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State Gun Laws.

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He's NOT My friend !!!
4 times in 69 years
Food for   thought 
  June 6, 2013 is the         69th anniversary of "D-Day", the largest invasion ever attempted, where         200,000 Americans stormed the beaches at Normandy to begin the final         push to defeat Nazi Germany in WWII.   D-Day marked the turning point in WWII in         Europe, where the Nazis were engaged in mass murder of Jews and         minorities by the thousands.
Today, European heads of state make it a         point to recall and honor the sacrifices of those who landed in         Normandy, as do our Presidents....well, most of them....
In the         69 years since D-Day, there are four occasions when the President of the         United States chose not to visit the D-Day Monument that honors the         soldiers killed during the Invasion.
The occasions         were:
1. Barack Obama, 2010
2. Barack Obama,         2011
3. Barack Obama, 2012
4. Barack Obama,         2013

For the past 69 years, every American President except         Obama have taken the time to honor the memory and sacrifices of the         6,000 American soldiers killed on D-Day. Except Obama.
June 6         2010, Obama had no events scheduled.
June 6, 2011, Obama met with         the National Security team and was interviewed by WEWS Cleveland and         WDIV in Detroit about the auto industry - FAR too busy to visit the         D-Day memorial.
June 6, 2012, instead of honoring our fallen         soldiers, Obama made a campaign trip to California on Air Force 1 (at         our expense) to raise funds for (his) upcoming election.
June 6,         2013, Obama is doing ANOTHER fund raiser with the multimillionaires in         the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Palo Alto CA, once again         at our expense.
Aren’t you proud?

State Gun Laws at a glance.    This is a good site to keep in touch with reality.
      My pretty wife and I are still flying high after that pricy NRA gun safety course we took last Sunday, and well worth the $90 each fee !!   I strongly encourage  every true patriot take the course soon, whether you own a fire arm/ pistol, or not, and also read the great book they give you, cover to cover....  laws, self defense, gun safety, etc.,  GOOD STUFF! 
     But speaking about defense,  I just happen to be an edged weapons 'near-expert' and teach folks how to throw knives and tomahawks accurately, and also self defense.   I NEVER leave home without my blade... or two, and I sharpen them to a razor finish with my special $$$  machine and Arkansas Black Stone, etc.  My hands and fingers are getting old and arthritic, so I know how to use tools to open packages, etc., and also have 2 Leatherman multi-tools that can do almost anything.   I know.... men love gadgets... LOL.   I love, and highly recommend the:    --company for some of the finest, but still economical knives, etc.   Please go there and check them out.  IF, IF, some monster or heathen pig tries to assault you, hurt you or your loved ones, and you don't have a gun handy,  AT LEAST YOU SHOULD HAVE A GOOD, RELIABLE Cold Steel brand tactical knife to protect yourself, dear friends!!   And I feel strongly about this subject.  
     One of the first things I did after I met and fell in love with my Terri, was to give her a good knife and a .22 LR Sig Sauer auto pistol to protect herself... and that is a pricey, fine made German pistol.   The Germans made fine, well made, precision tools, cars, motorcycles and weapons!   That smaller country ALMOST whipped the USA!    They are good people who followed, and got mesmerized by a 'silver-tongued'   evil, demonic leader.....hummmmm, kind of like US,  huh  ?!?   Sorry if the truth hurts, folks.   I predict that Obama will NOT be in office by the end of this year --- because the enormity of scandals will finally put him out of the WH.  Just my humble opinion.    So many people still don't realize the full scope of the Benghazi crime and murder!!  Hillary, and the then Dept of Defense too, guilty of TREASON!     'Nuff said.

    Also, you'll be happy to know that I am vetting my subject matter more  intently  before I post it here, and so sorry for the inaccuracies before.

I would say:   Be Happy in your work and Thankful for everything you now have, because things WILL GET MUCH WORSE in the coming months, and things could change radically over night!  Obama WANTS a race war, or a poor vs: better off war, or anything that smells or looks like a massive protect ---so he can declare Martial Law, and then strip us of everything, including the 2nd Amendment !!   The Congress is complicit and guilty as sin, gutless, cowards except many THREE of them, young guys who are still free spirits, and lovers of Freedom.   You all prob know their names.   Remember that Prayer is a very powerful tool/ gift that only real Christians possess...PTL, but let us use it wisely, and not to perpetuate this wicked system we live in.....  for the Bible plainly says that things will get worse before the Rapture and the return of God.  Just read the 2 books of:  John, and the book of Romans, for a great understanding of the GOSPEL.   See: 

Warm Regards, and  Bear Hugs,
Thomas G. Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
Retired:  Chrysler: 30.5 years, auto worker and welder... and many other jobs.


Issue No. 20


State Laws at a glance

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August, 2013

Homeowner shoots violent felon during home invasion
By Bill McCleery and Kristine Guerra, Indianapolis Star (IN)

Indianapolis police say they believe an Eastside homeowner fatally shot a man whom he caught breaking into his residence early Wednesday. The dead man, Joshua Renick, 31, had a history of violent crime and had been released from prison in 2011...
Police: Would-be Waffle House bandit shot by customer
Police: Would-be Waffle House bandit shot by customer
By Alexis Stevens, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA)

A 20-year-old attempting to rob a Waffle House pointed his gun at the wrong people early Monday, police say. A police officer and a security guard, both off-duty, helped thwart the would-be criminal...

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Guy tries to rob a gun store with a baseball bat, fails miserably
KATU-TV (Portland, OR)

You've heard the old saying 'don't bring a knife to a gun fight.' Well how about a bat? Apparently, that doesn't work too well either - just ask 22-year-old Derrick Mosley. Sheriff's deputies say Mosley walked into Discount Gun Sales on Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway with a bat in hand...

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Would-be robber shot by victim
Buffalo News (NY)

A 21-year-old Buffalo man remained hospitalized in serious condition Monday morning after he and an accomplice were shot by one of the men they held up Sunday evening in the University District, police said...

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Bar owner thwarts robbery attempt
Bar owner thwarts robbery attempt WPVI-TV (Philadelphia, PA)

Philadelphia police say an attempted robbery backfired when the victim opened fire on the would-be thieves...

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Armed Employee Stops Robbery at Jewelry Store
By Dan Kennedy, WRCB-TV NBC 3 (TN)

An investigation is underway after an attempted robbery at a local jewelry store. Police said the suspects attempted to rob the business at gunpoint but were met by a worker with a gun himself...

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Motorcyclist turns tables on would-be robbers near Colorado Springs
By Daniel Chacon, Colorado Springs Gazette

They say never to bring a knife to a gunfight. Such was the case Wednesday night in unincorporated El Paso County. Three men who reportedly tried to rob a motorcyclist at knifepoint got a big surprise when the motorcyclist hit one of the men and then pulled out a gun...

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