Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Tom's Journal.

After reading the below article about Russia and China perhaps planning to control the Gold and Petro/ Gas/ Oil, in the world,  we wonder just how quickly things could change in the USA.   But then, History and the Bible are full of collapsing economies, nations going up and down for many reasons-- so 200 years is a short time in the flow of time, and people shouldn't get too 'full of themselves !!'  Really, how proud, puffed up and pompous ought we mere humans be ??  Actually PRIDE is down right DANGEROUS!  I am speaking from experience, and true humility goes a long way in the eyes of men, and the God of the Bible.

Which brings me to the point of finally understanding and gaining the right kind of wisdom about the benefits and great importance of God's Word, and the "Shortness of Time, in this System of Things, as we know it."  A few things are really special when a human being firsts realizes that he/ she can become 'Saved' by JUST asking the Father for forgiveness [no matter what sins we have committed in our life] in a heart felt prayer, and then asking the Lord Jesus to come into your life --into your very heart, along with the Holy Spirit.   So that if and when you die, you can know for SURE that  you are going to be in heaven with the Lord forever !!!  This is what changes EVERYTHING in a person's life, and  he/ she starts to transform into a "New Person", who lives for Christ, from then onward.  They usually become nicer, warmer, more cheerful, loving, tender, honest and sober-- but sometimes this also takes time.   But then, they can expect to be attacked from a different part of the spirit world.. the 'dark side' where the devil wants to rip them away from the Lord, with many evil tests and pressures.  However, the Spirit of God will win out if you learn to hear and obey, and study the Word.
     We have to remember that Christians are to be happy, but we live in a critical time in history, where things are starting their down ward spiral, decay, with more pressure on Christians than before, where they are down right OUTLAWED in many parts of the world!  Hey, it's even happening now in the USA !  {See:  obama}. 

AS a matter of fact, the book of Matthew says that one's enemies will be even in their own household!!  That's what Satan wants.

So, friends,  here is the thing.  Too many so-called Christians mistakenly think that Amerika will somehow be 'Saved' at the last minute by a national turn around, repenting of her big, gross sins and mistakes!  NOT!!  It simply will NOT happen, G.I.  The Lord is not in the business of 'Saving  whole Nations' anymore [except Israel, because He has a special contract with them @ Genesis 12:3].  So, from now on, God will only save INDIVIDUALS, PEOPLE, ONE AT A TIME who find Him one way or another, and when the time is ripe/ at hand, the RAPTURE will come, and then the "Great Tribulation" will come -- and what a bad show that will be, guys....    So, for the record, that is what the Bible accurately predicts/ prophecises, friends.  If this is true -- What ought we Christians be doing right now???  What in the world is our chief purpose, reason for living, job ONE ??     My wife, Terri and I got a scare the other day when some goof allowed a HOAX to be printed in BIN [Before It's News] web site, about a new capsule holding all our medical files, insurance, financial accounts, credit, etc, to be injected into the hand!  Well, this scared a number of people-- thining that it would happen on March 21st, 2013...  The "Mark of the Beast" mentioned in Revelation 13 !!!   I should have  checked it out right away, but I posted it, and had to retract it soon after the fact.   But then, on his record, Prez Obama has done many illegal, unlawful, scary things to help destroy Amerika, as both sides of Congress do nothing to stop him -- the cowards!  So nothing obama does these days would surprise me anymore.

And that is why, we think he may already be trying to cut a deal with Russia and China right things get worse in the USA.
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Tom Schuckman


Posted: 12 Feb 2013 03:21 PM PST