Sunday, January 13, 2013

Obama's War on Guns.

Tom's Journal.

Meet Gracia C. Martore , CEO of the newspaper that published the names of the legal gunowners in 2 New York counties!

I hope you guys are not sick of this steady diet of:  PRO- 2ND AMENDMENT News and Preparedness, because I read the kook's book [obama], sorry, the man is dangerous and is trying hard to destroy our Socialist country, Amerika.  Soldiers and Marines have seen other 3rd World Countries full of real poverty and oppression, and obama is afraid of us big time, as his AGENCIES call us 'Terrorists' --ha!  We are called those vile, lying names because we are, among other things, Christians who love and cherish the KJV Bible, the US Constitution, and especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments!   Most of Amerikans are so caught up in just making a living, and chasing our tails like goofy dogs and cats!  The Good Book gives us strength, happiness, hope and purpose, and or simple fire arms protect our hearth and home so perverts, druggers, punks, and monsters to break in to rape and murder our families....  is that so bad....  duh.  By the time the police get here, the crimes and murders are already done, and then the perps get small jail time for killing and stealing!  Sorry, not in my life time...
At least try and check out the TPP -- the Tea Party Patriots.  They are the "Good Guys!"  Most of them I've found are also good Christians who love Peace for their families, just a little place in the sun. 
   Warm Regards,

>>>  this is a picture of me getting a long needle shot/ injection by a good man- Specialist years ago, BEFORE they finally convinced me to have my Right knee replaced...  go bionic --- and that afterward, "I would be running through the woods catching butter flies", with NO pain at all,  etc....ha!  Well, the surgery went bad and I had the WORST PAIN IMAGINABLE which their puny medications not helping much, and the worst patient care ever, with the 'dark complected' nursing staff on the 3rd shift even abusing me in many ways, and refusing to even help me out of bed to urinate!  [And yes, they DO have a racial problem there-- and I never ate any food as long as I was there, nothing, just water!]  And I was never washed or bathed in 5 whole days, the length of time that I was there at the Milwaukee VAMC!  And afterward I found out that my right leg was shorter than my Left, and that made my knee, leg, hip and back scream at me big time!!!  They made a CRIPPLE out of me, and now I am age 63 and need a power scooter to get around.  Thanks to the Milwaukee VA hospital, and they heaped up all sorts of lying, false,  charges against me to get even with me complaining and demanding my civil rights!  I don't know if I will sue them or not, at this juncture....  but then maybe the Rapture will come and take care of everything.  PTL.  >>>  Just wait until you all get a TASTE of obama-care!!!  And you will all  be disarmed so you will be slaves and can't do anything about your new plight, in a bankrupts Amerika!  Sorry folks--  this is not a dream, this is your REAL NIGHTMARE!     Have a great day!

Meet Gracia C. Martore , CEO of the newspaper that published the names of the legal gunowners in 2 New York counties!

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Tea Party News

Obama’s War On Guns Must Be Stopped

The White House Has No Authority to Infringe Second Amendment Rights

(Jerome R. Corsi/Tea Party) -Why is Barack Obama planning to take the oath of office a second time, swearing to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution ...
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Raise Hell

We have been saying ”we are as mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”,

those days are over!

Time to lock and load!

Tea is going to demand the deportation of Piers Morgan, write Gun Owners of America a big fat check and your Tea Party Team is going face to face with Congressmen!

Get this: The Lame Stream Media’s Spokes-Hole Piers Morgan has just become the Official Hater of America’s Second Amendment, and the poster boy for confiscating every last gun in America...and tossing you into prison if you don’t comply. LET’S DEPORT HIS POMPOUS ASS BACK TO BRITAIN AND RUB HIS NOSE IN IT AT THE SAME TIME!
Get this, are we going to do our best to deport this liberal media spokes-hole, and we are going to fund the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative” taught by our good friends at Gun Owners Of American, President Larry Pratt! This should piss off a few liberal lamebrains! But it doesn’t stop there!

We are going to send our Tea Party Team to Washington for one-on-one meeting with Congressmen urging them to wake up and reject any gun grabbing!

We have a 3 prong approach:

1. Demand the Deportation of Piers Morgan!

2. Fund: “Youth Firearms Training Initiative”

3. Face To Face! Tea Party Team in the Halls of Congress!

Keep reading for this incredible opportunity to rub liberal blowhard’s nose in it and send a blistering message to all haters of the Second Amendment...

Liberals are haters of America’s Second Amendment and Piers Morgan is no different. Piers Morgan used his prominent media position to exploit gun control and to twist the facts about gun fatalities. If he had his way, he would confiscate every last gun in America, trashing our Second Amendment right to bear arms, leaving Americans utterly defenseless. If you didn’t comply? He’d have you thrown into prison. His own words.

Read it for yourself! Click -> "Gun Crazy Laws"

The Tea Party and Gun Owners say:

Take Your Globalist Ideas and Get Out!

Morgan suggested he may “self-deport” We should be so lucky.

So let’s help throw him out like yesterday’s garbage! We don’t need traitors to the American Constitution or strippers of our Second Amendment rights –not to mention from someone who isn’t even a citizen of the U.S. - telling us we can’t have our firearms. If you haven’t seen the interview where Morgan discusses his “solution” to solving the problem of massacres of innocent people - in gun-free zones, see it here.

If you are not as mad as hell yet, then watch this video!

Sit down and buckle up!

It’ll blow you away and make you so mad you can’t see straight.

Piers Morgan – Media Spokes-Hole and Larry Pratt – President/Gun Owners of America
Can you believe this pompous blithering ass? He’s using his media influence to bully America. We’re not going to take it. Here at the Tea Party Command Center we decided, “To hell with him. He can go straight back to where he came from if he doesn’t like our Second Amendment.” That is exactly what we intend to do.

Want more information? Here it is! We’d like to invite you to join us in our:

  • Demand Piers Morgan deported!

  • Fund “Youth Firearms Training Initiative”!

  • Face To Face – Tea Party Team To Washington – Get In Their Faces!

Already a petition created on the White House e-petition website by a resident of Texas has garnered more than 90,000 signatures in show of support to deport Piers Morgan. The petition accuses Morgan of engaging in a “hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution” by targeting the Second Amendment. It demands he be deported immediately for “exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”
The sooner this British boob is gone the better off we will be. He knows nothing of the statistics he sites. He’s out there on national news trumpeting the lack of shootings in Britain and Australia after they took guns away from their citizens. Well now, he leaves out that the violent crime rates in those countries has SKYROCKETED. There are mass murders throughout Europe now. People in Australia are pleading with America not to follow their path. Perhaps Piers Morgan should check with the FBI who re vealed that in 2011 there were more deaths with clubs and blunt objects than there were by guns.
What about in India where the police won’t protect the women? Women are now signing massive petitions requesting the right to get guns. The people need a means of protection. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez…they all took the guns and look what happened. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.
Let’s do a turnabout and quote Mr. Morgan from his own brash dialogue hurled at Mr. Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America in a recent interview—only we’ll turn the tables as shout at him: