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The Gun Control Playbook.

Tom's Journal.

Great information shared by our member by Jim Fogarty. You will see this resembles the Feinstein bill shared in another discussion.

The following is excerpted from a 1994 agenda memo from Handgun Control, Inc. (Now the Brady Campaign) The memo was mailed to me by a federal police officer I used to know, so I trust the source:

"Notes and minutes of Meeting of Friday, December 17, 1993. Rough Draft Proposal for Internal Memo and Five Year Plan"."Confidential Not For general Distribution".

"Special praise to Senator Dianne Feinstein was mentioned for her courage in standing up to the ever diminishing number of GUN CRAZY EXTREMISTS who are actually pushing to make our society a KILLING FIELD."

"What is pending now and can be law in 1994!...Ban ON ALL SEMIAUTOS WHICH CAN FIRE MORE THAN 6 BULLETS WITHOUT RELOADING." ..."Ban of all machine guns, DESTRUCTIVE DEVICES , short shotguns/rifles, assault weapons..."...."Ban on possession of a firearm within a home located within 1000 feet of schoolyard." ..."Ban on all realistic replicas/toy guns or non-firearms capable of being rendered realistic."..."The right of victims of gun violence to sue manufacturers and dealers to be affirmed and perhaps aided with money from government programs."...."Taxes on ammo, dealers licenses & guns to offset the medical costs to society."...."the eventual ban of all semi-automatics " – 1994 HCI Agenda Memo

"Five year plan: Licenses:"...."It is reasonable to require that all individuals must prove to the signers that they require a firearm."..."Reduction of the number of guns to require an arsenal license"..."due to the fact that any number of guns constitutes a grave threat to the safety of the community"..."no arsenal licensing be permitted in counties with populations of more than 200,000"..."requirement of federally approved storage safe for all guns"...

"Public Safety Regulations": "Ban on Manufacturing in counties with a population of more than 200,000". Guns are being built all the time and the number of licensed manufacturers are too great to justify the threat to public safety"..."The pending national ban on all assault weapons... can be expanded to eventually cover any firearm with a remotely military appearance."...."We hope that this point system can eventually be expanded to high powered air guns and "paint ball" weapons, which can inflict great damage, and with a little effort can be easily converted into real guns." ..."Banning the carrying of a firearm anywhere but home or range or in transit from one to the other."..."Control of ammunition belonging to certain surplus firearms: Senator Moynihan has already proposed a tax or ban on .22LR, 32 ACP, and 25 ACP , and 9 MM ammo,..."......"Eventual ban of handgun possession: This may be closer to reality than many of us think. Handguns are becoming increasingly unpopular and we think that within five years we can enact a total ban on possession at the federal level."...

"Ammunition and explosives: Banning of any quantity of smokeless powder or black powder which would constitute more than the equivalent of 100 rounds of ammunition. With the bombing of the World Trade Center, it has been made clear that WE MUST CONTROL ( yes the key phrase here is "we must control" everyone else's life and allow no freedom! ) the amount of explosive materials in public hands." ..."Ban on the possession of explosive powders of more than I kilogram at any one time. GUN NUTS ARE NOTORIOUS FOR CIRCUMVENTING THE INTENT OF THE LAW..."..."This additional language can be useful in preventing "Bomb-Maker" Hobbyists and other DANGEROUS INDIVIDUALS ."..."Banning or strict licensing of all reloading components. Ammunition regulation laws can be regularly bypassed by home loaders..."..."National registration of ammunition or ammo buyers"..."with a possible background check to eliminate the purchase of dangerous ammo by felons or MENTAL PATIENTS."

"Gun ranges: ...waiting period for rentals on pistol ranges"


"Banning of military accouterments: Essential to the NEANDERTHAL GUN CULTURE are the typical military clothing, CAMOUFLAGE, POUCHES, and gear, BOOTS and other combat gear ....Elimination of the future sale of these items will cripple the culture of violence well into the 21st century"...

"Stricter guidelines for violence in television and the movies: We should look at the possibility of victims of violence initiated by copying an act on television and the movie or video screen, suing the makers of such shows for compensation to their suffering."...


"CONTROL OF DANGEROUS LITERATURE ( bomb making, machine gun conversions, etc.) Too much irresponsible material is purportedly covered by the 1ST AMENDMENT, however the time will come when our nation has to agree THAT SOME LITERATURE DOES NOT BELONG IN A SAFE SOCIETY..." ... "We must realize that THERE CAN BE SUCH A THING AS TOO MUCH FREEDOM where such literature poses a serious threat to the public safety."

"1994 sounds like the death knell for the bully tactics of the NRA and the culture of violence in America!!"..."With the loss of power and clout of the NRA and their various smaller crony organizations crumbling to dust, we can eliminate a 200 YEAR OLD LICENSE TO MURDER into history and enter the 21st century a safer place for our children and our children’s children."

"THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL!! DO NOT DISTRIBUTE BEYOND THE OFFICES OF HCI UNLESS HAND DELIVERED TO AN APPROVED STATE OF FEDERAL LEGISLATOR OR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL . ..Handgun license fees: year 1 to 2"..."year 3 to 4"..."year 5 to 8: ...$550-625 annual fee...suggested penalties for non-compliance...failure to turn over guns for destruction...$15,000/18 months in jail...The federal government estimates that around 65-75 million Americans own guns. These fees and licensing requirements would allow us to take guns out of the hands of an estimated 30 million unsuitable or ineligible individuals. The fees for the remaining qualifying individuals would additionally reduce the number to about 14 million gun owners"....

"OUR EVENTUAL GOAL IS TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF LICENSEES TO ZERO . The revenue itself can be utilized to achieve this goal." ....Establish a nationwide system of toll free numbers for reporting violators of the new gun restrictions and non-licensees. " ..."Suing gun organizations under the RICO statute: It would be expected that gun groups and lobbying groups such as the NRA would encourage non compliance. Thus nationally recognized groups will be technically "organizing to break the law. Once this can be proven, these groups will be vulnerable to lawsuits based on the RICO statute and drained of their financial resources through repeated legal action."

"Suing the makers of toy/replica guns, toy weapons and violent entertainment:....The items could include: violent video games, television shows, movies, video tapes, WATER GUNS, SUPER SOAKERS, electronic noise guns, toy weapons like swords, batons, martial arts items."


" A QUICK GUIDE TO ARGUING WITH GUN ZEALOTS:....Our children are being threatened, murdered and cut down in the street...With tens of millions of people owning guns, the potential for lawlessness and gun massacres increases ten fold each year...THERE IS NO SPORTING PURPOSE FOR A SEMIAUTOMATIC FIREARM ...HANDGUNS HAVE NO PURPOSES OTHER THAN KILLING PEOPLE .....SELF DEFENSE IS NO LEGITIMATE REASON FOR OWNING A GUN ... MOST GUN DEALERS SELL THOUSANDS OF GUNS ILLEGALLY TO GANGS AND CRIMINALS EVERY DAY."

" Repeat these FACTS over and over and eventually the public will begin to see the light. They cannot casually dismiss these devastating facts any more.....REMEMBER THAT THEY ARE DEFENDING THE RIGHT TO MURDER IN OUR COUNTRY. THIS ALONE MAKES THEM LOOK BRUTISH AND NEANDERTHAL...IT IS BECOMING LESS AND LESS POLITICALLY CORRECT TO OWN A GUN. Ultimately society as a whole will look upon gun owners with dread and disdain."

"Other pressing points: Military assault weapons: The confusion by the general public between semi-automatic and automatic weapons can work in our favor. Constantly dropping the words- submachine gun, fully automatic , machine gun, military weapon, high tech killing machine are good debaters tricks to instill a sense of dread over these weapons. Ultimately people will learn to dread these weapons..."

"Remember that there is no place for any kind of semi auto weapon in a safe society regardless of how it looks, since many so called sport rifles can be easily converted to military configuration. Thus all semi automatic weapons are capable of being called "assault weapons". Never let up on this fact."

"Endangerment of children: It is difficult for Gun groups to counter arguments which call attention to the endangerment of children. Making the opposition look callous creates an image of brutality and indifference to the audience...Enough is enough: Americans are sick and tired of the violence that is infecting our is time for action, to take back our streets from crime, if we don't take action now this crime wave will engulf America" ( crime's been going down, sorry to disappoint you )

"Assault weapons are the weapons of choice for gangs , mentally deficient individuals and criminals across the board. The gun lobby argues that anyone at any time should have the right to buy and own these weapons of mass destruction"

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he came as far as Minnesota on his gun grab didn't see him here in Montana wonder why
left out the Dakotas Idaho
just a little heads up are Democratic leaders here are being pretty quit on the gun grab
they understand not because they want to

mr president to bad you really dont know are history and feelings about patriotism you say you do but your blood lines say the truth you say you love my country when you stand there and lie to my fellow Americans i think you do understand that the path you are choosing will leave the true patriots little choice but to defend what they dearly love and respect its called the american history sir when and if my sheriff and local militia knocks on my door i have no choice as a true patriot but to join never in my 55 years on earth have i seen a man so ell h bent on destroying something i dearly love my country.
The people who formulated this "secret" memo should be imprisoned for subversion. (Of the Constitution) and ironically their scheme would endanger us all if ever enacted (God forbid) by paving the way to real killing fields, new Triblinkas, Bataan death marches and other atrocities that result when people are disarmed except for the government (OF COURSE). Idiots.
You are right That did make me very angry. We have to stand up for our rights or they will be stollen from us.

...welcome to the regime!!
All of the gun control freakies, within the halls of Congress (and the White House) must be arrested and charged with treason for reneging on their "oaths" to protect and uphold the US Constitution! I agree that persons deemed to be "mentally ill, or unstable" should not have weapons "of any kind"! As to "how" to control the possession of weapons, by criminals, is totally different and ALL American citizens are NOT criminals.
In the South we are mostly conservative and almost everyone I know has a gun, rifle, or shotgun. Some have three or four. We do not have a lot of gun related crimes here because if someone is threatened other people will come to their defense with their guns. Since the events at Sandy Hook Elementary gun sales and ammo purchases have skyrocketed. We are free Americans and a gun grabbing government will not take away our guns. We will fight to keep them and the police nor the military will challenge us.
there is NO WAY they are going too disarm AMERICA.........and if you are stupid enough, to even think they can, you are not on our side, but a brain washed nitwit liberal.....SEMPER FI
Well now, we have our own commie manifesto drafted by tyrannical thinking to enslave the American people. They all need to be hung for treason!
With the huge rush to buy fire arms and ammo going on today, I don't think their propaganda rhetoric is working too well.
Are we sure that HCI doesn't stand for Halucinating Crazy Idiots?
Look every one talking is fine but what I want to know is talking going to save are guns time to stop talking and it time to in peach him setting here and talking is doing no one no good ya think
Why am I not surprised that this agenda came from the camp of Feinstein and Co. These retards have been in charge of Washington, D.C. far too long. It's time for a change. Crime in the streets must be going down because all the Criminals are in The Gov't. The most hardcore criminals are in Washington, D.C. making and interpreting the laws for us to follow. How can this be changed?

Is Obama Pushing for a Civil War?

Tom's Journal.

I, Tom Schuckman, personally advised most of my friends about 7 years ago to stop funding their IRA's, 401K's, UGMA's, and other 'paper investments' -- in favor of real, substantial, tangible investments, like precious metals, material things, autos, trucks, property away from the Sodom and Gomorrah type cities, etc., and tangible supplies for camping, etc.... spend more time with your wife and kids, teach them the bible, talents, skills,  hobbies, languages, etc!  I still hold to that mind set !!  The small Book of James says, 'Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.'  Because in the final analysis, you will have to Trust in Him for your daily bread and life, soon enough.

I told my wife this morning, that I felt cheated in the sense that we've only been married for one year.. after my past dear wife died a painful way from heart failure, etc., 2 years ago, and I had other heart breaking deaths in the family that set me in a depression that only God could drag me out of.   So my wife, Terri, has been my true soul mate who also helped me recover from feeling deep sorrow, and made me feel alive again.  And NOW... my trusted friends in the 'KNOW' say that the coming month of March could bring all sorts of bad news...however, it's all 'man-made', and an "Engineered [on purpose] financial and civil Melt Down of Amerika !!!"    If [or when] the WH and Socialists finally get all of our guns -- then total dictatorship will follow, plus the ONE WORLD GOV'T take over, with the Anti-Christ in charge!  Kind of like Nazi Germany all over again...  sorry folks.   I only hope and pray that I am wrong!  The trouble is that the Bible says/ prophecies the same thing!  We are being LIED to by most of the Media,  ALL of Congress,  and those who know the real truth are keeping their mouths shut for fear that they will be killed and their families.   The Left [and the RINO's] are trying hard right now to 'PUSH' the Patriots into firing the "first shoot" so they can 'justify' a nation wide gun grab!  So far, we are holding back our forces and taking all the vicious jabs or provocation by obama and his ilk.  No one really wants a civil war, but folks can only take so much, and they will not just roll over and die for the monster, greedy, small god master Controller!!

I urge every one to get with the program TODAY, NOW, and do the deep research of being 'hood winked' and fooled to have accepted an illegal man from Kenya and his Socialist movement.  The devil whispers in his ear every day, and he will never repent of his evil ways, to destroy our once great country -- that will soon be 'TOAST.'   Sorry to put it this way. 
   The Anti-Christ and the False Prophet, are waiting in the wings, behind the curtain.

One Patriot put it like this:   'If a Christian home were broken into by some armed thugs who were bent on hurting good, honest people -- looking to rape, rob, steal and  KILL, what would  you do as a husband and head of the house??'  If you knew your Bible...  would you just stand there and "turn the other cheek" which is what Jesus told us [in one part of the bible], or exercise our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND AND PROTECT OUR FAMILY [also a given Right in the Bible--written in another place] ???  Duh... Common sense should tell you that!  Revelation 21: 8, tells us that [Number One on the list] that the Cowards, among other evil people will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, forever!  We DON'T want to be cowards!   I already know what I would do.  Do  you?
    You see, 'turning the other cheek' is what you do when someone "INSULTS you"!   A "slap" is an insult.  RAPE, ROBBERY AND MURDER are very different, friend/ folks!  Ponder upon this...

Tom Schuckman

The proverbial "handwriting on the wall"??? It's more like a 10 story flashing sign!!! Yet most Americans walk around with their fingers up their noses oblivious/apathetic to our country's plight. How did our society become so pathetic and unpatriotic???
Over the last four years, the Obama administration has violated nearly every Article of the US Constitution and every Amendment in the Bill of Rights. They have worked to ignite racial tensions, class warfare, religious confrontations and political divisions far worse than those that led to the first American Civil War.
Over 70% of Americans oppose ObamaCare… so of course, Obama rammed ObamaCare through in an unprecedented misuse of executive power that shut out the entire legitimate legislative process, as spineless Republicans sat quietly on their hands watching it all happen. The people said “no more deficit spending…and no more raising the debt ceiling…” so, Obama ignored the debt ceiling and ran up the federal debt by more than 60% in one term.
The ideological divide in America is not only deeper than ever in history, it is now galvanized. With the leftist gun grab underway, the moment when push comes to shove is fast approaching.
Since his second stolen election, Obama and his Marxist minions are doing all they can to ignite civil disobedience from more than half of the nation’s population. But are the new American Marxists pushing for much more than civil disobedience?
As Obama attempts to disarm law-abiding Citizens despite Second Amendment rights, he is arming known terrorists all over the globe. His mindless minions are insulting more than 70% of Americans and threatening to “kick their asses again” on the basis that most Americans still believe in those dusty old concepts recorded in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
by Browse to Save" id="_GPLITA_2" style="text-decoration: underline;" href=""Lawyers trained not in law or the constitution, but rather in rules of procedure and precedence, by yesterday’s draft-dodgers turned law professors, are telling the American people that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are themselves “unconstitutional.”
Obama wants to control everything down to school lunches, by Browse to Save" id="_GPLITA_1" style="text-decoration: underline;" href=""individual medical care, what kind of cars we can drive, who can own a weapon and what kind, attacking cigarette smokers while trying to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, as his fellow Marxists discuss how to “re-educate” Citizens that just don’t want to go along to get along.
If you hadn’t noticed that you woke up in pre-world war Germany yet, it’s only because your city has not yet experienced Obama’s Urban Warfare Training of the US Military. An Obama Justice Department Memo approves the use of Drone Attacks on US Citizens and reports of Military Officers leaving service because they refused to by Browse to Save" id="_GPLITA_0" style="text-decoration: underline;" href=""confirm that they will follow orders to fire on US Citizens are increasing.
If Obama really thinks he is going to seize control of citizens’ private 401ks to pay for his international Marxist movement – he is going to need more than a few lawyers and soldiers to do it. Clearly, Obama thinks that HE is the Supreme Law of this Land.

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