Thursday, February 14, 2013


Tom's Journal.

Good Day, Friends and Readers,
     I just had a refreshing experience at a scheduled apppointment at the Iron Mountain, MI VAMC.  First, a group of combat Veterans' discussion, where the "Good Old Boys" group gets together and help each other with various "Challenges" and there is great comraderie, mirth and healing there!  PTL.  Today, I explained that I had to cut my visit short for another appointment-- the Dentist [free for me], and after the kind gal took many "pictures" [X-Rays]  of my teeth @ every concievable angle, the good Dr. Chad Susott and I decided to extract 2 bad teeth in the upper Left quadrant of my mouth, and it went WELL, but at this very minute... the pain killers are wearing off......Yippi !!!  I must mention how kind, sweet and respectful the other two nurses/ Dental assistants were to me too:   Marian Johnson, and Chris Lammi.  Thank you all for a very professional care/ PAINLESS OPERATION this morning !!!  More dental work will be scheduled, down the road...  if the 'road still functions in this new Socialist country--'obama-land.'   I decided to get my dental work done [which I hate, big time --bad memories/ history, with mean spirited, goof off,  men in the past... sorry].  This service is 100% free for me, a Disabled Vet, by not for my pretty wife, Terri.  No problem, we shall take good care of her too, no matter what.

I sure don't want a "Dry Socket" -- super nasty PAIN if the blood doesn't clot right, like I had before-- so bad that you can't see straight or concertrate or sleep.  I said as short silent prayer before the doctor started his duties and it all went so smooth and well!!  I think that's enough for today, and will just try to mellow out and kick back.  PTL.

There is one very nice well healed restaurant in town, but they want you to dress up a bit.. high class, and the food is good, buy they charge a lot $$$.  Terri loves it when I take her there, but sometimes tells me "NO" -- let's save that money $$.  Aw, heck, I will take her there tomorrow when she get A day off!  With my teeth-- I will  prob. order some great spaghetti and meat balls.   Last time I had some Salmon, and they only gave me two SMALL strips of fish....duh.  I think that I will invite another couple too.

I just heard today from a professional care taker at the VA Hospital that the Senate passed some sort of bill that is trying to pick on Veterans [again] to strip them of their Constitutional RIGHT to Bear Arms !!!  That news made our small 'Vet Group' get started, and the guy who read it, is going to do more research on it.  We combat Veterans are in our 60's and 70's, crippled, disabled, in wheel chairs and scooters, poisoned from our OWN GOV'T from Agent Orange, etc., dying/ dropping  like flies every single day, before their time !!    Can't those cowards in Congress adn Senate just leave us alone??  Is this the way they are to respect and take care of us ??  They under pay us to do the dirty work in defending our country, getting maimed, hurt, pained, and then they want to just DUMP US, and hope we die faster so they can circumvent the Vets, and give that money to hostile countries who hate us -- also to illigal aliens, like obama !  And then they want all our guns so that they can just control us to serve them as slaves!!

But, but... they forget about that game changer... the true GOD of the Bible, who promises to "rescue" His Saints, Believers, His Bride class, very SOON!  Millions of us world wide are patiently waiting for this "Harpazo  Event" -- also called the 'Rapture !'  [See:  First Thessalonians 4, verses 16 thru 18, please.].  And just after those verses, the Lord says,  THAT day will come "like a thief in the night."  Beware, brothers and sisters... and share this info with everyone else.  It is a Christian Duty !  But you get that great feeling in your heart right after you do the Lord's work of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and you already KNOW were  you are going.

Well, the weather U.P. here has warmed up a bit after another inch of snow last night, but they say that it will get very cold after this.. for a while.
     I would enjoy some of YOU folks sending me some email and comments on how the Lord has helped you recently, please.  'One never has too many friends' -- and when the next bad scene, murder, financial drop/ collapse comes -- who will be your REAL friends, if any ??

I hope  you enjoy the short video that I posted, just below.  Have a great day!

Tom Schuckman
"Who needs an  assault rifle ??"   >>>>