Friday, December 20, 2013

Balanced Thinking, in an Upside Down World.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day, Friends and Readers!
    When I say that posting articles like the one below, 'the Hal Lindsey Report,'  etc., "vindicates" ME, it's NOT so much that I am important.   I am but a broken, sin filled earthly vessel, who has sown too many 'wild oats' in my past life, but God has seen fit to Save me.  PTL.   Many of us feel that we are too big of sinners and can never be saved,  but that's hog wash !!  That is the devil poking us in the guts and tormenting us all the time!!  Forget the devil, and tell him to crawl back under a rock !!  If I feel that his attack is too strong, I will use the name of JESUS, and tell him to go away..... and then cracking open God's Word, the Bible makes him flee too.   Personally,  I think and use the book of Psalms to shoo the devil away in a hurry, and read it aloud!  That is like pouring hot oil on his behind !!  

Hal Lindsey explains in detail 'HOW TO GET SAVED' and how to continue to reap the benefits of Jesus supreme sacrifice, and how to lead a good life with the remaining time we have on Earth.  And then, I use the analogy of, 'finding a cure for cancer or another bad disease, and wanting to share that gift with others' ---relating to the joy of being Saved, and how to share it.   There are many different "tools" that a person can use in spreading the Gospel,  but start doing it TODAY!   Terri even bought some presents to share with another family of Christians near us who don't have as much, and what joy she gets from it !  And on every Friday morning she picks up an elderly lady named LaVera and takes her to a fine women's bible study group at the pastor's house that his wife leads, for one hour.  When I first met Terri, I prayed for such wholesome activities for Terri, and now she is in them !!   

I have not been out of the house for a few days because the power scooter LIFT control box in the truck is kaput, and I have no where or reason to go anyway.  Sundays I go to church.

BTW,  I meant and mean NO bashing of other Belief Systems or faiths, but I feel that I must tell the truth when it comes to FALSE RELIGIONS, and only WISH that someone had been knowledgeable when I got sucked into the JW-cult long ago, after I came home from Vietnam, emotionally messed up with PTSD, etc., and was searching for the true Faith !!!  Satan is surely behind False Religion, and he will pull down as many people as possible before his days are emptied out.   "Hell and destruction are never full;  so the eyes of man are never satisfied." ---Proverbs 27: 20.   After a while for new Believer in Christ, it is not fear of hell...  but a profound love for God that motivates our hearts to do good and follow His laws.   And even as we don't exactly understand every minute detail in the Scriptures, we must know the basics and adhere to them, and then SHARE THEM ! 

When I was young, I was ignorant and wrong about so many things, ever searching for the real Truth, and lost my 'credibility' in front of friends and family.  But it's the End Game that's important and who finishes the race !!  You don't need to come in first in this race....  just finish the course!   The truth of the matter is:  Some of us will surely be caught, hurt, suffer and die.   But the vast majority of us will be 'hidden away from the Storm' ... Raptured to safety!!   If we are martyred, we will have a special crown in heaven.  Men sacrifice their earthly lives all the time now days, and for the wrong reasons!  If we are to die and suffer, let it be for Christ !  Soldiers understand this all too well.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

December 20th, 2013
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
For many of us, Christmas is our favorite time of the year. But each year it grows more difficult to navigate the suffocating commercialism and secularization of the season to arrive at the genuine reason for the celebration: the incarnation of God as a human to become the sacrifice for our sins and make possible our reconciliation to God.

I'm afraid we've lost our sense of wonderment at the unfathomable miracles that made possible the advent of our Savior.

One of those miracles was the coming of the magi to worship the child. Once again, I want to examine the story of those mysterious 'wise men' who traveled so far to worship the new 'King of the Jews.' Who were they? How did they know to watch for a sign in the heavens? How long did they wait for that sign? Where did they come from? (Hint: It's a land where, 20 centuries later, the followers of the Christ child are suffering tremendous persecution and martyrdom.) Why did gentiles come to worship the King of the Jews? How did God use them to preserve the Messiah's life? You'll learn the answers to all of these questions and more this week when I discuss "The Mystery of the Magi."

I think it will rekindle in you an appreciation of the complexity of God's plan to redeem His creation through His own sacrifice. Christmas is a celebration of that overwhelming and unsearchable love.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support of Hal Lindsey Media Ministries during 2013. 2014 promises to be even more exciting as the "birth pangs" increase in frequency and intensity in these last days. That's why we need to do everything possible to spread the Good News of Christ's coming before it is forever too late.

As this world turns its back on Creator God and toward the god of darkness, sin and ungodliness will increase. The Bible tells us that if we sow to the wind, we will reap the whirlwind. And the whirlwind brings with it death and destruction.

Every day's headlines warn us to prepare for what is coming. Death and destruction can fall upon us, unexpectedly, at any moment. That means that we must make our hearts ready while there is still time. The Bible tells us that "now is the appointed time," today is "the day of salvation." None of us can be certain we'll have another.

If you have never accepted the gift of pardon that Jesus Christ purchased for you, do it today. Jesus came to earth as a human baby (that is precisely why we celebrate Christmas), then willingly surrendered His sinless earthly life to die a brutal death in your place so that the penalty required by your sin would be paid. And by doing so, Jesus Christ satisfied God's justice. He suffered so you would not have to suffer eternal separation from God. He loves you that much.

The pardon for sin that He secured with His death and resurrection is now available to you. All you have to do is believe and accept it. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died in your place. Confess with your mouth that you are, indeed, a sinner and acknowledge that you are not worthy to be accepted into God's eternal presence. Then, accept the gift of pardon that Christ's death purchased for you. From that moment, you're a member of God's family and can look forward to spending a joyous eternity in His presence.

As you turn from your sin and trust the Holy Spirit to empower you to live a life that is pleasing to God, you'll discover a peace and joy you've never known before. I encourage you to find a solid, Bible-believing church and associate with fellow believers. As this world grows darker and more hostile to the Word of God, we're all going to need the strength and encouragement that comes from being a part of a church family.

Welcome to God's forever family and have a wonderful, blessed, and very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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Heli gunner Tom said...

My buddy, Jerry Busby said, about Frank Di Mora:

Brother Tom,

After reading this last email I did some research and found that Mr. DiMora claims that Jesus came to him first in a dream then in person for 3 1/2 hours. Jesus gave him orders to do a slid presentation and write a book.

I don't know Mr. DiMora but I would be very careful of following he says or writes, I would never drink any cool aid from him either.

I do believe that the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is at hand and that the signs are being fulfilled as I type this today. But I also read that there will be many who say they seen Jesus and spoke with Him and was given special orders that are false teachers and that comes from the Bible.

Do I believe that there are people who have seen visions, Yes, in fact many in the Middle East that have came to know Our Lord because of them and there has been cases of the Terrorists getting ready to kill Christians seen something put there weapons down and left without harming any one. Do I believe in these, Yes I do because I see the fruit from the situation and that all the glory going to God not man.

As far as what is going on around the World today I think you can agree that if you stop and talk to any intelligent person they will say that Obama has sold out Israel, our reputation as a Country is at best the worst it has ever been, the economies is failing and the big money folks are hauling it in at the suffering of others, Race relations are split more now than any time in history.

That's just in our country the rest of the World is at War or Power grabbing all they can and our Troops are being killed for no reason but aren't allowed to fight back, I mean what are our Troops allowed to do today fighting over there. We have had any military leader that knows anything replaced or fired from the service. Obama is handing over money, weapons to those who are killing our Troops and nothing is being done to stop him. So is the World coming to End Times, YES! but it will be only in God's time and NO one knows that time but the Father .

This is only my take and what feel and I see from the Bible.

Jerry L. Busby

On Friday, December 20, 2013 11:40 AM, Thomas G. Schuckman wrote:

I enjoy this site !! Israel, that small country, WILL BE THE CENTER OF THE WORLD, and soon ! Many of us wish that we were more able and a bit younger, so we could go over there and help protect her.... the "Apple of God's Eye !"