Friday, August 23, 2013

Flash! MB Occupies the WH.

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Wouldn't YOU all at least GUESS / THINK --that the Congress and RINO's have this same information  ???

So a dumb old plow boy like me, a small time Christian-based Blogger has powerful "Intel"/ News  ....  but the Judicial and Legislative Branches DON'T ??   What a terrible bad dream!   Please,  Someone wake me up !

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Friday, August 23, 2013  

The Muslim Brotherhood occupied White House
The 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial revealed a plan by the Muslim Brotherhood to colonize the United States. The 1991 document describes a "settlement process" as part of a "grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable that it is eliminated." In October 2012, The Investigative Project on Terrorism reported that scores of known Islamists associated with the Muslim Brotherhood have met hundreds of times with top Administration officials in the White House. There is much more evidence pointing toward the White House in aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood plan. The occupant of the Oval Office appears complicit in this treason.

Former terrorist, converted Christian, renown researcher Walid Shoebat reports that former Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt (the Egyptian Supreme Court) Tahani Al-Jebali stated on Egyptian television that the occupant of the Oval Office is linked intrinsically to the Muslim Brotherhood through his brother Malik. According to Shoebat, Malik, who carries the same last name as the occupant, "is a member of the Islamic Da'wa Organization, an arm of the Sudanese government," which is led by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Jebali stated that Malik is also the architect of the investments for the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. But that's not all.

On May 16, the Washington Post reported that the IRS approved retroactive to 2009 non profit status to the foundation carrying the occupant's father's name in 34 days. This foundation is also run by Malik, the occupant's brother. Raymond Ibrahim, a respected American researcher, translated the Al-Gebali August 19 statement on Egyptian TV: Al-Gebali referred to "documents and proofs" which Egypt's intelligence agencies possess and that these documents record massive financial exchanges between international bodies and the Muslim Brotherhood. The implication is that the occupant assisted in laundering money through his brother's non-profits to support the Muslim Brotherhood "against the state of Egypt."

These reports indicate a "president" of the United States could be complicit in a Holy Land Foundation-type money laundering scheme with his brother at the center of it. This concept goes wide and deep. For example, In April, the occupant wrote a memo to Secretary of State John Kerry determing that the US can provide aid to Somolia, run by a Muslim Brotherhood-linked regime. The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:13, "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." So it is. Worse yet, the Democratic Party's successor in waiting is Hillary Clinton, whose top aide Huma Abedin's entire family is entrenched in Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

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Bill Wilson

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