Monday, July 1, 2013

FEMA Working with Russia Confirmed...

Tom's Journal.

I should be outside right now getting more sun rays to help my skin, but I also need to protect my precious eyes.  I intend to do more special wood carving today --Scriptures in wood with a Router, and I will, plus build a strong work stool for a BIG guy as I sit working at my work bench that I welded up a few years ago.  PTL. 

I just wanted to exclaim:  "Wow !  The months this year are just FLYING BY SO DANG FAST !!"    Too fast, as I want to savor my food, time, enjoyment and short life on planet Earth in my well earned Retirement years with the Lady I love and care for.  If it were not for the high taxes this year and trying to sell my old house in WI., things would be just knock down Wonderful!  Well, as my Mom always tells me, 'Be thankful that  you have a good life now, after all your past sorrows, near death accidents, the Vietnam War, trials and tribulations... etc.'  Other people are homeless and starving right here in the USA.  OK, Mom !  I hear ya...  lol.

It's a big Joke...  we work our buns off all our lives just to have a little place in the sun, and 'enjoy our golden years of retirement -- IF WE CAN.'  But there are always higher property taxes to contend with, and a nagging suspicion that the company we worked for might fold and take away or sacred pension, or the Gov't might very well fold and fail, with our AMERICAN DOLLARS not even good for toilet paper.  All the rules have been changed as we find out that our short slumber from over-medicated scripts clouding our dimmed eye sight so that we cannot possible interpret the huge monster:  Obama-care BS ! 
The real news that some of get automatically via email:  BEFORE IT'S NEWS [see the article below >>>] ought to scare us to death, or at least give us a super, doper nightmare -- kind of like our combat Veterans' PTSD.  What ?  Russian Troops in America to support FEMA against the general population ???  Just where in the heck is our so-called "Congress?"  And then the sickening realization:  'The Congress and Judicial are COMPLICIT too...  Be sad, fellow Americans.   The good steak and potato salad from the 4th of July parties and cook outs will sour in our stomachs....  sorry, friends.

Yes, Obama and his punkie, Socialist, Islamic friends and supporters already KNOW that there will be unrest and riots when we finally drive over the cliff in our Economic Melt down,  and death of the American dollar, etc.
As I was saying before on yesterday's post,  it is a Merciful God the Father we have, who will intervene just in the nick of time to Save His Anointed Saints and Followers in the Rapture, just before the MAIN SHTF Tribulation [and I know that there are different 'camps' who still argue about the timing of all this stuff happening, but the Scriptures will come to bear in OUR camp of a [Pre-Trib Rapture] --- but if we are incorrect-- we still stand and fight for our Lord in Heaven, and do His divine bidding ! !   Philippians 1:21,  "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."  So that should pretty much settle any goofy arguments these days about where the true Christian ought to stand.  We need not be afraid of death at all!  It is merely a short passage/ doorway to everlasting life with Jesus in Heaven !!  My small 'Prepper thingy' is but a temporary "stop-gap" bridge for right now, the present-- until the Rapture, and the best Bible loving Brains / Brothers in the Lord,  in the world continue to tell  us every day on the Radio [BTW, I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you all invest in buying a fine Kaito 500,  crank, solar, and battery, AC/ DC  powered Radio, with multi- bands, NOAA -weather stations, lights, bells and whistles, for all the Emergencies that will certainly come down the pike -- for about $60.  -- like I just did today--- shhhhh, DON'T tell my wife!]   --that the Rapture COULD come any day now.  So how ought we to act, and what important work ought we do right now ??  Should we party down and go for the Gusto, spend money like a drunken sailor [no offense to you great Navy]  ?  Or invest some of our blood, sweat, tears, and wealth in what Jesus wants ?  Personally, I KNOW that the larger checks I write out on Sundays at the church meetings @ Family Baptist Church in Iron Mountain, MI  49801 guarantees that my wife and I won't ever starve.    In fact I need to eat less !  The good Lord has blessed me, BIG TIME!  thank you, Lord Jesus. 

My dear, pretty cousin, Wanda, who lives and works in Hays, Kansas, says that the wheat crop is about 1/4 th the average size at this point !  The whole South West is  burning up again, and along with the killing of our honey bees, we add another log on the fire of destruction in the world -- FAMINE, and world wife hunger !  That and GMO, which I wrote about yesterday...  Are we humans like Lemmings on a 'self-destruct' agenda, or what ?

Take care, my friends, and Stay COOL !
Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman


FEMA Working With Russia Confirmed (video)

FEMA Working With Russia Confirmed CONTRIBUTOR: Live Free or Die. I'm sure that there are probably still people out there who don't believe that Russia will be permitted to operate upon American soil despite all the proof we've given. We need to lay those doubts to rest now with the publishing of this story from EMERCOM of Russia. EMERCOM is...


Revealed: Iran's Secret Nuke Deal With China, N. Korea

CONTRIBUTOR: The Liberator.

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