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War of the End Times.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends and Readers,
Truth be told, it's a simple fact [that many of us had trouble understanding-- because of it's SIMPLICITY!!] that the Bible is actually written on a 5th grade level so that a young plough boy can read and understand it !  My problem, after exiting that horrible cult of the JW's  --Watchtower people, was that I was 'mind-poisoned' to think that the 'Truth had to be studied and analysed for many years to be understood, and the Bible was very complex, and that we could not know for a certainty if we were going to 'Paradise' or be dead [they use the term:  DESTROYED, forever.'  That simple is NOT so, and a serious, honest person who really loves God, and bends knee to Jesus Christ, and confesses Him as Lord and Savior CAN KNOW FOR SURE THAT HE/ SHE IS GOING TO HEAVEN !!!  Once Saved -- Always Saved, is true!  And the so-called 144, 000 are the natural Jews of the 'Last Days' who are brought to bear and preach with boldness to the Jews about the one true Messiah and Saviour,Jesus Christ -- and many Jews will be Saved in that time right before the end of the Great Tribulation -- and into the new Earth -- a beautiful Paradise that Jesus, Himself promised!  Period.

Again, this is very simple -- so much that it actually SHOCKS people who are looking for the truth and Salvation!  They are expecting a lot more mystery and hard to figure out information -- probably because Satan has misled the world for so long -- AND, most folks just don't know the Bible.   IF, [IF] a person humbles himself/ herself in the privacy of their own little room/ bed room, or where ever, and prays a personal, simple prayer to Father God, asking forgiveness for all the sins that they can remember, and then asks Jesus to 'come into their heart forever...  the Holy Spirit bears witness that the person is Saved by the Ransom blood of Jesus and they are Saved FOR EVER MORE.  But then the person will WANT to draw closer to God, and Jesus, and read/ study the Bible, as  part of the "Bride of Christ" -- a Big Crowd of Gentiles without number [but only God knows that number...].

The short but powerful book of James says @ Chapter 1, verse 5:  "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not;  and it shall be given him."  And then in Chapter 4, verse 8:  "Draw nigh [near] to God, and  he will draw nigh to you...."  So, there you go!  Please remember that the earth is our temporary home... but heaven is our real Home!  So, James 4:14, says, "Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow,  For what is your life?  It is even a vapour  that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."    So, we don't know how many  years we have on earth, and ought to use them wisely, doing what the Lord wants us to do-- and store up our 'treasures in heaven' instead of trying to live like a king on earth with every fleshly pleasure imaginable, with greed and lust.   That junk is from the devil -- to get all the "gusto" you can -- and "you deserve it  [baloney] !"   God will provide what you need....  'live simple -- live well, my friends.'  Ha!  Friends, before you know it, you have become old with arthritis, and wonder, 'What did you really accomplish in life -- and what did you do for the Lord?'  We will all have to give an account for our lives on earth, sinners, good men, average people, kings and nobles.
     I AM A SINNER, yet I know for a fact that the Bible tells me that I am Saved, and going to heaven.   Not for any of my human achievements, personal glory, big heart, actions .....   but because I love and knee to Jesus Christ alone, and try to do His Will as best I can.   So it's  not for anything that I merit, or deserve -- for I deserve Hell!!  But the ransom has been paid in full by Jesus on  the cross 2000 years ago for EVERYONE ON EARTH.   The problem is that few people will really, actually be humble enough to confess [honestly] that JESUS IS LORD, and He is our only Saviour !!  If you have any other questions -- READ THE BOOK!  My email address is:
   Or, if you would like to talk, speak, email my pastor, Kevin Sullivan @ Iron Mountain, MI  49801, Family Baptist Church,  I can certain arraign that too.  He is a good, humble,very smart gentleman -- and my Christian brother.

Early to bed, and early to rise, makes old Tommy have energy to get up for church on Sunday morning !!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

The Supernatural War Of The End times

Q. Thanks to your Q&A section, many things have been made much clearer to me, especially the prophecies of the End Times. One wonders, do the atheistic political Powers-That-Be ever recognize that they are battling against Almighty God Himself, not against secular, temporal enemies?

A. Yes, I think that at some point the world’s leaders will understand that they’re in a battle with supernatural forces. But if I’m right they, along with the rest of the post rapture world, will have been sold the Luciferian doctrine. It’s the great lie of 2 Thes. 2:11, which presents Lucifer as the good guy, trying to bring spiritual light to the world. (Lucifer means light bearer in Latin.) Their enemy, the Almighty God, will be known to them as Adonay (Hebrew for Lord) who’s trying to prevent this final phase of human evolution. It’s a variation on the same lie the serpent told Eve; she could become like God, but He didn’t want her to have that power. (Genesis 3:1-5)
So I think they’ll know it’s a supernatural battle. But they’ll be convinced that there is supernatural power on their side too, and it’s superior to God’s. Big mistake.
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