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Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends and Readers,

Well,  the last book of the OT 'Old Testament' - Malachi, says that 'God hates a divorce' but separation is allowed if one spouse is catch at adultery.   Yet, this following article proves that once a person is "born-again" with indwelt Spirit, confirming a direct, close relationship and following of Jesus Christ --- 'Nothing can tear us away from God's love' [and protection] ! 

I have been in a broken relationship, was cut to the heart, hurt, felt really bad, for a multitude of reasons, and begged God's mercy and forgiveness.  I guess that my 'family back ground and training/ custom took a dim view of quitting some things... and I still feel that I personally failed at some relationships -- even though a few women literally deserted/ left me.   I was not yet a real Christian yet -- and those 'women' were UN-believers, as I never broke my vows.    And now finally at the ripe old age of 64, I believe that I have finally gained true maturity and not only love my spouse -- but truly respect and honor my vows of marriage.  Heck, so many folks now days don't even bother to get married  -- most likely they don't want to commit, or fear failure somehow.   I want MY WIFE to get all the legal, VA and Chrysler benefits after I die and all my property and goods.  She, I feel, has given up a lot for me -- and I only want to ensure her welfare if and after I am gone.    It's  not only love, but a sense of duty and pride.

On another note,  some friends call me too worried, nervous and paranoid -- but with a steady, daily bombardment of evil, wickedness, violence and even a chance for nuclear war,  sometimes I wonder if I don't seek some 'diversion' -- as so many other folks do....  hobbies, sport, TV, InterNet, etc.   I feel that I need to maintain a constant tether to the Bible, to keep me on course.   I wish I were not a "News Junkie" but I want to stay aware of what is going on around me, the market, news, new laws and issues.    You would THINK that being retired would get you more freedom for leisure and care free living...   but  you'd be wrong !    Seems like there is always some 'new Gov't or State tax' on SOMETHING, just to bite you in the a$$ !!  I have had my "toys" in the past and enjoyed them.  But when you get older, you just appreciate good, average  health, mobility and the SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE.   Some ham, cheese, bread, and a glass of red table wine, shared with someone  you really care about.  The VA-- U.P. here just  pulled 2 more of my teeth a month ago -- so instead of buying some nice looking Braeburn apples today,  I bought a bag of oranges instead, green peppers, celery,  and the beat goes on.    I aim to live on fish, and rabbit food for a while, until I lose some serious weight.

Tom Schuckman       ----  one of the fine, walnut stained picnic tables I made, 8 ft. long, 2 by 12's and 4 by 4's. 

I sure do miss my old  2005 Goldwing motorcycle.. 6 cyclinders, 1800 cc's, 800 pounds and power!!  But I had so many "near misses" of almost getting killed by 'distracted auto drivers' and a few bad accidents plus 2 arthritic, crippled knees -- that I sold my last bike about 3 years ago........  shoot !

Will God Hate Me If I Get a Divorce?

Q. I have a question about divorce. What happens if you get a divorce and remarry in the future? The Bible says that adulterers will not see the kingdom of God so does that mean if a believer gets a divorce and remarries that they are no longer saved and that God is done with them? Does God then hate them? would He rather watch a married couple tear each other apart and be in His will for marriage than have them apart? I am deeply confused. All I know is that for many reasons I don’t want to be with my husband but I also don’t want to loose God. What can I do?

A. Divorce for any reason other than your spouse’s adultery is a sin, and God hates all sin. But because of what happened on the cross He will never hate you (Colossians 1:19-20). When you became a believer every sin of your life was forgiven, even those you haven’t committed yet, and your salvation was guaranteed. Colossians 2:13-14, Ephes. 1:13-14 and 2 Cor. 1:21-22 confirm this. Also Jesus said He will never drive you away (John 6:37) and that no power in heaven or on earth can ever take you away from Him (John 10:27-30). Not even you can separate yourself from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:38-39).
Therefore, Christians are not supposed to avoid divorce for fear of losing our salvation. We’re supposed to avoid divorce because it is not pleasing to God.
Finally, if both parties in the marriage are living to please God and following His will for them, no marriage would consist of the couple tearing each other apart. The wife would submit to her husband as to the Lord, and the husband would love his wife as Christ loves the Church and gave Himself up for her (Ephes. 5:22-28). Seeing them act toward each other in this way, the Lord would bless their marriage, and there would be no talk of divorce.
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