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LIES, LIES and more Lies.

Tom's Journal.


Trying to be 'Open-Minded' to see all points and sides of two opposing "Parties" --or "World Views"  while staying well grounded in the [only] Highest Authority in the Universe... Our Father in Heaven...  Matthew 6:9. 
     As far as keeping 'a lid' on things pertaining to War and Battle;  That IS very important, for Security sake, and the welfare of the fighting men, who already have enough on their plates.  Case in point:  A War that I am well familiar with,  VIETNAM.  Why undermine our troops by leaking strategic INFO to the world, and the enemy.  Why a 'News Announcer' -Walter Cronkite would say something foolish like, "We have already LOST the war in Vietnam ? ? ?"  -- IS BEYOND ME !  Do goof balls like him understand what that crap can do to the Soldiers' minds and hearts?? ! !  What a bloated, arrogant old man, so full of himself !  Shame....   OK, that's water over the dam, but I just needed to clear the air on that point, before every Vietnam Vet is dead and buried, most without getting their just due, or respect, AND DESCENT  VA TREATMENT AND CARE.  Korea too ---that 'forgotten War!'  My brave, kind, Uncle Johnny was seriously wounded in that WAR [NOT a police action!].  And now I wish I would have made the long trip to KANSAS,  his funeral even in a snow storm, and other times...  so sorry, dear  cousins, Wanda and Glenn.  
    Just a side note, friends...   I hope with all my heart that I am wrong about many things I have 'foretold' here in this humble, and sometimes 'outspoken' Blog site.  What COULD be coming in a matter of weeks WILL hurt and destroy thousands of families in the USA, and also the world, including ME!   My prayer is that as many smart, well read, fully awake, alert folks out there, WAKE UP IN TIME TO 'PREPARE' FOR THE STORM, and form close, trustworthy relationships with family members and close Christian friends !!  METHINKS that 'no man is an island' and we will need each other just to survive.  But make real sure that your 'partnership' with others in completely understood, and no laziness or mooching !   The same people who take many rich style  vacations, piss away their money on stupid things, are selfish and greedy, and don't "Prep" shouldn't expect the hard working folks to support, carry, and supply them !  Sorry that I sound like a 'hard-hearted, mean old troll, isolationist and hoarder.... and all my friends will tell you that I am a very generous person -- to a fault.... but far from rich... lol !   Now that I had to put my fav. hound dog down [to sleep]  2 weeks ago...  my wife is my best friend!  [just joking, guys].    You all know that I love Terri to pieces!  Yes I do !!

I just need to make one important point today, before I 'hit the study books again,' and that is:  We cannot TRUST our so-called, Socialist Gov't farther than we can spit !   The analogy I tried to draw in the beginning, of protecting the important secret INFO of war, is DIFFERENT than what the Obama WH IS DOING TO THE PEOPLE NOW !  One stinking lie after the another, and we OUGHT to know now that it will NEVER stop, even after we are all piss poor slaves of the 'collective.'  

Friends,  You ought to also understand that there WILL have to be a "flash point" that will trigger a civil revolt, and perhaps violent times, and riots, stirred up by the Obama WH, and soon!    I don't think that there will be any "Neutral" middle, no Switzerland.  And when the  lower elements of the so-called "African-American" [[and WHY do they feel the need to Identify themselves that way ...duh!?] minority, and Illegal Aliens, find out that their "juicy Entitlements" will also be cut, they WILL storm the streets, riot, and kill 'Whitey' as they have always done in the past... and blood sucker, buzzards like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton will only wink and encourage them !!  Some things never change.  Most of my smart readers and friends all know that the hard working  folks who are also suffering and barely paying their bills will not tolerate riots and pillaging.   Be advised.  Obama would have all of YOU disarmed to just let the minorities have their way with your wife and kids, food and water, etc.  Some American President, huh ?   Question:  Do real born-again Christians riot, steal, rape, destroy, hurt and kill people ???  Not in my KJV Bible they don't.  Maybe Jessie J and Al S have some different version of the bible..... I don't know.  How about the "New" Black Panther Party folks?   I'll bet that many of them are already Muslims and know how to build explosive devices... LOL.   Now... if a man or woman, of ANY race or color,  is a KJV loving, reading, born-again [ALL REAL CHRISTIANS ARE "BORN- AGAIN" ---DUH]  Christian,  then he/ she is my bonded Brother and Friend in Christ.  Period !
      Well, we are blessed with a beautiful, breezy, sunny day again, almost like Fall !   I gave my pretty wife a handful of cash and set her free, to buy and pay bills, get out of the house in this good, non-violent, old style, peace loving town U.P. North.  People here honestly 'Identify' more with the Green Bay Packers and super rural farm folks like Northern Wisconsin, than the lower, cursed Detroit scene, toilet.  I would not go thru that place unless I was riding in an armored tank, Abrams Tank !  And then, maybe.   

OK, now,  go read about YOUR Gov't.  Let's call it Frankenstein, for now.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman


I got my PRIMERICA FINANCIAL SERVICES tank top on, when I used to work in Finance, and PFS Investments, quality Mutual Funds.  I was so proud after I finally passed my super hard Securities Federal Exam [on the 2nd try] !  I really HELPED some people in the old days investing in quality 'vehicles' for a better, kinder retirement, etc.  Now, all that is changed in our sinking economy.  Yet... there is a silver lining in most dark clouds, and someone is a winner, and some are losers.  ALL WHO TRUST AND OBEY GOD, are WINNERS !! 

Benghazi Survivor David Ubben With Shredded Leg Waited For 20 Hours For Help After Fighting Alongside Navy SEALs

obama-benghazi-2In another demonstration of the not so “phony” scandal called Benghazi, we are discovering that Diplomatic Security Agent David Ubben fought alongside former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty to protect the diplomatic mission that came under attack on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. As he did, he was injured and said he had to wait 20 hours for help with a shredded leg.

According to Fox News, David Ubben waited for twenty hours after he was hit on that rooftop with Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty. His leg was shredded. We know that he has been recovering for ten months at Walter Reed as Catherine has just reported. He was defending the US consulate and then no medical aircraft was apparently sent to this scene to get him out of there.
How could this be?
It’s because the Commander-in-Chief was more engaged in CYA tactics and cover-up than he was in doing his job.
Ubben ran into the consulate to help recover the body of information management officer Sean Smith, and then fought alongside the two SEALS in an attempt to fight off the jihadist attack.
Mortar attacks eventually hit Woods and Doherty and one of those attacks shredded Ubben’s leg.
Ubben’s testimony would be crucial in understanding exactly what took place that evening. Congress is hoping that he will have recovered enough to testify as he was one of the only survivors to have witnessed both waves of attacks in Benghazi on September 11; the first at the consulate and the second at the CIA compound.
Catherin Herridge told Fox that source have confirmed that Ubben is a survivor and that all the details above did come from him.
Ubbens’ injuries were so severe that he is still undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center. Ubben was one of four State Department employees who were injured in the attack.
Those who know Ubben say the response on that night was “inadequate on many levels.”
Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) said that a medical plane was not sent for those injured. He would not confirm if that information came from Ubben or not, but by his response, it does seem that Ubben was the source of that information.
“A medical plane has a door big enough to get somebody on a gurney through it without turning them sideways,” said Gohmert. “We owed our people better than they got.”
The State Department’s independent review doesn’t list a medical plane being sent either nor was it mentioned by former State Secretary Hillary Clinton or former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.
So not only did Barack Obama leave Americans to die, but then his administration did nothing to send medical care in immediately to help those who were wounded. Again, this is a clear dereliction of duty on Obama, Clinton, and Panetta’s part.
Ubben is among several Benghazi survivors who have yet to testify. Many have already been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements by the Obama administration. What will we learn once their testimony is made public? Furthermore, how long will it take Congress to get a move on in dealing with the actions, or more appropriately, inactions of the Obama administration? We’ll wait and see. Meanwhile, continue to pressure your representatives and senators to get to the bottom of this and administer justice.
Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.
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  1. Mac says:
    Forced to sign non-disclosure agreements..??
    Well, instead of giving Lois Lerner immunity (since that bi@t# belongs in prison) – give this hero assurances that Obama and his thugs won’t touch him (oops, forgot about Seal Team 6)
    We DESERVE the truth…. and Obama, Panetta and Clinton must face disgrace and – if I had my way – a firing squad…. we are in a war, after all…

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