Thursday, September 12, 2013

When People publically Burn Books.

Tom's Journal.

We are blessed to have some very smart, talented people in the ranks of the TPP -- Tea Party Patriots, org.   Let's face it, you will get  your hot heads, and a few 'over zealous' folks joining various web sites, organizations, companies, etc., but if the 'Light usually shines through' and the vast majority of any said org. are Christians, logical, level headed, and patriots who only want to respect and follow the so-called Rules of the US Constitution, where is the harm ?? 
     Personally,  I have found and made MANY great friends on the TPP web site, who now have a cool, kind, encouraging message for me on a regular basis, who love, cherish and respect me.  PTL.  I think that real Christians who just cannot find a descent Bible preaching church where they live --- will reach out to other folks in the same situation, and people they can trust with their inner most feelings and thoughts.   That is where I am right now....   and we all KNOW that 'something' is about to give/ happen soon!   So we aid each other, with many skills in tow, helping, sharing, and forming new friendships.   And that is pretty much my personal opinion of the Tea Party Patriots, at this point in my humble life.

Below is a comment from the recent subject of the so-called, "preacher" Terry James, as he is preparing to burn a lot of 'holy books,'  in public.

     Well,  it's kind of a gloomy, cloudy, windy day today in the U.P., but time for me to get going and do something constructive, before my wife comes home !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Permalink Reply by wilson strausser 4 hours ago
Here's my two cents for what it's worth.....I don't care who the author is of ANY book....or what the premise for burning ANY isn't right and no book should be banned!
There are plenty successful historical figures who have correctly stated, in paraphrase, that learning as much as one can about an enemy will always serve well in an upcoming battle. That also goes for a battle that rages on for thousands of years.
Abraham is the father of many nations. The Lord blessed Abraham and told him all about how Isaac and Ishmael would oppose each other....this continues today between the followers of Christ and the Spirit of AntiChrist....through generations the descendants of these two genetic branches of Abraham have been at each other's throats. It is God's Will that it continue; but to the end of driving His Chosen back to Him and to convert those who have been following the wrong icon into battle.
He Will save whom He Will save! Only God knows who the Chosen really are and whose side they are on!
Yes, the Quran is not Christ-oriented but it does recognize Christ as a person who walked among men. Let the Chosen read about that and learn from it, that the enemies of Christ be put in their rightful place; that which God has decreed, in God's perfect timing and not by man's determination of what God is thinking!
Follow the Holy Scriptures and seek truth always. Pray for your enemies just as Christ instructed the world to do. Do these things as Christ commanded and the world will go on in a much better way, not by burning books man has decided should not exist. That is not the way of Christ, who we are supposed to emulate as our Supreme Model for living.
Christ stated he did not come into this world to bring peace. Remember that when conflict arises. Prophecy must be fulfilled. Drought, pestilence, wars and rumors of wars; all prophesied, and in the process the Chosen draw closer to God in prayer. That is the way of Christ.

Dear Wilson,
Wow!  What a fine, truthful, accurate rendition of what real Christians OUGHT TO DO !!  I know that we are on the same page, and I humbly ask your permission to post your fine post in my Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL, please.   I think you are a poet warrior, sir.  Feel free to email me and visit:      --  I only add that perhaps the man who burns books didn't commit a civil wrong,  but morally, what is the real purpose of inciting the heathen to wrath, when you KNOW that they will only use this as propaganda/ politically, in all their grand ignorance!   If they cannot touch Americans directly -- what will stop them from murdering more Christians near them, in their collective rage and hatred.... Duh ???    Let's have a little bit of common sense, please, instead of a quick fix, massaging one's ego, and instant temporal gratification, fire bugs !!   In due time, there will not exist Islam anymore, as "God will clean house" and separate the good from the bad, in the future, and 'there will be a new Heavens and a new Earth.'   Don't be afraid to read the Book of Revelation!   Thank you, again, Wilson!  ---Tommy Schuckman.  Disabled Vietnam combat Veteran:  68-70.

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