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"If errors were what you watch, O Jah, O Jehovah, who could stand?" Ps130:3
KJV--->   "If thou, Lord, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand?"  ~Psalms 130:2.
 Thomas G  Schuckman :-D
     Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran: 68-70
"For to me to live is Christ  , and to die is gain." ~Phil. 1:21


In a little while, we intend to take a short 'shoe string vacation' for business and pleasure, visiting some old, dear friends South of us in SE-WI., etc.  Only the great larger stores in the "South" have what we want to shop for, like under wear... LOL.   And better eating places like Red Lobster, etc.  And then I can turn Terri loose at Farm 'n Fleet with my Credit Cards too.  Yup, most of my old, but clean under wear is so thread bare that I can read thru it, and I need better stuff, and a nice big belt, and maybe some dress pants.   I need to visit my Mom, and other relation, if they are home, and a few friends.  

Let me also tell you about my power scooter from the VA... that I continually have to take it for a 2 hour journey to Escanaba, MI., to get the electrical part of the power lift fixed, but it's like the guy just puts band aides on it to work.     Time to explain that to the VA U.P. here.... but I am not complaining....  too much.   
      And Terri and I want to go to the local park in town today to catch a great music band, called, "Black Pearl."    I love music and live bands!  Terri has got the lawn chairs packed in the truck already.   She is working all morning on carpentry, and I need to get out too, to breathe the Summer breeze up here, at full bloom.    It's like a Paradise U.P. here now!!   And NO mosquitoes where we live because a huge bat congregation eats them up all the time!!!   Bats are good for eating many pesky insects, and I never see them fly either.   We got a bat- cave here in I.M. --- and I am staying out of it.   I got bats in my belfry anyway.

And,  I must be losing a few pounds because I fit into my PC swivel chair much better lately.   And my complexion cleared up a bit too, as I am drinking more water.   We intend to store more water too, in case of an emergency.     I don't want to be a dirty/ stinky old man... Ha!    
    We saw some new people at the Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evening, and that's always a welcome sight.    Pastor Kevin Sullivan works his butt off ministering to everyone's needs and cares,  IMHO.   His wife is such an angel too, and a multi-talented musician,  and a  friend to my wife.    Of course Terri gets along with almost everyone.    I would certainly have a heart attack trying to keep us with the pastor, or I would lose 100 pounds in one week.   

The Psalm cited in the beginning is very important to me, and I shall also carve it into wood with my Router and hang it somewhere to encourage me.   "If errors were what you watch, O Jah, O Jehovah,  who could stand ?"       ~Psalm 130: 2.     Don't you ALL think and ponder, that if every body studied the Bible, and at least TRIED to follow Christ's teachings, that this would be a better Nation,  a better world ? ? ?   The Islamist teachings are filled with hate and MURDER,  but the USA is full of greedy, corrupt, selfish people too, many who think abortion is OK !!  And for that reason alone, ABORTION, God has the right to exterminate us.  He very well might do just that  --- but he won't destroy all of us-- because He has made a "way out to safety" for those who still love and worship Him, and follow His Son, Jesus Christ.  And that would be:  THE RAPTURE !   But let's say for a moment that the Rapture won't come for another hundred years or so....  Hey!  that's OK too, for we are Soldier for the 'duration.'    The problem is, dear friends, is that we are fast exhausting the  world's supply of WATER, and other vital natural resources,  and China is out of water almost, and many Chinese get sick all the time from polluted water.    Our forests  burn down, and the oceans are getting so polluted to --case in point, Japan, and millions of nuclear contaminated gallons poured out into the Sea, constantly, from leaks yet, still!   What I'm driving at is that this Earth will be destroyed by man if it is allowed to go on with stupid, greedy over sight !!   We can go without food a lot longer than we can go without clean, pure drinking water!  But then, the herbicides, "Round-Up", pesticides, Agent Orange, etc., are killing our bee population, like the State of Indiana is supposed to have got hit hard, etc., and without the bees we WILL STARVE!   Come on, friends, you get the picture--- things MUST change, and only GOD can do that, because for 6000 years human kind has tried every type of government, and Satan has also messed with mankind too, that dirty old rat !   I don't even care what some lying Liberal wants to say about his satanic evolution baloney!    I don't have time for silly stuff today.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman  

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