The White House Has No Authority to Infringe Second Amendment Rights
(Jerome R. Corsi/Tea Party) -Why is Barack Obama planning to take the oath of office a second time, swearing to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution that as president he shows no sign of respecting, especially when it comes to Second Amendment rights.
With the mounting evidence that over 90 percent of school shooters who are under medical care often diagnosed by psychiatrists with personality diseases that require mind-altering psychotropic drugs.
SPECIAL: Gun Owners of America Joins to Fund “Youth Firearms Training Initiative”
What good would a background check have done in the Newtown shooting when the criminal involved, Adam Lanza, stole the gun he used first to shoot his mother?
Fundamentally, Obama appears determined to disarm Americans in complete disregard of the Second Amendment.
Obama’s antipathy to ordinary citizens owning firearms was clear when in 2003, when Obama as an Illinois state legislature criminally prosecuted Hale DeMar, a 52 year-old resident of a Chicago suburb who used an improperly registered hand gun to shoot a home-invasion burglar breaking into the house at night when DeMar’s children were sleeping.
If Obama attempts to put Second Amendment restrictions into effect by executive action he should be made to face impeachment hearings.
The Second Amendment clearly says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed – a clearly worded statement that includes infringement by presidential executive action.
The Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms was not limited to service in the militia, but included the right of an individual to possess arms for lawful purposes, including the right of self-defense.
This is a time when American citizens must speak out. In the spirit of “letting no crisis go to waste,” Obama and the globalist forces are determined to manipulate the sympathy of the American people over the tragic deaths in Newtown as a means of achieving a key component in the New World Order by disarming American citizens.
We must take Obama’s carefully orchestrated assault on the Second Amendment seriously. Now is the time to stand up and say, “No! You will not take our guns!”
Urgently, we must send FAX BLASTS to Congress saying, “We are proud to stand with Second Amendment organizations and gun owners across America. Together we shall prevail!”
Support the team that is planning to meet individually with members of Congress to solidify their opposition to any executive order Obama may sign, as well as the various laws Democrats like California Democratic Party Senator Dianne Feinstein and other members of Congress are now submitting to Congress to restrict gun rights. has joined with the Gun Owners of America to fund the “Youth Firearms Training Initiative.” Nothing can be more important than educating future generations about the principles of responsible gun ownership and the importance of the Second Amendment to the freedoms we uniquely enjoy as American citizens.
If Obama gets his way, an executive order will continue an incremental process of imposing restrictions the political left considers reasonable, as part of a strategy over time to eradicate Second Amendment rights, step-by-step.
This is exactly the modus operandi of the far left – take a crisis like Newtown, create a national crisis of grief and sympathy, then play on emotions to get as many restrictions on the Second Amendment that the president can get away with imposing – all part of a long-term strategy on the part of the far left to eradicate completely all Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.
Make no mistake about it: Obama’s ultimate goal is to confiscate all guns owned by the American people, while he makes sure he and his family get lifetime 24-hour protection from armed Secret Service agents, paid for by taxpayers.
We can block Obama’s assault on the Second Amendment, but we can only do so if Tea Party supporters across American take an active part to get involved and speak out now.
Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD is the founder of the 1776 Nation and chief writer for the Tea Party Research Team of He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.