us from seeing the much larger issue of Satan's ONE WORLD GOV'T!   And that is exactly what the wily old devil is doing!   He has got most of us on Earth chasing our tails, blindly, so that we don't even notice that we are already waist deep in quick sand !   Please, get with the program now/ today/ tonight, before it's too late.   Humble yourself and learn about the real Saviour -- Jesus Christ, learn the complete Gospel and then share it with every person you can.  Thank you.

I am feeling better lately, after taking new VA medication for my heart, etc., proper dieting and exercise.  Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.  I guess that I might live a while longer now.   I lost ten pounds in the last  week, and only have 110 more pounds to go !!  Woo Woo!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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    This video will no doubt set a lot of people off into thinking it has something to do with end times. I don’t. But what I do find interesting is that globally it’s not a zero-sum game according to Biden, but here in America everything is a zero-sum game according to Democrats. In other words, they believe the fat man is only fat because he took advantage of the thin man standing beside him.
    But Biden says it’s different globally, that we have an overwhelming interest in other countries like China prospering. Huh? Why would we want a Communist nation that oppresses its people and supports our enemies to prosper? There is so much about China that is the antithesis of America and yet we have an ‘overwhelming interest’ that they prosper?
    This sounds like more ‘hate-America’ crap coming from this administration. American has become been so exceedingly prosperous that it’s time to take it down a notch and help elevate other nations to ‘level out the playing field’. I’ve heard Obama say as much before in 2008, talking about global redistribution of wealth, but I can’t find the clip (hint WilliamM).
    (h/t: PJ Media)

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