Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LDS -- going down.

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Hello, Dear Friends and Readers!

I'll bet that most of you guys didn't know that I had a serious streak of German culture in my bones... and listened to such classics like THIS when I was in high school!  I studied Latin, French and German in high school at the same time, and loved languages ! !   'The Cultured Farmer.'   >>> ENJOY !

Proms - Anna Netrebko - Meine Lippen sie Kussen so heiss 

This is a time for rejoicing over the Good News of God moving the hearts in various groups on Earth, to let them see the Lies, false doctrine, and the Decline of the Mormon Empire !!  Many hungry, pure hearted men and women were only looking for the pure food of the Bible and got side-tracked, 'taken over', skunked, and trapped by the LDS folks....   sorry.
      NOW... please, Lord, touch  also, the hearts of millions of Jehovah's Witnesses, if they are humble enough to bend  knee and "Kiss the Son, Jesus Christ,"  as their personal Lord and Saviour --instead of shoving Him into the closet and calling Jesus an "angel" called  Michael [NOT God!] !!  The JW's are right about many things.. but wrong about the most important things, like the Deity of Jesus Christ!    The KJV Bible did not suite their purposes, so they published their OWN version of the bible in the 1950's.   I know all these things and more, because I got trapped into their 'cult' ..."Church of the Poisoned Mind" when I came home from Vietnam in 1970, was hungry for the truth, and ripe for the picking!!  Praise the Lord, that I was able to "de-program" my 3 children that were poisoned by ME [as I thought I was doing the right thing....duh!] during their younger years.   Now, at least they know the real truth as I tried my very best to clear the air, and give them all proper attention and copies of the KJV Bibles, etc.  Hey!  I was tricked and befuddled too!  Father God,  thank YOU, for getting me out of that horrible organization in time, as I personally accepted Your Son, Jesus, and "re-learned" the KJV Bible ! !   I hope and pray that Olive Tree Ministries, and Jan Markell, will throw a lot of time and effort to extract all the good, young people in the JW org too, before the Rapture. 

We invited some close, good, friends [a family] over in the few minutes, for a bar b que, cook out in our back yard and deck, and they just had baby number FOUR.  Jeremy is a carpenter, etc., who is also interested in 'preparing for emergencies' and a financial melt down... etc.  He also went to Bible college, and his fine wife was raised in China-- her parents missionaries there.  My friend is also a hunter, to put meat on the table... along with veggies.  I am blessed to have Christian friends like this, and love them to pieces !

I noticed that the many comments dried up here on my humble blog lately, after I kicked out the 'squatters' and dead beats with foul mouths.
My email:  tschuckman@aol.com 

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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By Ed Decker

Now a classic book on countering Mormonism. Read it from a former Mormon. Find it here for $17 + $5 S/H.

Note from Jan: Jill Martin Rische and I discuss this topic on air on our current radio program, airing on over 650 radio outlets. You can listen here. Jill is often my co-host. She carries on the apologetics of her dad, Dr. Walter Martin.
She now manages a new 6,000 watt FM radio station in the Twin Cities, FM81.1, WAJC. "Understanding the Times" radio airs on that station Saturday morning and Sunday morning at 8 a.m. That is our fourth Twin Cities' destination. The other outlets include AM1280 The Patriot, AM1030 WCTS, and AM980 KKMS. The other airings are Saturday, 9 a.m. There are many Sunday replays.
With the sad and shocking news that has broken for weeks in America, a reminder that God is still in control is evidenced in the demise of Mormonism around the world. Membership is down 70%. Jill skillfully outlines what happened, why, and when.
Radio host John Loeffler is my other guest last weekend. We discuss the forthcoming blood moons, the Boston terror bombing, the "Christians are monsters" accusation, and the U.K.'s mocking of Margaret Thatcher.
The Decline and Fall of the
Mormon Empire
By Jill Martin Rische
May 14, 2013
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God is moving in the hearts of the Mormon people, calling them to Him. It's coming -- the decline and fall of the vast Latter Day Saint Empire, and it is crumbling from within.
When the Internet first arrived, many feared it would extend the reach of the Mormon Church, but though their voice is heard, what sounds even louder and longer is the voice of dissent. God is using the Internet to shine an intense light into the dark corners of Mormonism. Search engines like Google are now the nemesis of the Mormon leadership, often leading young people to ask embarrassing questions like, "Why didn't you tell me Joseph Smith was a polygamist?" Mormons of all ages are leaving, even at the risk of losing their children and grandchildren to the cruel Mormon practice of "shunning" because, unlike their leaders, they cannot live a lie.
The squeaky clean Mormon faces in all those "I am a Mormon" commercials portray a growing church with a diverse and happy membership, but it is a diversity only recently embraced in 1978, when the Mormon heavenly father changed his mind and found men with dark skin worthy of the priesthood. That option is still not available to women. Since then, many Mormons have discovered even more troubling facts and left the church, while a majority of those who remain on Mormon rolls are now "inactive."
ABC 4 News, Salt Lake City, confirms that record numbers are leaving the church, with sociologists placing active membership at the 5 million mark -- a record loss of almost 70% of the membership of the Mormon Church. This substantiates the downward trend that apologist Kurt Van Gorden and I noted in The Kingdom of the Cults (2008). Statistics from the site whymormonsleave.com pinpoint the top reasons Mormons lose their testimony as I ceased to believe in the church's doctrine/theology, followed closely by I studied church history and lost my belief, and I lost faith in Joseph Smith.
One anecdotal source posting on YouTube as Gidget Lawrence sums up what countless online Mormon-focused discussion boards are saying, "The LDS Church is definitely losing members in large numbers in Utah. Much of this is due to an influx of evangelical Christians from other states.
Mormonism in Utah stood pretty much uncontested until the '90s. Now, there are many voices exposing the truth about Mormon history and the heretical teaching of Joseph Smith. People such as the late Walter Martin, Sandra Tanner, Doris Hanson, Bill McKeever, and Shawn McCraney have made a significant impact in the state over the last 20 years."
This is the fruit God continues to give to those who love the Mormon people and work tirelessly to make sure they have access to all of the facts.
The truth surfaced slowly but surely over the years, confirmed more recently by the lack of any DNA evidence linking Native Americans to the Book of Mormon, the missing archaeological proof, the Book of Abraham fraud, and the recent work of renowned LDS Historian Grant Palmer in his book, An Insider's View of Mormon Origins.
And finally, there are the unguarded statements that mushroom into bombshell stories, like those made by General Authority Elder Marlin Jensen, the official historian of the Mormon Church. When asked last year if LDS Leaders knew members were "leaving in droves," Elder Jensen replied, "We are aware...and I'm speaking of the 15 men that are above me in the hierarchy of the church."
Jensen argued that the loss in membership was not "apocalyptic" but that "maybe since Kirtland (1837), we've never had a period of -- I'll call it apostasy, like we're having now." That's 176 years of Mormon history and not a single period during all that time compares with the apostasy happening today? Apocalyptic does indeed seem to fit, and Elder Jensen has since been "released" from his position in the church.
There are cracks in the glistening white dam of Mormonism. Tiny, fragmented, and growing rapidly, they now spread from home to home and ward to ward, all the way up to the Twelve Apostles of the Mormon Church -- apostles who, according to a highly placed source, no longer believe in the Joseph Smith story but will never speak the words for fear they will lose substantial financial benefits given to them when they became Apostles.
Another member of the First Quorum of the Seventies, second only to the Twelve Mormon Apostles, has recently admitted the truth of a Mormon leadership in apostasy. "It takes about two to three years before the new apostle discovers that the church is not true. He said it took Dieter F. Uchtdorf a little longer because he was an outsider. He said they privately talk among themselves and know the foundational claims of the restoration are not true...."
These men keep up the pretense of belief because "the people need it," even though the people will go to hell because of it. They call fellow Mormons on the carpet at disciplinary hearings for daring to challenge the truth of Mormonism, when multiple sources suggest they don't believe a word of it themselves. Corrupt? Evil? The opinion of many who have left the church is that they are all this and more -- hardcore businessmen ruling a Mormon empire worth billions, who are not about to throw away a lucrative source of income.
Years ago, Walter Martin predicted the fall of the Mormon Church would begin from within, saying that "When God destroyed Goliath of Gath, he didn't do it with the stones. He cut off his head with his own sword. The twitching corpse of Mormon theology will lie there one day because its head was cut off by its own archives." There is now a daily current of credible information available online to anyone with a question about the truth of Mormonism; secrets once hidden in Mormon archives are finding their way out.
God is using biblical truth, history, and technology to touch the hearts of people. He is using the Sword of the Spirit inside the Mormon Church, and the head of Goliath is within reach.
For a list of sources and further information, please visit

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Jan Markell

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