Saturday, September 21, 2013

Police Chief turns to Public for Ammo Handouts !

Tom's Journal.

Would it surprise you to see the local fuzz carrying bows and arrows next ??  If you don't yet know,  money can buy just about anything now days... LOL.   And that reminds me of that cool movie,  'THE WEATHER MAN.'   Wouldn 't you also wonder how the Congress or the occupant in the WH even tolerates this stuff too?  Sorry friends,  I am just weary of all the stupid games people play, and when someone finally gets hurt on account of it all,  they STILL won't get it ! 

Somehow,  Someway,  the Bible says..... the USA and other countries will accept a "New World Order" ---perhaps even beg for it, when things get so bad, so dangerous, with no food, etc.... that they will latch on to almost anything with which to eke out some semblance of feeble existence on a troubled Earth.   Even accepting a  "Mark" on their foreheads or their Right hand !!   For most 'sunshine troopers' who have never experienced real hardship, or hard work, or extreme poverty --- taking the "Mark" won't seem so bad.   Their hearts are black and their drugged  up brains are mush, with no calluses on their hands, ever.   Now days, 4th generational Welfare Class folks are so used to sucking on the public breast,  and having NO Bible trained consciences will practically render them slaves to their new master, right off the bat!  
     But listen,  my friends and I are not some super warriors, who eat nails for breakfast, nor do we live in caves.   We have fears, aches, pains, hunger, thirst, and we bleed red blood when we are cut.    But the Holy Spirit insides us gives us real hope and trust that the KJV Bible is all true, and consistent !!  Jesus is Lord!

Still,  there are many scriptures that tell, advise us to store up some food, water, and keep our houses in good repair.   We hope and pray that we are BALANCED, and reasonable.   What is fair and logical and what is over board and excess?   Also, some 'experts' say that a family ought to keep about 6 months income saved and safe.   I guess I flunked that test too, because with higher bills all the time, and a retirement fixed income  -- we live month to month.        "Communications Principles 101"  1989 College, Gateway Tech,  Kenosha, WI.   I wish she could have joined me there.......
        We all have our own snares and pitfalls to contend with, I guess.


Police Chief in MN turns to Public for Ammo Handouts !!  Incredible !

   Share215 Tweet32 Share2 Share1 Share255 Minnesota Police Chief Turns to Public for Ammo Handouts Posted on: May 15th, 2013 Everybody’s having a hard time finding ammunition. Even people who work at ammunition manufacturing facilities are having a hard time finding ammunition. For months now, people have been buying all the ammo they can find in response to gun control proposals and laws passed and pending. The effects of this have fallen at the feet of many law enforcement agencies, who are having an extra-difficult time finding both target and training ammunition as well as self-defense ammo. It has gotten to the point where police departments are cutting back on training and rationing their existing ammunition. When Proctor, Minn. chief of police Walt Wobig found out that his department wouldn’t be able to lay hands on ammunition for six to eight months, he put out a call for help, and the people answeredRead more at - See more at:

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