Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sold My Old House !

Tom's Journal.

Hi Guys!
     Here is the News with me:   My AOL/ and Email is all messed up for the past 3 days, and some other folks tell me there might be a "Trojan Horse" in the nation wide system, and other people are also having trouble with their AOL systems.   Right now I don't know what to do !!   I am frustrated because I love to visit all my close friends and relatives this way.  My FaceBook, and Blogging still work.   If someone can help or direct me to fix my AOL,  please get back to me via F/B, or just call me.   Thanks!

My GOOD News is:  My old Chase Mortgage Company told me that my old house in Union Grove, WI., was just sold on November 26th,  2013,  FINALLY ! ! !  So, that means, NO more bills for utilities, gas, water, taxes, up keep, electricity, etc.  !!!   What a final, welcome, RELIEF for me, as if a huge one ton rock were crushing my back every day, and draining our checking account!!  PTL ---Praise the Lord !   But it was kind of handy for me to drive down there to civilization, and the land of education, where English is spoken WELL,  and shopping at all the GOOD, large stores for stuff that we just don't have U.P. here in Iron Mtn. MI..... [COMBINED TOWN OF FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE...],  where we could stay over night for a few days  IN THE PRIME Country location right between Chicago and Milwaukee, and visit all my old friends and family, including my dear Mother, who is legally blind and aged.   But I call her almost every single day, for a short chat.   I hope to get her hooked up with that "First Alert" system, in case she falls down in the bath tub, etc., and cannot get up, soon !

I intend to post this Blog post in F/B so that my friends know what is happening to me, because I like to bounce things off their smart heads and gather opinions from those who have an expertise in other areas that I don't.  

Now for a question....  a generic, general question, and certainly not wanting to offend ANY ONE, please.   I have been around the block a few times in my life, rich with experience and knowledge,  so I thought ... LOL.   But there are all sorts of personalities and mixtures, and I think that most men are really looking for a woman with an easy going, good sense of humor, not easily offended, or looking for someone to make a mistakes so she can pounce on her husband coughing the wrong way, etc.   I knew that I was brought up right, with manners, respect for my elders, and family.   Yet, according to the  Bible, we ALL KNOW THAT WE ARE SINNERS, UNTIL THE RAPTURE, or death and heaven!!   Those who are "Saved" by the blood of Jesus Christ, know that all their sins, past, present and future were all forgiven that very minute that we got "Saved."   Hey!!  Just like going to school and comparing yourself with others [is that right or wrong...  but human nature makes ME want to be somewhere in the "Norm" in the middle of the pack, or better].   The problem is that my favorite classes in high school and college got better grades---  than the ones I didn't like ----enter MATH!  ....  Sorry, but I just hated MATH, even though I did very well, passing my "6 and 66" Securities Federal Exam, back in 1995, when I worked with PFS Investments...  but that was 99% Conceptual questions,  and 'blue sky laws', etc.  At one point I decided to just memorize the book/ material, after failing the hard exam the first time, like the other 57% of people taking it....  duh.  
      What I am trying to say is,  that most everyone has a weakness in some area of life, deep down, inside our guts.   Some things come easy for us, and some things are just hard to work on, like saying a bad word when you hit  your thumb with a large hammer...  OUCH !  For others, it may be alcohol, candy, smoking, stealing, lying, not facing the TRUTH, or minimizing a personal error or habit.   And when you get down to the final stretch and approach the throne of Father God in heaven one day,  'what will you tell HIM about the reason you did this, that, or the other ??'    "If errors were what  you watched, O Jah, O Jehovah,  who could stand?"     ~Psalms 130: 3.   And, Yes!  That is one of my very favorite scriptures, and hope to carve that one in wood, for sure, soon !!   Wood carving is a skill, past time, that will NEVER make me rich, but I get a lot of satisfaction in it.  And here is that same verse in German:  "Waren Vergehungen das, worauf du achtest, O Jah, O Jehova, ver konnet bestehen ?"

I have preached, handed out, given away many BIBLES, shared the Gospel far and wide, and led at least 3 female consorts/ relationships to the Lord.  I do good..... and then I mess up royally !  That is my story --- do well, and then slip up and fall on my face !    I also have to be careful that I don't say TOO MUCH ABOUT MY HOME LIFE AND MARRIAGE, so as not to anger my wife.... LOL.    If I could be more regular, more regimented, I might be more happy with myself.    But, on the other hand, I have also been in some near death experiences... too many for comfort, and I promised myself that I would take it easy after I was retired.    And with an assortment of crippling injuries,  I am pretty much "forced" to take it easy --- so in a sense, I tell myself, "why beat yourself up when you are limited ?"  Someone close to me has trouble understanding that my disabilities will NOT be getting any better with age.  But thousands of people 'like me' just "cling to our guns and Bibles."   It gives me a good, warm feeling inside.  Actually,  I am sorry, folks,  but History tells all.  

I had a class reunion many years ago and talked to a great English teacher and football and track coach, that I always liked,  Mr. Joseph Kaster, who used to teach us a lot about human nature and wisdom that would serve us well in the future.  He said that the year my class graduated, 1967, was the last year we saw some kind of normalcy, because a huge revolution would then come tumbling down --- so the teachers/ educators just took hold of everything sacred/ holy/ moral and they tried to tie down all those American Values down that the 'Perfect Storm' almost blew away, forever.   So,  In MY life,  as I joined the Army in 1967, and soon got sent to Germany--
Europe, with only a 30 day leave and then off to Vietnam for 2  long years, and that was like being in jail [although I've never been to jail]  --- and when we finally got out of Nam and the Army, it was like "walking into a whole different world -- the USA !!"  

     The morals, the people, the music, the attitude of the young people had all changed in some kind of revolution...  and hippies against the war, when they knew absolutely NOTHING about the War in Vietnam!!  All I could think of right then and there was:  'how in the heck did I escape without a scratch, I thought, when so many other young men were torn to pieces, with limbs missing, head trauma, Agent Orange and PTSD --- and the Gov't did nothing by LIE, LIE, and LIE !!  Well,  that really pissed me off, plus the fact of how we clean, combat,  Soldiers and Marines, with Good Conduct Medals, and "Good Paper" --HONORABLE DISCHARGES--  were still treated like dogs at the Milwaukee VA hospital, AND IF YOU WERE JUST ONE MINUTE LATE THEY WOULD NOT ADMIT YOU TO SEE THE DOCTOR !!    I kid you NOT!  No wonder a few of our people wanted to club some of the mean- spirited
VA staff and doctors.   Frankly,  I am surprised that component of our challenges wasn't a lot worse !  

    Sorry, I digressed again, friends.    This is important stuff to all our combat Veterans, although our wives may get angry IF WE DARE BRING IT UP IN ANY KIND OF CONVERSATION....  PLEASE !   Actually, we would just like to get it all sorted out BEFORE we die.  Please share this with a Vet you know.

More later.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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