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The Rapture [part 13], and a Warning from Mr. Glenn Beck.

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"There ain't no place for the Summertime BLUES !!"  That's from an old song in the 1960's that was popular back then. 

I want to explain also that the fine gentleman, Mr. Guillory, from Louisiana, sounds like a truthful man, and indeed his History of the Republican party is accurate --- but that is "old" History, compared to right here and now!  Now, both political parties are completely corrupt and complicit, playing an evil game that involves destroying America !!  Glenn Beck proves that with his graphic video.  Let the Muslims continue to fight and kill each other -- but we MUST NOT GET INVOLVED IN THE WAR OF SYRIA, nor give them 'heavy guns !!'   This is so very important, and so I am asking you all to share this humble blog post, PLEASE. 

I believe that there still was some truth and honor in the Military when I was in the Army, from 1967--1970, but EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED in the past few years since Obama took over and turned things upside down!  Sorry folks,  most people know that I am a very serious Bible student and a History Buff, among other things.  In fact, people have not changed too much since the Bible was written.  See:  Eccl.    the GOOD, respectable, serious, MORAL Military are leaving it now quickly, if they can, because Obama has turned it into a very IMMORAL organization with his Gay agenda and sifting them out by asking IF THEY WOULD FOLLOW ORDERS TO KILL AMERICANS-- pregnant ladies and babies !  So, what does that leave you in the Army, Marines and Navy ???  Twisted, immoral people, don't you think so?  We need to pray for those who are still in the Service, that they can make the right decision.  I am sure that there are many "good guys and gals" still in the Military, who may be commanded to do things that go against their moral compass, and training.  I worry for their safety.  They are my 'younger brothers and sisters' and I care and pray  for them often.  I am happy and proud that I have an Honorable Discharge from distinguished service in battle, etc.  I am not a hero,  just a good soldier.  Period.

Besides the worry of getting sucked into ANOTHER WAR in the Middle East...  IMHO, it will be the "Financial  Implosion" $$$ that will most likely take the 'wind out of our collective sails, soon' and be the main reason for our national demise and down fall -- deep into a 3rd world status, total Socialism and slavery to our debtors, sold out by the Congress and illegal aliens in the WH !!   At this point, I am trying to be objective and 'removed' from the situation ---  although I have no magic wand nor crystal ball [Christians don't get involved in demonism and the occult IN ANY WAY!!].     I could be wrong, but our debt seems like the logical pit fall that will do us in -- no matter what party is in power, there is just NO WAY we can humanly dig ourselves out from the "Compounding Interest" that we are stuck in, personally, nationally, and INTERNATIONALLY !  Sorry to burst your bubbles, friends.  If, If, this system would go on for a while longer, I could see myself managing my personal 'plastic' in a nice, positive way in a few years...  but I don't think we even have THAT much time... sorry, again.  The last book of the Bible, Revelation, tells us that when the SHTF, we will still have  7 years before the Heavenly Father completely "changes things" in the Big War of Armageddon >>> See:  Rev. 16:16, the ONLY time and place you'll find that term.   Of course some "Tribulation Saints" will survive by the Grace of God, but not too many.

BTW, I am doing just a little bit of home woodcarving again, just for my own pleasure and NOT FOR SALE, ever!  I try to sit comfortably on a stool and use a Router to "carve" the Scriptures into wood;  then paint the plaque, and maybe give them away as presents, if I don't want to keep them, personally.  I am just too, legally Disabled to do any real work, and have trouble walking, with major acute arthritis, bad, injured back, and crippled knees -- from the bad job the Milwaukee VA did to my Right knee 2 years ago.  I would like to sue them, but I doubt my heart could take the stress.  I never got any Father's Day calls or cards either.  Oh well... my two daughters are probably 'too busy...', but that's OK.
    I used to do a lot of welding, carpentry, veggie gardening, but now days, no matter how much or what the local VA doctors give me [medicine], it's still very painful just to get up and walk to the bathroom!  I been thinking about buying a new motorcycle, but my wife is afraid that I will kill myself or break my neck, so I guess I will do a lot of praying, studying and thinking about that far off idea.  The problem is:  I can sit and ride the motorcycle, but I 'have to land and stop SOMETIME' and then I will need to walk again, from point A to point B... LOL !  I just feel cooped up and   want to feel the wind in my hair and face!  I bought my first 'bike' in 1972 and been motorcycling ever since until a few years ago when I sold my GoldWing 2005, 1800 cc, 6 cylinder Beast.  I also weighed 800 pounds !!  Woo Woo! 

I been tired lately, and going to bed early, like 8 or 9PM.   I would love to enjoy my hard earned retirement from AMC/ Chrysler in 2002, at age 54, full bennies. 
   I know that some of you guys are thinking that 'Old Soldier Tom' is spoiled and has too much time on his hands, and maybe  you'd be right.  But, actually, I pulled up stakes and moved a long distance way U.P. North to a different State in the frozen Tundra, 2 hours North of Green Bay, WI., and left all my relatives, family and friends that I made over the past 40 years --- for the 'love of a woman!'  Cut me some slack, dudes !  Smile !

I am lonely U.P. here --- so email me and say hey!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman


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ATTN:  Very Graphic !!   But very Important !

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Glenn Beck: Shocking Video- THIS Is Who We Are Helping In Syria?! SHARE WITH EVERYONE!
Glenn Beck: Shocking Video- THIS Is Who We Are Helping In Syria?! SHARE WITH EVERYONE!
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Glenn Beck: Shocking Video- THIS Is Who We Are Helping In Syria?! SHARE WITH EVERYONE!

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