Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Great Video Broadcast ! Cherish Your Wife.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
I am certainly NOT an expert on women, nor an authority, but..... I have been married a few times, and lost one wife in death from CHF, that tore my own heart out, and now remarried to a sweet, beautiful lady who I love so much.  I hope that most of you understand that when 2 people get married in latter life, their opinions and ideas are already formed and deeply rooted.    And if they have not made a solemn commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and confessed Him as Lord and Savior -- there is NO guarantee that they ever will.  And then,  words are dirt cheap -- but have they made it also a serious commitment to study the KJV Bible and get to know God and His perfect ways and Grand Plan ? ? ?   You don't want a prude, but you sure don't want a 'loose woman' or a loose cannon!   You don't want someone perfect -- or she will only magnify all YOUR imperfections... LOL !!
To me, the KJV Bible is a road map leading to heaven, peace and security, a safe place to enter...  a spiritual paradise.   It is a blue print,  a grand plan of the Creator, a vision into the future, but also a special, truth filled 'gateway to the past'  -- that shows 'the mind and personality of
God Almighty.   The  Bible tells us how to gain salvation FOREVER, how to follow Jesus, our Lord and Master, how to help others find this same treasure and lead them to Christ, and store up our treasures in heaven, instead of hording them on earth that is passing away.  
Not to be smug, but we Christians speak a hidden, cryptic, but wonderful "language" in our 'community, that unbelievers cannot know.... also having the Holy Spirit is the ONLY way one can truly understand the bible!!  Wow!  
I love to learn and immerse myself into the Bible for hours at a time [but recognize that I still have a long way to go, as I get lazy, just like others...], and also to TEACH anyone who is eager and ready to spend some time -- to learn.  Friends,  when you go to college to study a skill to earn a good living, you know that you 'only get out of something-- what you put INTO something !!'  If we look back upon our lives and see a great waste of time, effort and treasure -- we will surely feel extreme disappointment.  On the other hand, if we can include that we have gained the knowledge of God's Word, and we are SAVED by the blood of Jesus on the Cross....  we can smile and feel the joy that we have the most important thing in life -- the protection and salvation of God!!    That trumps everything else in our lives !   PTL -- means:  "Praise the Lord."
Let me explain something I learned in college-- at Milwaukee Area Technical College [Wisconsin]...  'A "given" is something that is generally accepted, and well known to be true.'   "Feet ' --and Inches", in print reading, are a "given" accepted factor, all the time.. let us say, for the sake of simplicity.   The size and dimensions of firearms, artillery and cannons in the Army are measured in mm's millimeters.... ie:  9mm pistol,  105mm Howitzer Cannon, etc. etc.   It's a "given" that God know everything from the Alpha to the Omega, and He knows what is best for humankind, and the only way to get us out of the mess  the world is in.  Right now,  Satan the Devil is misleading the entire inhabited Earth, and ONLY GOD CAN CLEAN THINGS UP!!    All real, Saved, born-gain Christians KNOW that, or should know that!!  If that is true,  why in the heck are we trying to save this old Satanic system or corrupt, polluted, plugged up toilet way of Government...  especially with the Fraud in the WH ??   And,  a lot of so-called 'Christians' MUST have voted for that 'man', besides all the cheating and fraud, to put him in office !!!  Hello!    Wake up, please!  
Well, just maybe, this is the avenue that God is using to effect His grand Plan.   But it is self evident that we are in the 'Last Days' -- the End Times, right before the Rapture, and then the Great Tribulation, where we have a total "rat race" just to stay alive, pay the mortgage and not starve.   And we know that this is just warming up... just the beginning of the end.
   But we Christians can and should be happy, joyful and secure in the knowledge that every day from here on out is one day closer to our flight "HOME -- to Heaven !"   Hoo-Rah!   Bless all my friends, brothers and sisters in the Faith!  PTL.
Warm Regards,

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