Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bombing Damascus.

Tom's Journal.

Disclaimer:  I am not the ultimate authority, final word, concerning the Bible.   But... most anyone with an average IQ can become an expert on one, set, subject, if he or she are willing to work hard and study everything there is to know about something!  'Your heart is -- where your treasure is.' 
   Some parents want to push their kids in certain areas, like golf, basket ball, etc., and so many hours are spent when a child is young, like playing an instrument, to get really good!!  As long as that child is "BALANCED" and also is schooled in God's Word, he/ she will grow up with that special talent, and be an asset to the world.

I have grown up to learn many skills, but sometimes got bored of them, and looked to study more, different things--having a tremendous 'thirst for knowledge.'  Motorcycles, History and the Bible were some of my favorites, but I also studied healing herbs, power lifting, languages, carpentry, wood carving,  guitar, etc., too. 
     Well, this is not a brag post..... sorry if it sounded like that, friends.

As I read, and re-read, Isaiah 17: 1, and it's good to read the whole chapter, to get the gist of it,  and if you save your pennies, you can get a new KJV -Old Scofield Study System, Bible, and read the foot notes on the bottom of the page... Isaiah 17:1,  'As in the burden of Moab, there was doubtless a near fulfilment in Sennacherib's approaching invasion, but verses 12-14 as evidently look forward to the final invasion and battle ("Armageddon,"  Revelation 16: 14,  19:17, note).  In other words, the bombing and flattening of the 'Oldest Inhabited city in the world' --because they have stored terrible WMD of  illegal poison gas, etc, just cannot be tolerated by civil society,  Period.  Christians {Followers and Imitators of Christ ~ Webster], know that there is a logical "pattern" of events listed in the Bible, so they KNOW that this]  follows that, etc.  When [not IF} Damascus is finally destroyed [for what ever reason --- JUST LIKE AMERIKA...!], we will certainly KNOW that the Rapture is very near, and our Salvation and Heaven will become our reality ! !  As real as the nice bit of sun burn on my back, from the last two days.
     Is it not strange the the so-called "Leaders" of our country don't have the foggiest idea of what I am talking about ? ?  No, they are 'too proud', too educated [smoked too much weed  in college...  See:  obama 101], too ignorant of what the Good Book says.    Go figure:  They think that I am too crazy, and delusional, and I know that they are so full of themselves, also misled by the devil, Satan, too proud and arrogant, and blinded.   And while the WH, and other Libs, etc., are chasing their tails, playing the lying game, the Lord will come knocking, "like a thief in the night" !  Puff !  Now, after several Million of Believers are suddenly gone [and the Gov't will claim that some Space Aliens done took us all away on their 'Space Ships.'   Then the real hell on earth will begin!   Yes, friends, I know that I've told this true story many times, and some are prob. bored stiff...   sorry.
   And the so-called 'News agencies' don't see the greater significance of the whole matter that Israel is using some 'strong' "ordinance" on Damascus this past week end.  Instead the 3 women got ALL the News coverage 24/7 on TV!!  Sur4e we are glad, but also sorry about the 3 captive women who were prob tortured and abused for 10 years...shame !  I hope the perps get life time 3, or worse, but don't hold your breathe while the Judge or JURY do their fancy work...and pronounce the sentence in the end.    Well, what do we expect in this upside down world..ha! 
   I wish you all a good day, and filled with blessings!

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Bombing Damascus

Q. We have been thinking a lot about Damascus being destroyed by a nuclear bomb. One problem is that the prevailing winds are from west to east, and it appears that the winds could carry the nuclear contamination quite a distance. This could kill a lot of other people outside Damascus and even beyond Syria’s borders. Do you have any thoughts on this?

A. In Isaiah 17:1 the Bible says Damascus will no longer be a city after its destruction, becoming a heap of ruins. But it doesn’t give us any clues as to the means by which Damascus will be destroyed. From our understanding of things it appears likely that some kind of unconventional weapons will be involved. However, Israel most likely has weapons we’re not aware of that could reduce the entire city to a heap of rubble in short order without causing a lot of collateral damage. The way things are going over there, we may not have to wait very long to see just how this prophecy will be fulfilled.

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