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Lefty 'Media' Lies - Pushing a Race War.

Tom's Journal.


Wow! .. and Double Wow !!  I was wondering just how that 'long legged Mack Daddy' [I JUST LOVE THE WAY DR. MANNING SPEAKS !!], in the WH was going to pull off this next trick in his rag bag, and maybe Obama thinks that he is the Fox being chased by the hounds [people who did the research to find out his REAL IDENTITY!]   All this 'race-baiting' with Obama's 'think tanks' underground, stirring up and fomenting more divisive racial crap.....   sorry.  We the People are smart enough to understand/ KNOW what Obama is trying to do!  He wants a civil war, mainly between the blacks and whites, so he can move on in with his "Martial Law" to strip everyone of their fire arms and that will be the end of the 1st and 2nd Amendments !!  Personally,  I don't want to see that war in the USA, but I am not afraid of it either, being a combat but disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.  My own  long intense study of the KJV Bible and History tell me that living in a Democratic REPUBLIC, is far better than living under a dictatorship, and Socialism !!  I am willing to bear arms and protect hearth and home,  my lovely wife, and loved ones, and or Free way of  Christian life where we are blessed to live [if only the State of Michigan would apply a FAIR rule of property  and Income TAXES !!!, etc...LOL.].   It's kind of like rural Wisconsin...  We have a high standard of living there, and in the U.P. of MI.,  but we PAY THRU THE NOSE --IN TAXES!   But, don't worry, we have our share of 'poor people' living U.P. here too.  Or people, friends who have to work two jobs to make ends meet and put enough food on the table.  Hark!  There is a distant place called DETROIT , WHERE LIFE THERE IS UPSIDE DOWN.  We 'think' that folks there are a whole different breed/ species who are able bodied, but refuse to work, as the Gov't still pays them money, rent and Health Care, some how....  duh.  And for the record,  there are many more 'White Folks' collecting Welfare than other folks.  Just so  you know for a fact that I NOT a racist, the KJV Bible tells me that Jesus died for ALL THE PEOPLE ON EARTH !!   Any human being above the age of reason who  bends knee to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour, and tries to follow Jesus Christ in their everyday walk with Jesus, is my spiritual brother and sister !!  Color never bothered me, and I was not raised to be prejudice or racist. Period!  God wants/ desires ALL people to seek out Salvation with the free Grace thru Jesus Christ, and He desires no one perish... yet, the Lord Jehovah, Father God, in heaven, is a Just God, and cannot tolerate wickedness forever.  Christ is coming SOON to collect His Saints and Followers in the Rapture, and then all hell will break loose.  THIS IS MY J.O.B. ONE!  To just share the Bible with others, my dear readers, to be more active, pray and study.  That's all folks.  Now, please enjoy the videos !
Pray for me.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
Retired from AMC/ Chrysler: 30.5 of hard work, etc.

Picture:   This good, kind, gentleman, buddy, high ranking male Nurse specialist, stuck many large needles into my knees for a year or so, until I got to the end of my rope in constant pain -- and finally allowed the 'butchers' of the Milwaukee VAMC to mess up the operation of my Right knee replacement, and then endured hostile treatment from ALL of the black racist, RN's, especially on 3rd shift, so that I begged to be released early, just to get away from that horrible "hospital !"  I ended up going to the Kenosha Memorial Hospital, down by Lake Michigan--In beautiful Kenosha, WI., where they treated me like a PRINCE !!  Eventually, I allowed that fine facility, and Dr. Shapiro, a talented, kind, young, special, super skilled, wizard in surgery to replace my Left knee, with HALF THE PAIN, and it turned out well !!   The majority of the nursing staff were good to me.  And I lost about 54 pounds of weight during all this ordeal.....  Wow!   I also preached to most everyone I met there and had my KJV Bible on the table all the time, with NO problem!   This is the Gospel truth, that I am willing to take a polygraph test to testify thus.  I might get into trouble here for actually TELLING THE TRUTH !!   But God is my witness. 

CNN Caught Red-Handed Lying In Zimmerman Trial! Why Are Barack Obama & The MSM Pushing A Race War?

Friday, June 28, 2013 13:20
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(Before It's News)

Why is the mainstream media pushing a race war in America? Is THIS how they think that they’re going to ‘create martial law’,  by LYING TO US about testimony in the Zimmerman murder case, trying to start massive black on white crime? Check this out, CNN just got caught RED HANDED in a HUGE lie! John Good, a witness to the murder who testified at the Zimmerman trial, clearly stated that he saw the “lighter skinned” person on the bottom getting punched, but this is how CNN is reporting it. Check out this screenshot and then compare it to the story from  Mediaite down below. CNN, you are GUILTY as found, time to get out of the news industry! For that matter, you’re HORRIBLE in the CIA’s propaganda industry, too! In the video below, ATLAHWorldwide and Dr. Manning, a black man, argues that Barack Obama is stoking a race war over the Trayvon Martin shooting, too

According to experts who appeared on Fox News earlier this morning, testimony from eye witnessJohn Good in the George Zimmerman murder trial could be “devastating” for the State of Florida’s case. Good testified Friday morning that he believes he saw Trayvon Martin on top of Zimmerman, furiously punching the man who is claiming self-defense in the trial.

After reviewing highlights from Good’s testimony, former federal prosecutor Annemarie McAvoy told Fox’s Bill Hemmer, “This is devastating for the prosecution.” Because Good described Trayvon Martin is being the consistent aggressor in the encounter, it will make it harder for the state to prove Zimmerman wasn’t acting in self-defense.

Former New York police sergeant Steve Kardian characterized Zimmerman’s position in the description from Good as “virtually indefensible.” As discussed during the testimony, Kardian said that Good likely knew about the “ground and pound” position from watching (Mixed Martial Arts) MMA or Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on TV. Noting the importance of Zimmerman’s physical capabilities, Kardian said looking at him he sees “a soft man, a soft person, not very tough, not very physical at all.”

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