Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Biblical Visions of Doom --Syria.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
Tell me the truth this time, op du wilst, bitte.  [if  you will, please] Deutsch....  German.    Is it just me, or 'DO YOU ALL FEEL AN ELECTRICITY IN THE AIR NOW, TODAY, RECENTLY ??'   And we all know why....  it's because of a possible war with Syria, that MIGHT get bigger and more expansive.... and spread to other countries.

Actually,  'I already KNOW that SOMETHING will spark a huge fire and grow into a giant monster,  and somehow, some way, the large, "oldest inhabited city" in the world will be totally destroyed, over night ! ! !'    Anyone want to bet some money???  You know that I am biting off a big chunk in saying this now, and risking my credibility, don't you ?   But then, real Christians, like me [a very humble Sinner Man, but repentant, with God's Grace and Salvation...] can rely on the KJV Bible in all things, and map out their lives, and COUNT on things !!   What a nice, cool, feeling, friends!   And Thank  You, dear Lord,  Heavenly Father, above, for Saving me out of sure death so many times, when I was on my way to death and hell.    We can never repay the Father for Saving us, but we can do the Lord's work by just sharing the Gospel with others, on a regular basis.   That takes a little bit of courage and Bible study, but the Holy Spirit makes it all come together and work.   Trust me.  Just remember:  "You've got to put some money IN THE BANK before you can draw some money out !"   So....  'You've got to PUT SOME BIBLE KNOWLEDGE IN YOUR BRAIN / MIND,  BEFORE YOU CAN GET SOME OUT...'      And really, folks, isn't that like everything else in the world of mankind?    So, when some joker says that he will jump on God's side, or ' come in right under the wire at the last second' --- do we think that God is a foolish person who cannot discern these things??  Or would you like a worker, servant, soldier, who has accepted their training and knows what he is talking about  ??  Reading the first few chapters of Psalms is great for dispelling such goofy notions from weak human beings.  

And we are NOT the sort that just flings Isaiah  17 to the fore , and base everything on it, without considering what the rest of the Bible says about Syria.   Did you ever have a great college or high school instructor who really knew his stuff and made the class exciting?    I had two different Print Reading for Welders teachers/ men instructors in two separate colleges who were just so cool and smart, but they sometimes [or more often] got off the track and started teaching a different subject that was so good and exciting/ informative.     One guy was qualified to teach about 7 different subject, well.   I got along well with all my college Professors, but also studied hard.   I was about age 38 the first time I went to college, and did not drink or smoke, and wanted to set a good, proper example for my 3 kids who were also in school.   And then, another time, my church needed some steel to complete an important job fixing the snow plow that kept breaking, so I took one strong guy, and made a run to the Welding Shop at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, WI, and told the main man who I was and what I needed, and he said to take a few students and look in the outside shed for any scraps we could use.  We made a killing !!   I gave some cash to the young guys who helped me and told them to split it up amongst themselves !   The good pastor, Jerry Beaver, was so surprised at our good fortune!     At that point in my life, I was hurting pretty bad with OA -- Osteo Arthritis, so the other good buddy, a Marine RVN Vet, also from that church did the lion's share of the welding and bull work,  Marvin Ellis, who also worked at Chrysler with me, and we used to jam with guitars often.    I hope he is still living, because he never answers my phone calls in Kenosha, WI.   Hey, Marvin !!!   He was wounded in Vietnam.  My life was so full of adventure.   

We got some drizzly, wet, and very humid warmth today, so I am wearing shorts, and the dog is in the back yard, after I fed her....  "Stella" -- the Rottweiler. 

I always tune into the daily conversations on the TPP web site.... The Tea Party Patriots, and there are some 'sharp shooters' there who have a colorful way with words who are only too ready to give their opinions about the daily fare.   WARNING!   Federal Agencies are going after our Patriot Bikers in and around D.C. today, looking for guns and weapons...  BEWARE, guys !!   And if there was a fight between the Bikers and the Muslims, I really don't think there would be any problems taking the ragheads down, guys.   Be Nice!  In fact, I think that the  Israeli WAC's could take care of the Islamist marchers today in D.C.... lol.   But the Gov't insists on 'protecting' the Muslims....  duh.   

My wife called and said that she is having a good time visiting her relatives in WI., and she will be home tomorrow some time.   I gave her my last money and a credit card, so she will be OK.   I miss her a lot, but I also enjoy my email friends, on-line, and am blessed because of them!   Many thanks to Mary G., Wanda J., Elaine, Linda, Ruth,  all my special combat Vet friends, and many others that slip my mind just now....   sorry.    My own two daughters just don't have the time to email me..... Oh Well....  And NO ONE has yet to figure out how to leave a simple comment on my humble web site....Ha!    Maybe I should make it easier.   

I used to love to watch   "THE FIVE"  talk show, on Fox- TV, now in 15 minutes, with Dana Perino, etc.,  but that oinky Dim- Liberal who coughs and hacks constantly, "Bob"  is just a blow hard pain in the 'glutious maximus' with a foul mouth, bad manners, and bad temper,  SPOILS the whole show, and so I am inclined to watch something else in my afternoon retirement days.    

Have a great day!

Tommy Schuckman      


Some See Biblical Visions Of Doom In Syria Trouble

bible SC Some see biblical visions of doom in Syria trouble
Correction: This story has been updated to correct the examples of religious congregations that trace their roots to the “Great Disappointment” of 1844.
,MELBOURNE, Fla. — The deadly violence percolating half a world away in Syria and the warnings of a possible U.S. attack have some people not only looking ahead to what might happen in the coming days — but also looking backward into ancient, apocalyptic prophecies in the pages of the Old Testament.
In recent weeks, some dire prophecies have turned up on websites, in book stores, as the subject of Bible studies and in sermons by some Christians and others who see a link between the old passages and modern-day events in Egypt, Libya and Syria.
“Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city, and will become a fallen ruin,” reads Isaiah 17, a passage some Christians say they believe details a horrific event that leaves the city uninhabitable and leads to worldwide tribulation and the second coming of Christ.
Damascus is the Syrian capital and one of the world’s oldest cities.
Read More at USA Today . J.D. Gallop.

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